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Son of Adolf Hitler Fighting AGAINST White Supremacist Neo-Nazis -Dietrich

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Douglas Dietrich’s Late-and-Sainted Siress, DIANNA SŪJĬN-LÍN DIETRICH (TAKABAYASHI HIDEKO), was an International Diplomatic-Level Interpreter Transitionally Privileged Personal Liaison to Hitler. She was instrumental in the contemporary Fielded Ceasefires between Imperial Japan and Nationalist China, helping Hitler to Ally with both ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá (“China”) and Daï-Nīpphôn (“Greater Japan”), instead ‘o’ taking sides with one ’gainst the other. It was also during this time Dianna Dietrich collected sperm from Hitler which was then Controlled-Temperature Stored and ultimately Artificially Inseminated within herself thirty years later to produce the Live Births ‘o’ both Douglas Dietrich and his Late Sister.

Michael Aquino, the Satanic Military Chaplain who wrote Mind Wars, knew Douglas Dietrich was the biological son of Adolf Hitler through his intelligence connections with the National Security Administration.

Photograph of Adolf Hitler wearing a kimono, from Dianna Dietrich’s personal collection.

Aquino conspired to bring Dietrich in to work at the Department of Defense where Dietrich would liason directly with Aquino. Michael Aquino’s ultimate goal was to convert Dietrich to Satanism. He wanted people to think Hitler’s son was a practicing Satanist. Aquino’s plan backfired horribly when Douglas Dietrich had the Presidio Military Base shut down for Satanic child abuse and sex trafficking. Dietrich also shut down the Marine Core’s child porn ring.

Douglas Duane Dietrich was a D.O.D. (Department Of Defense) Research Librarian for almost a decade, responsible for incinerating Highly Classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Viêt-Nam, the different ethno-national Holocausts; as well as documents exposing the reality behind vampires, zombies, Soviet Psychic Warfare, and other occult phenomena. Volumes of notes pertaining to Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, the Vatican and United Nations were destroyed, along with reams of reports detailing everything from Military/Intelligence-sponsored drug-smuggling operations to experimental mind-control programs. Records plundered from both Allied and Enemy Governments articulated the hidden objectives of Modern/Post-Modern Mass-Movements such as Nat-Ƶism, Ƶionism, Iƶlamicism (Wähhä’bīst/Islamist Fundamentalism[s]), Vouhodouxnism (“Voodooism”), and other Ideologies.

Douglas Duane Dietrich is both a Military Historian and a Public Edutainment (Educational Entertainment) Personality of Mixed-Race (Amerasian) Heritage who portrays Historically Accurate Symbolism, Architecture, Regalia and Apparel by both Illustrating and Modeling such and is in no way, shape or form Promoting White Supremacy.

Adolf Hitler utilized the Swastika because it’s known as the only symbol that can ward off the Anti-Gods. This is why the Swastika is found in cultures all over the world: Native American, Indian, and even early Christianity. Anti-Gods come from the failed cosmos of our Creator, before this universe we live in now was created. Michael Aquino worships the Anti-Gods and hopes to bring them into our universe by way of mass human sacrifice and suffering.

White Supremacist Neo-Nazis have misused the Swastika as a symbol of hate. On this website, we are reclaiming the symbol to represent it’s original meaning: protection and love for ALL.

By Reviewing the Content(s) of this website as well as Douglas Dietrich’s FaceBook TimeLines as Maintained and Allowed by Douglas Dietrich throughout, it can easily be Determined that he Acts In-Interest of Public Service per People(s) of Any and All Races, Colours, Creeds, Genders, and Sexual Orientations via Enhancing Awareness of the Historical Processes impacting the Critical Social Issues of Our Time(s).

By Reviewing the Content(s) of this website as well as Douglas Dietrich’s FaceBook TimeLines as Maintained and Allowed by Douglas Dietrich throughout, it can easily be Determined that he Acts In-Interest of Public Service per People(s) of Any and All Races, Colours, Creeds, Genders, and Sexual Orientations via Enhancing Awareness of the Historical Processes impacting the Critical Social Issues of Our Time(s).


ADOLF HITLER would be disgusted with White Supremacists. American White Supremacists Misappropriated NAtional-SoƵIalistiche (“National-Socialist”) terminology with-Intent to pervert The Hitlerian Paradigm ‘o’ “Equal But Separate” into “Separate But Equal.” Whereas Hitler Advocated The Human Right ‘o’ disparate Èthnic Groups to Preserve their own Genetic and Culture Heritages, White Supremacists in The United States considered Whites to be The ONLY Race worthy ‘o’ Preservation, and the Separate Institutions and Facilities they either Established or Designated for “Coloured” People(s) were NOT Equal to White-Privileged Institutions and Facilities.

“Neo-Nazism,” as a new white supremacist movement that’s wrongly conflated with The Historical Hitler, is the result of continued Allied war propaganda against the National Socialists aka the Third Reich in exile. (We are still technically at war with the Third Reich. Reference Daylight Saving Time aka War Time, US Code Title 38, and the Unconditional Surrender.)

Douglas Dietrich has spoken many times in past transmissions about true National Socialism and Hitlerism. Hitler believed in equal rights for all races and their right to preserve their own culture and heritage. He envisioned a future of green cities modeled after Native American sustainability practices. He was fighting against the Soviets and Americans in WW2 who had secret down-breeding programs to replace their populations with human ape hybrids who would literally work for peanuts. Hitler was fighting for the very survival of his own people, who were targeted for extermination by Winston Churchill.

Hitler had an alliance with Nationalist China and Japan, while the Americans had Japanese remains stored in a museum in California because they had planned on exterminating the entire Asian race. USA had originally planned on invading Canada (War Plan Red). However, Churchill stopped the United States from invading Canada by bribing them to invade Japan instead. Englad wanted Canada for itself. USA openly declared it was going to bomb Japan BEFORE Japan preemptively struck Pearl Harbor.

Soviets committed genocide against all remaining Vampires in Russia; Hitler had planned on giving Vampires their own nation state.

Hitler had a progressive approach to the homosexual community, integrating them into his own militia. The Historical Hitler was propagandized against by American false-preacher Scott Lively, who claimed Hitler was homosexual in his book The Pink Swastika. Lively promoted homophobia in Uganda and caused the genocide of gays and their allies.

Some of Douglas Dietrich’s followers have expressed concern that his credibility would be damaged by coming out as the biological son of Adolf Hitler (Dietrich’s relationship to Hitler was made public on Christmas 2018). Actually, the opposite is true. Dietrich has been under surveillance his whole life and has a network of gangstalkers who dedicate their lives to discrediting him and harassing him. Michael Aquino conspired and even had people killed in order to get Dietrich to work at the Presidio military base with him. None of this would make any sense if Douglas Dietrich was just some random guy making stuff up. Only when it’s revealed that he is the direct descendant of Adolf Hitler does the constant surveillance and gangstalking of Douglas Dietrich make perfect sense.

It doesn’t matter if you believe what Douglas Dietrich says is true or not. Regardless of what you think, you are still paying tax dollars to a government that DOES believe Douglas Dietrich is the son of Adolf Hitler. You pay tax dollars to a military industrial complex that DOES believe in magick and satanism. They operate on occult paradigms that would seem completely illogical from a materialistic or atheist perspective. American academia denies the reality of magick to prevent the general public from understanding how to use magick so only the elite class can benefit from practicing it.

“Nazi” Conspiracy Theories Deconstructed

Readers who have done some online research into conspiracy theories may have heard that “Nazis” were influential in the American “deep state” and were practicing satanism. This is not true. 99.9% of information about WW2 is NOT available online. As a former Department of Defense Research Librarian in charge of Documents Destruction and a biological son of Adolf Hitler, Douglas Dietrich is the only one who can help you understand how the world works within context of actual historical realities.

Mae Magnin Brussell, a well known Jewish American conspiracy researcher, was targeted for assassination because of her investigation into Michael Aquino and Satanic Abuse at the Presidio military base. Dietrich was leaking information to her at the time. Before her death, when she was most vulnerable, Aquino fed Brussell misinformation via Jim Marrs, who incorrectly told her that the “Nazi’s” were responsible for everything wrong in America.

Mae Magnin Brussell is to be commended for her research, however, the conclusion Brussell drew about “Nazis” running the deep state in America was not historically accurate. She drew logical conclusions based on the evidence available to her at the time, but she did not have the whole picture. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that as a Jewish American, Brussell assumed that the German names she kept seeing pop up in her research were “Nazis”. They were not National Socialists, rather, they were German Satanists.

Only about 10% of Germans during WW2 were members of the National Socialist party. There were also German Satanists. Prior WW2, many German Satanists immigrated to America and had lived there for generations, setting up their own kind of mafia. During the war, Hitler had  satanists interned in concentration camps.

Hitler also expelled Alister Crowley from Germany when it was discovered that he was a British spy sent in to sabotage the National Socialists. Crowley recommended the “mercy killing” of developmentally challenged people. However, the pure innocence of such people help protect against occult attacks. Hitler strategically placed homes for developmentally challenged people around important buildings to help prevent occult induced electrical black-outs.

After the elite members of the National Socialist party retreated into Unterland at the “end” of WW2, German Satanists went behind the iron curtain to East Germany. They collaborated with American and British satanists to overturn communism and replace it with satanism. This plan was orchestrated by Michael Aquino, who essentially created Vladimir Putin. Aquino used Cambridge Analytica and propaganda to influence international elections, putting more Putinista-Aquino-Cultist leaders into power such as Trump and Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro. BREXIT is also a result of Michael Aquino’s nefarious propaganda campaigns. Putin’s “Rasputin”, or close spiritual adviser, Aleksandr Dugin, is a co-religionist of Michael Aquino’s. Now Putin is the most powerful man in the world and he runs his empire on satanism.

There were some German National Socialists who immigrated to US after WW2 under Project Paperclip. These Germans were technicians and engineers brought in to help American industry; they were NOT politicians and did not have any impact on American politics. In Germany, it was common for professionals to join the National Socialist party to advance their careers. Project Paperclip was meant to help remove the stigma of these professionals who were associated with the National Socialist party when they immigrated to USA.

Historical Context for THE Holocaust

Christopher Columbus, a Zionist Marrano Jew, was responsible for killing hundreds of millions of Native Americans and Africans. The massive loss of human life caused so much farm land to be left unattended, the reforestation resulted in global climate change (recognized by scientists as the “golden spike” or “orbit spike” in 1610). Before Columbus’s genocide, the Americas were home to highly advanced Native American civilizations with cities and agriculture. After Native Americans were nearly completely wiped out by murder and disease, Africans were brought in as slave labor. Columbus wanted to kill all the Native Americans and repopulate the New World with Jews.

ADOLF HITLER did unto to The Diasporic Jew(s) what their own rampant Culture (a referential term pointedly employed in-disambiguation from either Ἔθνος [“Èthnos,” id est Race] or Religion) be Guilty ‘o’ Inflicting upon All Humanity : The Biblical YIƶhrǽlites (“Isrā‘elites”) Committed-To-Ὁλόκαυστός (“Holókaustós [‘Holocaust’];” from The Ελληνική [“Elliniki,” or “Greek”] “Hólos [‘Whole’]” and “Kaustós [‘Burnt’],” the portmanteau there-‘o’ implying “Mass-Sacrifice-By-Fire”) The Γένος (“Génos [‘Genus;’ id est ‘Race’or ‘People’]”)-‘o’-כְּנָעַן‬ (“Kenā‘an [‘Canaan’]”), PIRATE ALMIRANTE (Pôrtuguêse, “ADMIRAL”) CHRISTÓFORBALVÃO CORLOUMBUÓNOS (Ænglobastardized “CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS,” born SALVADOR-FERNANDO ƵARCO: 1451—d1506), a Ƶionist Marrano (literally “Dirty Pig [employed in-reference to a Cryptojew]” : in Español [“Spanish”] History, a Jew who Converted to The Christian Faith to evade Persecution but who continued to Practice Judaism Sub Rosa), was Penultimately Responsible for The Genocide(s) ’gainst Hundreds-‘o’-Millions ‘o’ Native Americans and Black-Afrikans In-Conspiracy with his Jewish Sponsors; whereas the autodidactic Deutsch-Jüdische (“German-Jewish”) Pseudoeconomist KARL HEINRICH MARX (born RABBI-MOSHES MAORDŒCHÆI LEVIY, 1818—d1883) Ultimately Rationalized The Democides (Mass-Murders ‘o’ Population-Bases by their own Governments) ‘o’ Hundreds-‘o’-Millions more Human Beings ‘o’ All Èthnicities and Creeds as originally machinated by Judeobol’shevik (“Jewish Majority”) Ideologues – whereby altogether Historically Judeo-Identified Influence(s) hast (inclusive The Aggression[s] ‘o’ Modern Hērōdist מדינת ארץ ישראל השלמה [“Medyīnat Eretẓ YIƶhrǽl Ha-Shlema,” or “Nationalist State ‘o’ Greater Isrā‘el”]) Exterminated Half-a-Billion People Worldwide, Consequently Altering Global Climate and wreaking upon us The Postnatural Anthropocene Epoch (Age-‘o’-Man [Afternature]).

Not saying one genocide deserves another, just saying, think about why we have a National holiday for Columbus but posting these pictures of Hitler and the Swastika gets you banned from Facebook, as has happened to Douglas Dietrich after his gangstalkers repeatedly reported his photos.

Because our country is still legally at war with the German National Socialist government in exile, much of the historical context for Hitler’s motives during WW2 is left unknown or misunderstood by the general public. Most people incorrectly assume he was a white supremacist or that he simply hated Jews.

Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. Hitler helped Jews who wanted to move out of the country to safer areas. This was part of the Transfer Agreement with Zionists. Unlike Columbus, Hitler’s strategy did not escalate to genocide immediately.

Ƶionists Personally Threatened ADOLF HITLER and Murdered his Niece Geli Raubal because they wanted him to help them Establish their Jewish Èthnostate-‘o’-Isrā‘el in Palestine.

Towards that very End (as articulated directly Above [^]), there were some among Germany’s Industrialists ‘o’ Jewish Èthnicity who helped to Finance Adolf Hitler in his Rise To Power.

Prior The Ὁλόκαυστος (“Holókaustos [‘Holocaust’]”), people believed Hitler was Jewish because he was helping them so much.

Ƶionists Demanded that Hitler Mass-Murder Jews with-intent that those Jews who Survived would become Radicalized to-point ‘o’ Mass-Murdering Palestinians In-Seizure ‘o’ ʿAráb Land(s) In-Establishment ‘o’ a Jewish Èthnostate.

In addition to the Zionist threat against Hitler, The American and British bombardment of Germany during WW2 deprived them of access to food and infrastructure. As a result, The National Socialists were forced to implement their “Final Solution” in order to ensure their own survival. Jews were placed in internment labor camps. The Jews could no longer leave the country because the Allies were blocking them. The National Socialist government couldn’t afford to feed both the interned Jews and the rest of German civilians.

Though Hitler Entered The Transfer Agreement Under Duress, he ultimately exploited this Alliance Imposed by The Ƶionists to his advantage. The Ƶionists forced him into perpetrating The Holócaust. The Ovens Deployed in that Holócaust were integral to the process ‘o’ compressing Bodily Cremains (Cremated Remains) into Carbon per Mass-Production ‘o’ Synthetic Diamond(s). Tonnes ‘o’ such diamonds – along the systemic plunder ‘o’ vast amounts ‘o’ riches stripped from The Jewish Élite(s) in an Area-‘o’-Territories altogether larger than that comprising The United States – helped Fund The Aryan Exodus ‘o’ The Third Reich into Unterland (“The Land[s] Below”).

The Real Enemy

Your real enemies are those who participate and aid in:

  • The Oppression, Abuse, Neglect, Murder, and Rape of Non-Whites, Women, Children, and Members of the Alternative Lifestyles Community
  • Police Brutality
  • Hate Crimes
  • The Destruction of Our Environment
  • The Spread of Harmful False Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation
  • Fear Mongering
  • Holocaust Denial and Historical Revisionism
  • Election Interference
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse and Human Sacrifice
  • The Sowing of Distrust in Our Public Health Institutions and Scientists
  • Disease Outbreaks
  • Mass Shootings
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • California Forest Fires Started by Arson
  • Suicides Committed after Experiencing Relentless Gangstalking by The Enemy and/or Post Traumatic Stress Resultant from Any of the Above Injustices

The Russian Insurgent Paedopathocracy (Government by Paedophiles) and their worldwide network of Far-Right White Supremacist Terrorists are responsible for manifesting this dystopian world we live in.

Adolf Hitler and Douglas Dietrich are NOT your enemies! Dietrich holds the key, the first hand knowledge and experience, to leading your resistance against the REAL enemy. WE DO NOT PROMOTE OR FACILITATE VIOLENCE OR TERRORISM of any kind! Information is our greatest weapon! Subscribe today and help spread the word.


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