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The Comic World

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Anonymous Gnostic Illuminati

“DC: Washington is being taken over by DC: Comics.” – Salman Rushdie

The world is increasingly understood as a comic story, involving superheroes and supervillains. Confusingly, they are often one and the same. Donald Trump is the superhero for conservatives and the supervillain for liberals. Heroes and villains are now shapeshifters. They no longer reflect a common narrative. Their heroism or villainy depends on where you stand in the culture wars.

Next time you go to watch a superhero movie, imagine what it would be like if the superhero kept “flickering” into his opposite – the supervillain. Would you be able to follow the story? Whom would you be rooting for? Wouldn’t the plot be all over the place? You wouldn’t understand anyone’s motivation. The story would be pure chaos.

Or imagine you were in a cinema where half of the audience were booing and hissing one character while the other half were cheering and applauding the same character.

What happens when one group of people worship the Devil and call him God, while everyone else just calls him the Devil? That’s what Abrahamism is all about. The Gnostics said that Jehovah was the Demiurge (aka Satan).

A conventional narrative is not meant to be like a sports event. You are not meant to have two sets of supporters rooting for different characters, and having opposite views of heroism and villainy.

For most people, the world is now astoundingly bewildering and the reason is that the narrative is no longer clear, no longer universally believed. Today, you have to choose how to view the narrative, knowing that half of the population will choose to view it in the opposite way. The narrative is now a question of perspective. It has ceased to be Archetypal, i.e. the same for everyone.

Back in medieval Catholic Europe, probably 99% percent of the people agreed with the central narrative. Everyone knew what was good and what was evil. It was essential to obey God and resist the Devil. Everyone knew which was which. But the Renaissance, Protestantism, the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, Scientific Materialism, Capitalism, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Modernism, Absurdism, New Ageism, and Postmodernism destroyed that agreed narrative and created a vast plurality of stories. Subjectivity, relativism, “all truths”, “all paths”, “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, “everyone’s opinion must be respected”, etc. has changed everything.

Nietzsche proclaimed God dead. Others proclaimed that the properties associated with the dead God were in fact never any other than those of the Devil. Today, God and the Devil are interchangeable, hence so are good and evil. What the conservatives call God and good are denounced as the Devil and evil by liberals, and vice versa. That leads to total confusion on the one hand, and also more fanaticism than in the whole of human history. It is an untenable situation … a total fracture of the human psyche.

The conservatives have effectively become expressions of the Freudian Id – associated with extreme individualism and detestation of the collective – while the liberals are expressions of the Freudian Superego, consumed with political correctness, multiculturalism, tolerance, and virtue signaling.

The human race has lost its mind.

In Freud’s model of the psyche, the Ego mediated between the Id and Superego. The Ego, the mediator, is exactly what humanity has lost. There is now a permanent standoff between Id and Superego, and no possibility of anything ever serving as a bridge between them. Polarization is total. It is an unprecedented situation in human history, and its ferocity is enormously magnified by social media. Something will have to give. The situation is unsustainable.

Imagine medieval Europe in which 50% of the people called Jesus Christ Satan and branded the Catholic Church the Temple of Satan. The psyche of the ordinary person would have been radically different. This situation more or less came to pass with the birth of Protestantism, which routinely referred to the Pope and the Church as the Antichrist. Yet Protestants believed in Christ, held the Bible sacred, and did many things in a similar way to Catholics. Hence the rupture was nothing like as severe as it might have been. Even so, horrific religious wars broke out.

Now look at today’s America. Half of the nation regards as absolutely true what the other half considers an irredeemable lie. The two halves – liberals and conservatives – are inversions of each other. News comes in two varieties: true news (what your side says) and fake news (whatever the other side says). American is a broken society.

Ironically, although American Protestants still despise American Catholics, and vice versa, they often find themselves on the same side – the conservative side. But that unholy alliance will never be sustained since many Protestants openly say that the Pope and the Jesuits are evil, and part of a grand “New World Order” conspiracy to destroy WASP America.

Liberals are often secularists, humanists, agnostics, atheists, followers of Eastern religion, New Agers, spiritualists, relativists, subjectivists, followers of scientism, and so on. Most are indifferent to religion. The remainder are never fanatical about it, unlike the conservatives who are invariably Fundamentalists, Extremists and Evangelicals.

Can you imagine the horror of mixing every day with your opposite, with your enemy, with the type of people that make you sick and yet who call you sick? That’s the world we live in now.

Why do so many people love superhero movies? It’s because superheroes can resolve problems, evidently what no one can do in real life. Superheroes are the human fantasy of bringing the worldwide mess to an end. They are the new generation of the old gods.

Humanity now has a comic-book mentality, with a comic-book understanding of reality, revolving around bizarre conspiracies and aliens. Many right wingers believe that shapeshifting, pan-dimensional, extraterrestrial lizards are running the world! Is that a comic-book idea, or something that reflects reality? Isn’t it incredible that billions of people now seem genuinely unsure of the answer?

Right wingers are increasingly claiming that the earth is flat and at the center of the universe, just as many medieval Christians once believed. Right wingers are traveling back in time to the pre-scientific age, the age of Creationism and anti-evolution.

Salman Rushdie said, “We are being ruled by grotesques.” We certainly are. Politicians are monstrous caricatures. They are not real people. One reason why Donald Trump won the Republican presidential nomination was that his rivals actually seemed like robots. They were so constrained by the fear of saying the wrong thing that they could barely say anything at all. At no time were they authentic. Their humanity disappeared and they became machines. Trump, by contrast, reveled in saying the “wrong” thing, and did so with so much glee and enthusiasm that he seemed exactly the same as his rancid, deplorable base, who therefore flocked to him as if he were the Messiah.

People now exist in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance because they are permanently presented with two opposite narratives, which make sense of reality in opposite ways. People try to reduce the cognitive dissonance by hanging out only with their own kind, their own tribe. They seek out the echo chamber of their own beliefs. They wallow in “indignation porn”. Being indignant turns them on.

Yet they can’t ignore the world. Despite themselves, they keep encountering the enemy’s narrative in which they themselves are presented as the evil force in the world. This infuriates them, making them even more fanatical. The backfire effect kicks in with a vengeance. This states that given evidence against their beliefs, people reject the evidence and believe even more strongly.

Everything becomes more and more polarized. People’s positions become entrenched, and soon enough cast in stone. No one converts to the other side. This can only end in one way – violence. Every country will be consumed by Civil War.

The war always begins as a “Culture War”, which can go on for decades, making government impossible. And when government breaks down, the age of the Caesars begins. Physical war erupts, just as it did in Caesar’s time. The Age of the Strong Man begins.

Are you ready for the real Game of Thrones? That TV show is not entertainment, it’s prophecy.

Who’s laughing now?


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