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Assad Meets With Papal Emissary, Calls for End of Foreign Backed Terrorism

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Nahed Al Husaini



24 / July / 2019

His holiness Pope Francis, in an audacious move, called for restoring stability in Syria, and ending the quandary of the Syrian people, who has been suffering from slandering by the foreign media, and attacks by the belligerent powers that aspire to establish a permanent footing in this country through their military presence and Jihadist proxies.

By sending his special envoy, the Pope wanted to be acquainted with the minute details of the Syrian situation, in order to make an objective assessment away from the gossipers who are filling the air with their false flag chemical attacks and poisonous innuendos.

Veterans Today would like to thank his Holiness Pope Francis for verifying the facts and removing the doubts. Holiness it is time for the Syrian people to live in peace, and it is time for Muslims and Christians to pray together for the return of the lost peace, hijacked by warmongers and devil worshipers who want to install Satan as a judge and judiciary.  Syria has been victimized by the evil doers who are conniving now to attack another country, simply because they are vampires and demons. We must stop this war Holiness, and make this world a better place.

On April 12, Veterans Today published a missive to his Holiness, written by a Syrian Member of Parliament Dr Nabil Toumeh. The Syrian official requested his Holiness to sponsor a Rendezvous for religious scholars to put an end to the violence perpetrated in the name of religion. We hope that His Holiness will heed attention to this SOS.

President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a letter from His Holiness Pope Francis, delivered by Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

In his letter, the Pope reiterated his support for restoring stability in Syria and ending the suffering of the Syrian people caused by war and what resulted from it.

Talks during the meeting with Cardinal Turkson and the accompanying delegation focused on recent developments in Syria, with President al-Assad pointing out to the crimes and attacks against civilians that are still being committed by terrorists from the areas where they are based, particularly in Idleb, as well as the support that is still being sent to terrorist organizations by some regional and Western countries.

The talks also touched on political efforts and how to support them, with President al-Assad stressing that the most important thing that can be done to help the Syrian people is pressuring the states which support terrorists, seek to prolong the war, and impose sanctions on the Syrian people, so that these states would change this approach and move towards bolstering peace and stability instead.

The meeting was attended by Fr. Nicola Riccardi, O.F.M., Under-Secretary of the Dicastery, and Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Syria.

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