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Alexander Romanov’s 666 The Anti Christ (Ch.8) Illuminati

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Alexander Romanov


666 The Anti Christ



The Secret History

There is a history of the world of which most people are unaware.
It is encapsulated in the phrase …….. “ History is written by the victors.” What about those who lost ? Their stories are lost in the tales of the winners.

They are notes in the margin. They are the “ Other ”. Often, little is known about them beyond the slanders and libels their successful enemies leveled at them. History doesnʼt record their voices. Often, they left no written documents,
or at least none that survived the destruction wrought by their enemies.

This lost history doesnʼt concern wars between great nations or famous battles involving powerful kings or the most skilled generals. Instead, it is a struggle of the powerless against the powerful, of minorities against majorities, outsiders versus insiders, oppressed against the oppressors, have-nots against haves, those with nothing against those with everything, the marginalized versus the establishment.

In the vast majority of cases, the establishment is triumphant.
Often, the minorities … the heretics, rebels, revolutionaries, members of the resistance, freedom fighters, those leading alternative lives, the anti-establishment, those who wonʼt bow to tyrants – are destroyed and exterminated. They are usually labelled mad, evil and dangerous and their terrible fate is held up as a warning to those who might follow the same path.
“ Do not be like them or you will suffer the same consequences ” is the message.

In contemporary mythology, the Illuminati have been branded puppet-masters who stand behind the establishment, pulling the strings, orchestrating the enslavement of the people of the world. The opposite is true. The Illuminati have always led the resistance against the tyrants. On occasions, they have come tantalizingly close to success …. but in most cases they have endured catastrophic defeats.

They have tried to infiltrate the establishment, tried Trojan Horse strategies, guerrilla tactics and popular uprisings, tried to win the intellectual and religious debate, tried to subvert and undermine the establishment.

Most attempts ended in disaster, with the establishment unmolested and more powerful than ever. But it is never acceptable to surrender or abandon the struggle.

Too many people retreat into their micro-worlds of petty comforts where they pose no threat to the establishment, and that is exactly what the establishment desire …

our compliance and obedience, our refusal to stand up to them. The game of the establishment is nothing new. It was explicitly set out in Machiavelli’s “The Prince” which baldly states the unscrupulous principles of how those with power should hold onto it. Lying, cheating, brutality, cruelty, pitilessness, inspiring fear and terror, breaking solemn oaths, hypocrisy, greed, bribery and corruption, extermination of rivals, making pacts with your enemies only to break them when it suits you, are all advocated as necessary tools.

This behavior is still on display every day from every government on earth.

The Illuminati have had a number of guises in the public arena, have formed many alliances and have founded many groups that they have used for particular purposes in the ongoing struggle against tyranny. But the objective has always been the same – to destroy the Old World Order, the network of powerful dynastic families and privileged elites who have engineered earthly wealth and power for themselves, and to hell with everyone else.

The Old World Order were the masters thousands of years ago and they are the masters today. They assiduously follow the advice of Machiavelli, but they did not need him to tell them the rules of the game.
Machiavelli merely described what they had been doing for millennia.

Through every disaster, the OWO endure. Has the latest financial disaster dented their power ? Not in the slightest. Absolutely nothing has changed. A few people talk about doing this and doing that against them, but in reality nothing happens.

The system is locked down. It is impossible to change it within its own parameters. It is designed to be resistant to anything other than revolution ….. but there are few revolutionaries left in the world. The Old World Order’s system is close to perfection.

It is a matrix of absolute control. Only a small number of people ( some 6,000 ) run the world, yet they are backed up by all the agencies of oppression …… the police, the military, the intelligence services, the law ( designed, ultimately, to protect the assets of the rich ). The billions of ordinary people in the world, who could sweep away tyranny in an instant, are too scared to fight back. They are cowed and docile. They are the ” last men ” to whom Nietzsche referred so derisively.

The Illuminati’s mission, in one sense, is to help last men regain their dignity, to throw off their chains and stand up straight for once. How is that to be done ? By putting people in touch with their higher selves. When the divine spark is released in an individual, he no longer tolerates the condition of slavery, no longer mires himself in trivia and meaningless pursuits to pass the time. Above all things …… the Old World Order fear what would happen if their manufactured mastery were challenged by legions of those who found their higher selves and lost their fear.


illuminati movements

There are a few key ways for ordinary researchers to identify movements and groups from history that were linked to the Illuminati. The groups in question probably taught reincarnation, probably had an unusually strong message of freedom and equality directed at the least privileged strata of society, probably wished to remove power and wealth from the greedy and oppressive rulers of society, probably emphasized the ” Holy Spirit ” and probably made claims that seemed astonishing and heretical to those brainwashed by revealed religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

These claims would often be perceived as self-exaltation to such a degree that it amounted to self-deification. ” I am becoming God ” sounds to some people like a crazy assertion, but the meaning behind such a claim was that the practitioners were asserting that they had made first contact with their higher self …. with the divine spark, part of the divine order – and they could now start to partake of the divine i.e. they had attained the initial stage of godliness and could anticipate progression to full union.

Revealed religions regard such claims as the greatest taboo whereas for mystery religions they are the supreme truth, the culmination of the personal quest for ultimate knowledge ….. for the Holy Grail itself.

Not all groups that taught messages of this kind were directly linked with the Illuminati. Some were imitating the Illuminati, based on second-hand knowledge and rumors, some were led by renegade Illuminists who had been expelled from the society for transgressions, and some inspirational leaders just happened to create religions and philosophies ( usually in opposition to revealed religions ) that shared elements in common with the teachings of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati have never had a large number of members for the simple reason that secrets do not remain secrets if too many people have access to them. It is because the Illuminati have adopted a leadership role behind the scenes rather taken the field as a mass movement that they have been called “puppet-masters”.

Below is a list of the groups and movements that were either led by the Illuminati, connected to the Illuminati, or influenced by the Illuminati. Its a history of resistance to the rich elites. In the same way that the establishment is essentially a coherent whole, duplicated across nations and time, so is the resistance to it.

By no means is all resistance associated with the Illuminati, but resistance of a certain type, with the sorts of characteristics described above …… invariably is. It is the world’s most fascinating secret history.


The Order of Solomon

Solomon, the famous Biblical King of Israel, is sometimes referred to as a Grand Master of the Illuminati even though he lived centuries before the first official Grand Master, Pythagoras. He was given this title retrospectively to honor his importance to the Illuminati.

In Solomon’s time, the Illuminati were wandering holy men, mystics and philosophers. One of these travelled to the kingdom of Israel, was introduced to Solomon, and succeeded in enlightening him. ( King Solomon, renowned for his wisdom, was quick to see the truth of what he was being told. ) Solomon created a secret group that came to be called the Order of Solomon, the task of which was to

a) work to end the Hebrews’ worship of Jehovah, and
b) something much more remarkable ….. to actually kill Jehovah.
( This forms the background of the book The Armageddon Conspiracy. )

The Order of Solomon disintegrated after Solomon’s death, though it was reborn much later in the form of the Order of Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon – the famous Knights Templar whose earliest years were dedicated to excavating the foundations of Solomon’s Temple to rediscover ancient treasures and secrets.


A Celtic version of Gnosticism. Just as there were Celtic and Roman versions of Christianity, with the Roman emerging on top, there were also Celtic and Greek versions of Gnosticism. The Celtic version was virtually exterminated when the Romans slaughtered the Druids in Britain. Remnants of Druidism survived in Ireland but gradually succumbed to Christianity.

( Druids met Pythagoras, the Illuminati’s first Grand Master, and adopted many of the teachings of the Illuminati. Merlin, in the legends of King Arthur, represents both Druidism and the magical power of a man who has direct and reliable contact with his higher self. )

Simon Magus

He was the greatest and most revered Grand Master of the Illuminati … for reasons that will not be disclosed. Early Christian Church Fathers regarded him as the most prominent and dangerous Gnostic ….. the arch heretic.

There were many Gnostic sects, all of which were respected by the Illuminati, but there was considerable divergence between what each sect taught. The Gnostic sects that were closely linked to the Illuminati were the Carpocratians, Cainites, the Ophites and the Johannites.


A Gnostic mystery religion led by the Illuminati. The Illuminati attempted to introduce a religion that would appeal to the Roman Army and thus allow them to secure military control of the Roman Empire. Many Roman soldiers became Mithraists, but the secrecy inherent in Mithraism eventually counted against it.

For obvious reasons, mystery religions cannot go public on any significant scale and that prevents them from becoming mass movements. Christianity entered the public sphere and became far more popular and powerful than Mithraism. It stole many Mithraic elements and gradually neutralized the threat of Mithraism.


Mani was a member of the Illuminati tasked with creating a Gnostic religion open to all ( rather than to approved initiates only, as in Mithraism ) which would directly rival Christianity. It was called the ” Religion of Light.”

The idea was that the best Manicheans would then be introduced to the Illuminati’s higher mystery religion: Illumination. Manichaeism was highly successful for a time, but was ultimately defeated by the world’s main religions.

Mani himself suffered a horrific death. For 26 days he was kept in prison in heavy chains, then he was flayed alive and his skin, stuffed with straw, was nailed to a cross and suspended over the main gate of the great city of Jundishapur as a terrifying spectacle for those who followed his teachings. His dead body was decapitated and the head placed on a spike.


A school of thought not established by the Illuminati but which addressed many similar interests and helped to keep alive esoteric thinking in a time when the Illuminati came close to extinction during the collapse of the Roman Empire and the coming of the Dark Ages. Hermeticism has always been greatly respected by the Illuminati.

The central difference between Hermeticism and Gnosticism is that Hermeticists do not say that the world is the creation of an evil Demiurge and that humanity is under his malign power. Rather, they claim that humanity is separated from God by a kind of laziness, apathy, stupor, ignorance, lust, and enslavement to bodily concerns instead of those of the spirit.

If only humanity could wake up and free itself of sensual pleasures and

distractions, of a materialistic mind-set, it could commune directly with God.

Gnosticism and Hermeticism both concern the quest to discover the higher self, the divine spark, the means for man to become God. To that extent, the Illuminati are supportive of the agenda of Hermeticism.

Those people who do not find themselves convinced that earth is in thrall to a malignant force can still find their way to many of the truths of Illumination via Hermeticism.

Illumination and Hermeticism are two roads to salvation. The Illuminati always taught that those who follow the Hermetic path will, one day, as they discover higher truth and insights, reach the same path as the Illuminati.

The essential difference between Hermeticism and Illumination on one side, and religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam on the other is that whereas followers of the latter are alienated from God and regard him as external, distant , infinitely far above their level, the former see him as internal, close and, when enlightenment is attained, identical with them.

Buddhists and Hindus, meanwhile, think that when they reach enlightenment …. they will become absorbed in the divine essence, the great and eternal Oneness.

In other words, Christians, Jews and Muslims view themselves as always separate from God ….. Buddhists and Hindus as becoming one with God / Nature ( but with their own individuality totally extinguished ) and Hermeticists and the Illuminati as becoming God, but with their individuality retained.

This is a difficult concept for most people to grasp. The best modern analogy is that of a hologram. Physicist David Bohm said of the hologram “…one in effect sees the whole of the original structure, in three dimensions, and from a range of possible points of view ( as if one were looking at it through a window ). If we then illuminate only a small region [of the hologram], we still see the whole structure, but in less sharply defined detail and from a decreased range of possible points of view

( as if we were looking through a smaller window ). It is clear, then, that there is no one-to-one correspondence between parts of an ‘illuminated object’ and parts of a

[holographic image of this object]

. Rather, the interference pattern in each region

[of the hologram]

is relevant to the whole structure, and each region of the structure is relevant to the whole of the interference pattern [of the hologram].”

Do you see the holographic analogy to God and the divine sparks that
reside in humanity ? Each spark is individual yet contains the whole ( God ), but ” as if one were looking through a smaller window “.
Moreover, the whole ( God ) relies on each individual part.

So …. which path will you choose ?

Do you want to stand always in God’s infinite shadow as the Christians, Jews and Muslims do, or become absorbed by him so that you as an individual no longer exist, as the Buddhists and Hindus advocate, or do you want to attain divinity while

retaining your individual identity ? The answer is obvious to any thinking person.

An example of a group led by a renegade Illuminist was the Euchites who looked back to the early years of the Illuminati. The Illuminati started out as wandering holy men, mystics and philosophers before becoming a settled organization.

The Euchites went back to basics and again became nomadic holy men living by begging. They taught that they had communed with their divine selves and were therefore incapable of sin, everything they did was good and justified.
This often led to anarchic excess, particularly of a sexual nature.

This represented a corruption of the Illuminati’s teaching of ” Sin for Salvation “. ” Sin for Salvation ” requires high levels of control and self-discipline and must always be harnessed to strict asceticism.

Sinning for sinning’s sake is self-indulgent, counter-productive and leads to no genuine contact with the higher self. But ” sin ” when used as a deliberate attack on the teachings of false religions can be an instrument of transcendent liberation.

Much of the rhetoric of sin has nothing to do with good and evil and is all about control ……. about mass brainwashing to promote the agenda of the controllers. Nothing is more important than ridding humanity of such ” sins “.. the sins defined by the Old World Order …. which are no sins at all.

The Cathars

Gnostics who posed a serious religious challenge to the Catholic Church in the south of France in the Middle Ages. ( The precursors of the Cathars were groups such as the Paulicians, the Athingani, and the Bogomils ) The Cathars were also associated with a strong literary tradition in the form of Goliards and Troubadours.

This was the beginning of the Illuminati’s attempt to use stories, poetry, art, painting and sculpture to communicate concealed heresies to the wider world, to smuggle them past the Catholic authorities, and to pass on coded messages.

The Cathars regarded the established Church as the ” synagogue of Satan ” and the altar as the mouth of hell.
The Vatican launched a crusade against them and they were virtually wiped out.

The Knights Templar

Supposedly orthodox Catholic military monks who were in fact Gnostics seeking to retrieve unique treasures from the ruins of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, and to

erode Catholicism from a privileged insider position.

The Vatican eventually realized the danger and suppressed the Templar Order. The last Grand Master was burned at the stake.

The Capuciati

A precursor of the Jacobin Clubs of revolutionary France. At the end of the 12th Century, the Capuciati rose up against the nobility and tried to implement a society based on freedom and equality. They were brutally suppressed.

The Alchemists

Gnostic thinkers who attempted to combine science and spiritualism, to find a quasi-scientific path to spiritual enlightenment. ( Some of the alchemists were
” metaphorical ” scientists i.e. they were using the language of proto-chemistry to describe a process of spiritual refinement and elevation ….. they weren’t seriously engaged in scientific experiments.) Alchemy was conducted in such secrecy that it managed to avoid formal condemnation and persecution by the Vatican.

Alchemists rarely ventured into the open, and only did so if they had secured the protection of a powerful prince. Freemasonry was born from a combination of the alchemists and the remnants of the Knights Templar.

The Heresy of the Free Spirit

Was a movement that flourished in medieval Europe and was based on the idea that the practitioners had reached a state of perfection that moved them beyond sin ( like the Euchites ). They repudiated social and moral norms and were often highly promiscuous. However, this promiscuity was more like the ” free love ” of the 1960s.

It was frequently accompanied by drug use, was intended to spread love and community, and, above all, was aimed at being a conduit to a higher plane, to spiritual emancipation and communion with the higher self.

For Gnostics as apposed to Christians …. the concept of ” Holy Spirit ” holds a very different meaning.

To Christians, the Holy Spirit was the third person of the Holy Trinity, and, in Catholic theology ……… acted through the Church and the holy sacraments. Catholics had no access to the Holy Spirit other than through the sacraments.

For Protestants, the individual could interact with the Holy Spirit directly, without the need of the Church or any sacraments.

For Gnostics, the Holy Spirit was actually a coded reference to the higher self, the divine spark. By using that term, they could masquerade as Christians and thus avoid accusations of heresy, whilst actually spreading Gnostic teachings. If they succeeded in linking to their higher self, they would be filled with spiritual, mystical understanding …. gnosis itself …… that would reveal the true nature of existence.

Acting through their higher self, part of the divine order, they would no longer be capable of sinning. They would be truly free of the constraints and travails of the world. For this reason, they were called Eleutherians – from the Greek word ” free “.

( Some groups were more free than others, some became completely anarchic and self-indulgent while others retained a strong and clear spiritual purpose.
It was not freedom itself that was the crucial issue but how that freedom was exercised …. irresponsibly or with clear focus.)

Joachim of Fiori ( a Grand Master of the Illuminati ) and Amaury of Bene
( a senior Illuminist ) were responsible for the revolutionary idea that the world is divided into three ages – that of God the Father ( Jehovah / Judaism ), God the Son ( Jesus Christ / Christianity ), and God the Holy Spirit ( which for Joachim and Amaury meant Abraxas / Gnosticism ).

The Dulcinites,

under the leadership of Fra Dolcino, were a Joachimite movement with close connections to Catharism. They advocated egalitarianism and soon attracted the hostility of the Church and nobility. They were exterminated in 1307, the same year that the Templars were arrested and suppressed.

The Brethren of the Free Spirit, the Homines Intelligentiae, the Adamites, the Amalricans, the Beghards/Beguines, the Picards, the Turlupins, the Ranters and the Perfectionists

Were all groups of a similar type, inspired by the antinomian ideas of Joachim of Fiori and Amaury of Bene, and dedicated to absolute freedom. Because they did not perceive themselves as bound by the conventions of society, they often acted, in secret and sometimes openly, in ways that scandalized public opinion. Inevitably they attracted the hostility of the Church and most were savagely persecuted.

Hieronymus Bosch was a member of the Adamite sect and his paintings are full of coded references to the teachings of the Adamites. William Blake’s paintings and

writings are also full of Gnostic symbolism, and coded messages.

The Hesychasts

An offshoot of the Illuminati that appeared in Macedonia in the Byzantine Empire in the 14th Century. Their activities were based at the monastic community at Mount Athos ( “Holy Mountain”) . The Hesychasts were mystics who endeavored to see a vision of the light of the True God. They regarded this contemplation as the highest goal of humanity, taking them as close as possible to the divine order, bringing them into the company of the divine spark, their higher self. In this way they could become united with God. This experience could be described as ” uniomystica ”

( mystical union ) the ecstatic feeling of being one with God.

In order to disguise their practices as falling within orthodox Christianity, the Hesychasts said that the light they were seeking was that of Jesus Christ’s Transfiguration on Mount Tabor where ” man ” and ” God ” visibly became one and Christ shone with the mystical light of God. After a long debate, Hesychasm was accepted as non-heretical by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but was rejected, peacefully, by the Roman Catholic Church.

A similar idea, originating in Spain with the Alumbrados, met with a different fate.

The Alumbrados ( also known as Aluminados )

The Spanish chapter of the Illuminati in the 15th and 16th centuries. Ignatius of Loyola was a senior member of the Alumbrados, assigned the task of infiltrating the Catholic Church with a new group modeled on a non-military version of the Knights Templar. The group he founded was the Jesuit Order.

The Alumbrados recruited a number of ” Conversos ” – Jews who had been forced by the Spanish authorities to convert to Christianity if they wanted to remain in the country or even simply to stay alive. Many of these were well versed in the teachings of the Kabbalah. ” Moriscos ” ( forced Moorish converts ) were also recruited. The Illuminati have always been happy to take new members from different traditions, provided those people are not wedded to the mainstream “religions”. The Conversos and Moriscos were usually those who were already uncomfortable with their original religions, though they had no fondness for Christianity, simply converting for convenience rather than through any conviction.

Like the Hesychasts, the Alumbrados sought to achieve a state of perfection that would allow them to experience a vision of God, a direct transcendental encounter with the divine. At that point, when they had received the “light” they would be able to communicate directly with their higher self.

The Alumbrados were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, and departed from Spain. Many went to neighboring France where they were known as the Illuminés ( and sometimes as Guerinists after their local leader Pierre Guerin ).

The authorities suppressed them in 1635. A new grouping appeared in the 18th century, came under renewed persecution, and fled to England where they became known as ‘ French Prophets ‘. Their writings influenced Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Another chapter of French Illuminati was established by Martines de Pasqually who had Spanish Conversos ancestry and great knowledge of the Kabbalah’s teachings. This group later became popularly known as Martinists after their new leader, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin.

Another group linked to the Illuminati in this period was the Franco-Italian Carbonari. Some people claim the Carbonari was founded in the 19th Century in Italy, but in fact its origins lay in the 16th century in France.

The Jesuit order ( The Society of Jesus )

was established by the Illuminati as another attempt ( following the Templars ) to infiltrate Catholicism and seize power from within. Like the Knights Templar, they were known as ” Soldiers of Christ “, though they were not a military order.

The Rosicrucians

a secret order that provided the first significant public glimpse of Freemasonry. They published several enigmatic and inspirational manifestos in heavily coded language. They did not emerge into the open and thereby avoided persecution and destruction.

As for the Rosicross philosophers, Whom you will have to be sorcerers, What they pretend to is no more Than Trismegistus did before, Pythagoras, old Zoroaster,

And Apollonius their master.

(Samuel Butler)

The Rosicrucian Order gradually became detached from the Illuminati and fell under the influence of others. It continues to this day …. http://www.amorc.org.uk. Note that although the Rosicrucians are no longer connected with the Illuminati, many of the Illuminati’s original teachings are still evident in modern Rosicrucian thinking. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a member of AMORC. Star Trek represents a very powerful image of what our society would look like if we could rid ourselves of the Old World Order. Star Trek promotes a meritocratic, noble, honest, truthful, unselfish, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous vision of humanity, free of greed and religious dogmatism.

Who is preventing us from realizing this futuristic paradise ? the Old World Order.


A product of enlightenment thinking, designed to overthrow the prevailing tyrannies of monarchy and Christianity. Gradually it was infiltrated by the establishment and became totally corrupt. It is now a mainstay of the Old World Order.
Freemasonry is the Illuminati’s most profound regret and greatest disaster.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and passionate republican, was a Freemason and America’s leading member of the Illuminati. Jefferson famously said … ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

That sentiment was highly characteristic of Illuminati thinking of that time.

America was always intended to be the great beacon of hope for the world, the Illuminati’s model for how to overthrow nobles, kings, emperors and religious dogmatism, how to govern justly in the interests of all. Everything started well.

Jefferson was involved with all aspects of the development of the nation, but after he left office, his power, and that of the Illuminati, waned and the Old World Order eagerly set about securing their greatest triumph. Slowly but surely they assumed complete control of America. They did not create nobles, princes and kings, but instead powerful, dynastic families that had as much influence as the aristocrats of Europe …. and even greater riches. They turned democracy into a farce. It became merely a vehicle to ensure their continued power. That’s why the Bush’s, father and son, two Old World Order fools of the highest order, both reached the White House.

The fact that the Illuminati once had the world’s current hyper-power within its grasp reveals how powerful they once were, but equally reveals the brilliance of the Old World Order in reasserting its power and vanquishing its enemies. The Old World Order know that by relentlessly appealing to the basest instincts of ordinary people they will always triumph.

The challenge for the Illuminati … an almost impossible one as it has transpired ……… is to win by cultivating humanity’s nobler aspects and higher aspirations.

The Jacobin Clubs

The most radical political groups of revolutionary France …… led by the Illuminati. They initially enjoyed great success, but imploded under the strain of being forced to wage war against all of the great powers of Europe that wished to stamp out the Revolution. The Jacobin leaders were guillotined.

In Tsarist Russia in the twentieth century, the Illuminati chose to help the Bolsheviks to overthrow the corrupt Tsarist regime. Even though the Illuminati opposed communism, they saw it as the lesser of the two evils when compared with rule by tyrants and autocrats.

Unfortunately ….. communism itself soon became a tyranny under Stalin.


The Illuminati had no connection with the medieval German Holy Vehm vigilante secret society, contrary to what some conspiracy theorists claim.
Anyone with even a superficial grasp of the Holy Vehm would know they would eagerly have hunted and executed members of the Illuminati.

Others have claimed that there was a link between the Illuminati and the Order of Assassins founded by Hasan bin Sabbah. The Assassins and the Illuminati had no formal connections, but they did respect each other.
The Knights Templar encountered the Assassins in the 12th century and were intrigued by them …… and wondered if assassination could be deployed as a legitimate weapon against the tyranny of the Old World Order.

It is also true that the Templars admired the enigmatic, coded motto of the Assassins … ” Nothing is true … everything is permitted.” Only people of the right calibre can understand such a slogan. Stupid people will take it at face value and regard it as some sort of anarchic and nihilistic statement. It is anything but.

The Roshinaya / Rawshaniyya, a secret society in Afghanistan in the 16th century, was also said to be associated with the Illuminati. Again, this is false.
The Roshinaya was related to the Assassins not to the Illuminati. The Roshinaya also had its roots in the Nuqtawiyya of Persia, a sect that appeared in the fifteenth century and taught mysticism and reincarnation. ( Again, the Illuminati had respect for these groups, but no ties, although it would be fair to say that these sects were also Gnostic in their outlook. )
All three sects were attacked, persecuted and largely destroyed.

Although Christianity is regarded as a revealed religion, it is certainly possible to treat it as a Gnostic mystery religion. Many of the cryptic remarks in the gospels are highly characteristic of the vocabulary and symbolism of Gnosticism.

In such a version of Christianity, Christ becomes an exemplar of the Gnostic path to salvation. Born fully human, Jesus follows the precise path laid down by Gnostic teachings, and attains full union with his divine spark. At that point he has two fully expressed natures – human and divine – in one human person. He is both the
” Son of God ” ( as all divine sparks can be described ) …. and God himself.

He is perfect and cannot commit sin. The Resurrection is actually Christ’s final release from the cycle of reincarnation because he has reached the culmination of gnosis. Whereas Christian orthodoxy teaches that Jesus Christ was a unique incarnation of God on earth, Gnostic Christianity says that he was simply an example of what anyone is capable of achieving. Everyone can attain gnosis.

Everyone can be a Christ. The miraculous ” incarnation ” can be repeated in each and every person. The world can be full of living gods.

The Christian establishment regards such a notion as the uttermost heresy but in actual fact it is not contradicted by anything that is actually said in the gospels by Jesus Christ himself.


Pythagoras ( First Grand Master of the Illuminati )

Pythagoras was born in 570 BCE on the Greek island of Samos.
He was taught how to perform miracles by a mystic called Pherecydes, who first introduced him to the doctrines of the Illuminati. ( At this time, the Illuminati did not exist as a formal organization, but a loose group of nomadic holy men and mystics )

Pherecydes instructed Pythagoras on the immortality and transmigration of the human soul, the soul’s wanderings in the ” underworld “, and the purpose of the soul’s cycle of reincarnations.

Pherecydes recommended Pythagoras to other members who were illuminated, amongst whom were Egyptian priests, the most illustrious and learned of teachers in those times. When Pherecydes died …… Pythagoras boarded ship and went to Egypt where he was taught secret knowledge, profound mysteries and advanced mathematics by the priests at Heliopolis, Memphis and Thebes.

Later, he learned astronomy from the Chaldeans, geometry from the Phoenicians and occult knowledge from the Persian Magi. He also met the prophet Zarathustra ( Zoroaster ) in Persia. On his travels, he acquired all of the greatest wisdom then available in the world. He was uncontaminated by Judaism, and as for Christianity and Islam, they did not exist at this time. For people nowadays, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when people did not suffer from the warped mindset of the three Abrahamic religions. The world was once free of these horrific religions,

…. and it will be once again.

In Croton in southern Italy, Pythagoras founded a school where he taught the secret knowledge he had acquired. Here, the illuminati first took shape as a formal organization, with Pythagoras as the first Grand Master. He and the newly initiated members of the illuminati lived in a community where things were held in common. There was no private property ….. brotherly cooperation was emphasized.

Pythagoras addressed the Illuminati from behind a curtain, so that no one could see him. Only those who had graduated to the mystery degrees were admitted into his presence. Those who had attained the mystery grades, the inner circle, were called mathematikoi …. the mathematicians … while the outer circle were called

the akousmatikoi ….. the listeners.

Pythagoras developed a secret language ( still used by senior members of the illuminati today ), and elaborate numerical codes and symbolic messages. He devised initiation rites and introduced secret symbols and special handshakes.

Compasses and set squares, tools of mathematics, were given high prominence as symbols. All the trademarks of FreeMasonic lodges were already in evidence.

His students considered Pythagoras supernatural and a demigod.
They said ” There are in the universe men, gods and beings like Pythagoras.” A biographer called him the ” harmonic deity, halfway between gods and men.” ( The idea of individuals ascending the scale between humanity and divinity is critical to the illuminati.)

The Italian city of Sybaris was legendary for the opulence and luxury enjoyed by its citizens. It was an Old World Order city par excellence. Pythagoras condemned it as a lazy, corrupt, materialistic society, heedless of the poor, dedicated to making money and contemptuous of philosophy and ideas.
The Crotons ( rivals of Sybaris ) attacked it and destroyed it.

The illuminati grew increasingly more influential.
When a man called Chion, a person of ” high birth ” ( i.e. a member of the OWO ) was refused admission to the Order …… he and a gang of thugs burned down the illuminati’s headquarters, killing most of the initiates. Pythagoras escaped, but was pursued, caught and put to death.

Pythagoras is one of the most brilliant and mysterious men in history. He was the first to attempt to bring together reason, mathematics and mysticism, subjects that have preoccupied the illuminati ever since. One treasure of the illuminati but only ever accessed by the Ruling Council, is an ancient manuscript by Pythagoras. As far as the wider world is concerned …… he never wrote anything down.

He considered numbers to be the arche, the most fundamental element of the universe, the true nature of things. Although this sounds like an eccentric idea, no one can doubt that mathematics is deeply embedded in the fabric of the universe. If the universe was not mathematical it would be impossible to make any sense of it. Mathematics is the language of order and patterns. When equations are solved, numbers are what are produced.

In the ” clockwork ” universe of Laplace, if the position and motion of every single particle in the universe could be determined at one time, then all future positions and motions can be calculated. In this sense, the universe could be characterized as a vast matrix of ever-changing numbers describing the dynamical positions of every particle ( being moved around by the forces operating on them ).

The introduction of quantum uncertainty simply changes the complexity of the matrix ……. but not the underlying numerical basis of this vision of reality. If the universe can be described on a moment to moment basis as an enormous matrix of numbers describing all possible positions of all possible particles, and all the

experiences of humanity are coded in those numbers, then this statement by Pythagoras is not as strange as it initially sounds to many people.

The movie The Matrix famously showed ” reality ” as huge arrays of numbers and symbols – machine code – cascading down computer screens, which then had to be translated into the reality with which we are familiar. After a while …. this translation became automatic for those looking at the screen. This would have been an image that would instantly have appealed to Pythagoras, except he probably would have regarded the screen of numbers and symbols as more real than the image of real life derived from them. The code would be the arche, while the decoded images would be secondary and derived …. hence less real.

Pythagoras was the person most responsible for the numerology that features heavily in occult thinking. He condemned the visible world …… the creation of the Demiurge …… as false and illusory. In the classic language of Gnosticism, he said that the heavenly light was broken and obscured in mist and darkness. He had many characteristics in common with St Francis, a love of poverty, despair at the behavior of privileged elites, and a desire for brotherhood.

He was even said to talk to animals, just like St Francis. Men and women were admitted into the Illuminati on equal terms, an exceptional occurrence in those times. He was also reputed to have the ability to project messages onto the moon for the world to see. Using his own blood, he would write a message on a looking glass, point it at the moon, and the inscription would appear on the moon’s disc.

Number Attributes

1 2 3 4 5 6 … 10

monad ( unity ) the number of reason, the generator of numbers dyad ( diversity, opinion, otherness ) first female number
triad ( harmony = unity + diversity ) first male number
( justice, retribution ) squaring of accounts

( marriage ) first female + first male
( creation ) first female + first male + 1

( Universe ) Tetraktys

The number pair 220 and 284 were an Illuminati recognition code. 220 and 284 are ” amicable ” numbers. Two numbers are amicable if each is the sum of the proper divisors ( that is all the divisors except the number itself ) of the other.

The sum of the proper divisors of
220 is 1 + 2 + 4 + 5 + 10 + 11 + 20 + 22 + 44 + 55 + 110 = 284.

The sum of the proper divisors of 284 is 1 + 2 + 4 + 71 + 142 = 220.

If an Illuminati member showed a talisman bearing the number 220, the correct

response was for another member to show a talisman bearing the number 284. This pair of numbers has become significant in magic, astrology and the occult.

Other recognition codes were based on so-called Deficient, Perfect and
Abundant Numbers. A number is perfect if it is equal to the sum of its proper divisors. 6 is a perfect number ( 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 ). A number is deficient if its sum falls short of the number. 8 is deficient ( 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 ). A number is abundant if the sum exceeds the number. 12 is abundant ( 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 16 ).

Each degree of the Illuminati was associated with a particular Deficient, Perfect or Abundant number, and could be used by one member to reveal his rank to another.

These are just a few examples of the complex numerology used by the Illuminati.


Illuminati degrees

The Illuminati have ten degrees, seven standard and three mystery degrees. The original degrees were formulated by Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mystic, philosopher and mathematician. His system was based on his cosmological system, which was as much symbolical as real.

Pythagoras was the first man to call himself a philosopher – a lover of wisdom – and he was also the first to declare that the earth wasnʼt the centre of the universe. Instead, a mystical central fire ( not the sun ) was put at the centre of the cosmos, thus making this model a forerunner of the Copernican system. The central fire was referred to as the “ House of Abraxas ” – and represented, symbolically, the home of the True God …… the eternal realm of divine light and warmth.

Ten heavenly bodies revolved around it.
The counter-earth ( identical to the earth and followed the same orbit, but was diametrically opposite, relative to the central fire, and therefore permanently invisible from the earth ), the earth itself, the moon, the sun, the five planets known at the time and the sphere of fixed stars of the celestial plane.

Beyond, lay infinite space. The heavenly bodies, moving in perfect circular orbits, created the divine sound known as the Music of the Spheres, which permeated the entire universe but could be heard only by the True God.

The Pythagorean Degrees of the Illuminati

Standard degrees

1st : The Heaven of the Fixed Stars.
2nd : Kronos ( Saturn ). Kronos was the leader of the Titans.
( He castrated his father Uranus …. thus taking his power from him. He ruled the world during the mythological Golden Age. He was the father of the Olympian gods. He was overthrown by his son Zeus, and he and the other Titans were bound in the underworld. )
3rd : Zeus ( Jupiter, Jove ). The king of the Olympian gods.
4th : Ares ( Mars ). The god of war.
5th : Helios ( Sol ). The sun.
6th : Aphrodite ( Venus ). The goddess of love and beauty.
7th : Hermes ( Mercury ). The messenger of the gods.

Mystery Degrees

8th : Selene ( Luna ). The moon. 9th : Gaia ( Terra Mater ). The earth. 10th : Antichthon. The counter-earth.

Antichthon is the highest degree because it represents the opportunity for humanity to transform itself beyond recognition. While this earth is corrupt, wicked and fallen, the counter-earth offers the promise of the complete opposite, paradise, free of the malignant influence of the Demiurge and the Old World Order.

Antichthon, the counter-earth, is what the earth can and should be.

The Mithraic Degrees of the Illuminati

In later times, the Greek Pythagorean degrees were restyled according to
a Roman system. The seven standard degrees became those of Mithraism, a mystery religion closely related to Illumination.

Standard degrees

1st : Corax ( the Raven ), under the rule of Mercury. 2nd : Nymphus ( the Bride ), under the rule of Venus. 3rd : Miles ( the Soldier ), under the rule of Mars.
4th : Leo ( the Lion ), under the rule of Jupiter.

5th : Perses ( the Persian ), under the rule of the Moon.
6th : Heliodromus ( the Sun Runner ), under the rule of the Sun. 7th : Pater ( the Father ), under the rule of Saturn.

The Mystery Degrees

8th : Minerva ( symbolized by an owl – the Owl of Minerva ).
9th : Magus ( the phoenix, the sacred firebird that rises from the ashes ).
10th : Deus Absconditus ( the Hidden God, Abraxas, symbolized by the Tetraktys ).

( The last of the four major Illuminati symbols is the skull and crossbones
in honor of Simon Magus. The Greek Sphinx also has special significance. )

These remain the degrees of the Illuminati. The majority of illuminati members belong to the standard degrees, the 10th degree is for the 12 members of the Ruling Council only. The identities of the Ruling Council are completely unknown to the basic membership, but at each initiation, one masked member of the Ruling Council is always in attendance and conducts the final part of the ceremony.

There were ten degrees in total because, for Pythagoras, the number 10 was divine. 1, 2, 3 and 4 were also revered because they add up to 10 and they form the divine triangle – the Tetraktys – which symbolized the four elements ( earth, air, fire, and water ) and, in its totality, also the mystical fifth essence, the Quintessence.

The Tetraktys is an equilateral triangle composed of dots in four rows, a visual representation of the equation, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. The Tetraktys contains a hexagon and a three-dimensional cube. It is a truly extraordinary figure.

It also symbolizes key musical intervals: 4:3 ( the fourth ), 3:2 ( the fifth ) and 2:1
( the octave ). If the Tetraktys is extended by adding new rows, up to a total of 36, the 36th ” triangular ” number is 666, the Number of the Beast in the Christian Book of Revelation. The number 36 has a crucial significance for the Illuminati, as does the Tetraktys extended to order 36. As for the 666th triangular number, this is equal to 222111. When two successive ” triangular ” numbers are added, the result is a square number e.g. 1 + 3 = 4 ….. 3 + 6 = 9 …. 6 + 10 = 16 …. 10 +15 = 25.



The Illuminati are meritocrats.
Only meritocracy, not democracy, can deliver a world where there are neither masters nor slaves. Masters are those who control vastly more resources than others. Therefore, meritocracy advocates preventing anyone from acquiring excessive resources. When the richest person in a nation is, say, just ten to twenty times wealthier than the poorest can the circumstances exist for masters and slaves to vanish from society.

In a capitalist democracy, the system devised by the Old World Order to allow them to hold the people in their tyrannical grasp, the richest person can be worth a million times more than the poorest. In such a system, the winners take all. The winners are the Old World Order, and the rest of us are losers, suckers, cowards and slaves. But we can change the system at any time. After all, there are vastly more of us. What’s stopping us ? Do we have no dignity, self-respect or courage ?

Why has capitalist democracy proved so apparently successful, to the extent that virtually no one dares to challenge it ? No debate in the media ever takes place about the replacement of capitalist democracy. Even during the current financial meltdown, no rivals to capitalist democracy have been proposed ……. why not ? Because the masters won’t allow the system that has brought them so much power and spectacular wealth to be toppled. Sure …. you can change your President or Prime Minister, but you can not change the system, and it is the system that is the problem ….. not the identity of the figurehead.

Capitalist democracy is, however, doomed because it is dialectically unstable. Capitalism is an ideology based on extreme inequality. It is an economic system designed by and for masters. It revolves around a tiny number of people

– the rich masters with vast amounts of capital –
using the labour of slaves ( us, the work drones ) to generate enormous profits.

Karl Marx predicted that this system would implode and be replaced by communism – the common ownership of all of a nation’s assets by the people –
and he would have been proved right had the masters not seen the danger. They produced a brilliant dialectical response – they harnessed democracy to capitalism.

Democracy is an ideology based on equality …. one man one vote …. every vote has equal weight to every other vote. The masters massively extended the vote to groups that had previously been denied voting rights. In a country like the USA, the ordinary people – the slaves – were allowed the illusion that every four years they could decide who was in charge of their nation. This illusion was all that was needed to persuade the slaves that they were in control of their own destiny …… that they were free.

Yet look at an American election such as the one in 2004 – Bush versus Kerry.
Two extremely wealthy men, both members of Yale’s notorious Skull and Bones Masonic secret society. The genius of using democracy, from the Old World Order’s viewpoint, is that it doesn’t matter for whom the people vote for as long as they, the Old World Order …. choose the candidates. If Kerry had won the election, the Old World Order would still have had their man in the White House. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the election ….. the Old World Order always stays in charge.

The President is either a member of the Old World Order, or meets with their full approval. Someone like Obama, even though he is an outsider, is nevertheless someone who will never threaten the Old World Order’s hegemony.

He would not have been allowed to set foot in the White House if the Old World Order thought he would damage their interests. They viewed Obama as a way of re-establishing credibility of capitalist democracy after the disastrous Bush years.

Obama’s job is to act as a PR man and cheerleader for capitalist democracy.
Even his most enthusiastic fans must already see that nothing significant will change under his presidency. The Old World Order’s power will be as strong as ever. There is nothing any President can do to change things. The entire American political and economic system is designed to prevent any serious challenge to capitalism, the bedrock of the Old World Order’s power and riches.

To reiterate, the Old World Order’s power is based on disguising their commitment to inequality ( capitalism ) by harnessing it to democracy, an ideology of equality.

The democratic element is sufficient to deceive the slaves while the masters go about their business of greedily serving their own interests. The excesses of the Wall Street Gang in the years leading up to the current financial disaster are the most egregious in history, yet this was taking place within a so-called democracy.

Did a single democrat have any say whatsoever in what was going on in Wall Street ? Yet who is picking up the tab now ? ” No taxation without representation ” was the great slogan of the American Revolution, yet in the last year the American people have picked up a vast tax bill to bail out the bankers. Did the people have any representation in the boardrooms of Wall Street ? None at all. Did they have any say in the enormous salaries, bonuses, pensions, stock options and perks ?

Do you get it ? Capitalism is all about the masters while democracy is all about pretending to the slaves that they can change things. They cannot.

The other measure the masters took to protect their position was the introduction of welfare provisions. The great revolutions that took place in France and Russia
( in 1789 and 1917 ) happened because the people were literally starving to death and had to fight for their lives. If the rulers of France and Russia had provided a welfare state, no revolutions would have occurred.

The masters now ensure that the slaves have a reasonable degree of comfort.
And the slaves are no longer mere workers. They are consumers now, and via consumption they bring more wealth to the masters. By giving us democracy, a standard of living that maintains most of us in reasonable comfort, and the opportunity for us to consume a huge variety of things, the masters create the illusion that we are free rather than slaves. And we fall for it. Yet behind the curtain, the masters control everything. We have traded our self-respect and our souls for the baubles they throw at us, for the scraps they toss at us from their high tables. How grateful we are for our petty lives as consumers of the junk they sell us.

Most of us are ” respectable ” slaves, but there is also an underclass
of those who are not judged respectable. Marx referred to this underclass as the
” lumpenproletariat “: the ” garbage of all classes,” including ” swindlers, confidence tricksters, brothel-keepers, rag-and-bone merchants, beggars, and other flotsam of society.” They are dispossessed and powerless.
Trotsky believed that the underclass were reactionary and counter-revolutionary, and generally highly supportive of the upper classes.

This is classic slave behavior …… admiring the very people who oppress you. Many of the supporters of the right wing American Republican Party – the main party of the Old World Order – are members of the underclass. They are frequently fundamentalist Christians ( a slave morality ), and advocates of capitalism ( even though they themselves have no capital ) and have dead-end jobs or no jobs at all. When people vote for the masters who have made them slaves ….

they have lost all self-respect. They are perfectly brainwashed.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest ink. If our society is regarded as a chain then it is falling apart. Weak links are everywhere, most visible in the underclass. The underclass is left to rot.
They have few or no prospects of bettering themselves.

They are a drain on the rest of society, a source of criminality.
A large criminal justice system is required to deal with them.
Police, prisons, welfare organizations, community centers, social workers, government agencies are needed in abundance. It costs a fortune to supply all of this ( and even then it’s not nearly enough ) ….. but to achieve what ?
Simply to prevent these people going on the rampage.

Is it healthy for society to have a large and growing underclass ?
But don’t forget why the underclass exists – they have been deliberately starved of resources in order to ensure that the masters – the Old World Order – can enjoy an excess of resources. Imagine that there is set amount of wealth in the world. Everyone who gets more than the average, more than his fair share, is, in effect, depriving others. Is that moral ?
The Old World Order impoverish the underclass in order to enrich themselves, and the rest of society acts as a buffer between the masters and the lowest slaves.

Under a meritocracy, the absurd inequality that appears under capitalism would be abolished, but so would the sterile and false equality that characterizes a system such as communism. Both capitalism and communism are LCD ( Lowest Common Denominator ) ideologies. In communism, the laziest, most stupid person is guaranteed the same rewards as the hardest-working, most talented person,

and hence the talented hard-worker loses any motivation and the system rapidly degenerates. The talented lose all incentive to make optimal use of their skills.

Under capitalism, the production of goods is based on the popularity of those goods, which in turn reflects the quality of the people. A nation full of stupid, untalented people has stupid, untalented tastes. They love popcorn movies, reality TV, game shows, chat shows, sitcoms, hospital, legal and crime dramas and all the rest of the crap that is shown 24/7. A nation of slaves has slave tastes.

Everywhere, quality is sacrificed for cheap, gaudy goods with instant appeal. The system is based on short-term gratification and cheap thrills. Everything is disposable. Nothing lasts. In a short time, quality vanishes from capitalism since it simply is not profitable enough ….. there are too few people of quality.

Communism and capitalism are both catastrophic. Marx’s dialectical analysis was wrong. Communism is not the inevitable victor over capitalism. Communism is the equal and opposite pole of capitalism ….. and just as bad.
Extremes of equality and inequality are equally damaging.


The Illuminati in the present day have much less influence than of old because of several trends, the rise of consumerism, the general turning away from spirituality and towards materialism by much of humanity, the relentless advance of ” junk ” entertainment, the widespread delusion that people have genuine freedom and choice, the success of ” democracy ” in persuading ordinary people that they have a degree of political power and can change their leaders, the ease and comfort provided by technology, the omnipresence of sport, music, movies and TV that keep people endlessly distracted, the media brainwashing machine, effectiveness of the cynical advertising machine, and the complete dominance of celebrity culture and the super-rich.

It is hard in the age of secularism and science for people to accept that a malignant, spiritual force is at work in the world. Many people think the world is a vile place but they attribute that to human failings and perceive no malevolent conspiracy beyond the purely human.

Many of the great movements of the past simply could not exist in the present day. The mentality no longer exists. The Old World Order have trivialized humanity and stripped away its ability to resist. The OWO’s power has never been greater than at the present time. It will take a gargantuan effort to overthrow them.

No one should misunderstand the message of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is nothing like the Catholic Church, Judaism or Islam. It does not flaunt a ” holy ” text like the Bible, the Torah or the Koran in your face and demand that you slavishly worship every word.

The Illuminati do not claim that they can “save” you. It is never for others to save you. Jesus Christ certainly can not save you, regardless of what the Protestant Evangelicals tell you. You can only save yourself. The Illuminati act as guides, nothing else. They can’t walk in your shoes. No one can achieve gnosis for you.

Don’t look to others for the answers to your life …. only slaves do that …. look to yourself. All of the answers are contained within you. You simply have to find the key to unlock them. Simply ? In truth, it is the most difficult task of all, but how could it be any other way ? How could the process of becoming God be anything other than the greatest challenge conceivable ? Do you have the strength, imagination, guts and knowledge for the ultimate quest ? You don’t need the Illuminati.

You already have everything you need ….. yourself.

The most liberating idea of all is that everyone already contains all of the answers, if they could but see the light. Do you not think that is exactly as it should be ? You don’t need to look outwards, to the world around you, to find the meaning of life …. you will find all you need when you turn your gaze inwards.

The answer was always contained in the ancient wisdom …” As above, so below.” The macrocosm and the microcosm are the same for those with the vision to see.


666 The Anti Christ

Alexander Romanov


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