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VIDEO: Someone Managed to Get a Drone Up Close To the “Temple” on Pedo Island -Stone

By   /  July 25, 2019  /  No Comments

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Jim Stone


25 / July / 2019

Remember the original drone footage, where you could see what looked like ladders inside and not much more? someone dared to lose a drone and got it right up to the glass. Just around the corner from that scaffolding you can see in the original drone video there is a stack of mattresses and the top one has blood from end to end. Whatever happened on that bed probably was fatal for someone.


This is the end of Epstein, it confirms it all.

How the above image was rendered: First I downloaded the 720P version of the video (because that is all my computer can display anyway) and played it back on the SM video player slowed down to about a frame a second. I paused and captured on the clearest frame.

With the Gimp image editor, I then did an automatic color enhance on the bed (because the drone was fighting glass glare which dropped contrast significantly and washed the colors out). I used default settings and did not specifically enhance red. I then did an auto white balance to get rid of more glass haze, and to get rid of the rest of the glass haze I selected a place in the image that I figured ought to be black (the speaker port) and with that as a reference set the black levels to +19 (out of 255 value levels). As you can see, the image actually skewed blue due to the effects of the water and the bed still came up red. BUSTED.

Jim Stone


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