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VIDEO: All World People That Don’t Take Obedience to This Global Strategy Will Be Punished! -Mazzara

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Vincenzo Mazzara


20 / March / 2019

Transcript by: G.M. Editor

“Dear World People, in name of Black Sun Organization and the Federate World, I inform you over The People Of The World in the liberation of G6, at the starting of this moment all the People of the Nation that non are take orden of G6 and G3 WILL BE PUNISHED!! Intolerable in this World Anarchy, Tower Babels, Every Nation running alone against the other Nation for interests of economy. This is a Structure now. Our Structure, the name is Federate World like Star Trek, G3, G6. ALL THE WORLD PEOPLE THAT DON’T TAKE OBEDIENCE AT THIS GLOBAL STRATEGY WILL BE PUNISHED!! I think, and greater, and Climate changement poor goal, is a genuine goal, but it don’t understand that impossible to change the Climate of the Earth without Global Agreement for all the people. Like I don’t understand why you running for the Space, and the Soviets, Russian, American, in the Space, are all okay, in the Earth, War. Impossible. What is this the Global Killer in the Earth’s Surface? And to support the War, the Nuclear War, and in Space all Friends and Brothers! Grant taxing and Elon Musk and other people like him that spend Our money for the Space Race, this is right way. But this is no good that all running separated! WE MUST RUNNING ALL TOGETHER IN FEDERATE WORLD LIKE STAR TREK!! Its STUPID spending mountain of money for running alone without nothing coordination! In the Earth is a disaster. Climate, Nation, everyone alone. No orden. In Europe you don’t waste master commander. England, okay, Brexit, you regretted it. You serve in G6. Okay Israel, with his influence. Okay Russian, with influence in Our area. And China. But every choice that a Big Nation make MUST BE PASSED BY THE SUMMIT OF G3 OR G6! IMPOSSIBLE to grow to rise toward for Better Time with this division, a Babel Tower. AND THE ANARCHY WITH SOME NATIONS THAT ARE FUCKING THE DIRECTIVE OF G3 AND G6!! Make agreement individual, domestic agreement with another nation. WHO ARE YOU?!! WHO ARE YOU?! In this Global Strategy the world of today is a Global World! THAT YOU WANT OR DO NOT WANT?! I am stoff to realize this division in domestic world in everyone. No good! I think Vatican Diaspora, I think Diaspora in many country. What Diaspora? What serve? BECAUSE YOU ARE ANARCHIC?!! YOU DONT TAKE ORDER!! BECAUSE YOU ARE A SOVEREIGNIST?!! OF WHY?! OF WHAT SOVEREIGNTY?! OF YOUR EMPTY MONEY! Where is your money?! You have some moneys? Okay. HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE?!! FOR THIS POLITIC! NOTHING! You lost and waist our TIME, AND THE TIME, of the other nation of the world! The UNION under ONE FLAG is the solution! NOT ANARCHY!! Ignore me. You ignore, you fuck me. I don’t understand. No right way. The only way that I know is a Table Of Knights. Okay? Like the Old Time, All around a Table, to discuss, and to think of the solution for all. Sovereignism is no right way. Is only division. If everyone becoming sovereigns, I am sovereignist, you are sovereignist, WHERE IS THE FREEDOM?! WHERE IS THE EXCHANGE?! No. ITS ANARCHIC!! We will to combat all this political. We want a global world. One flag. One people. The Space like a mission. last time that i say! Thank you very much brother.”

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