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Alexander Romanov’s 666 The Anti Christ (Ch.7) Old World Order

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Alexander Romanov


666 The Anti Christ



The Hidden History

What appears in history books is not the real history of the world.

Real history is conducted in secret and is almost never documented.
Real history revolves around a handful of power-players, together with a small number of secret societies and closed associations.
Real history is all about conspiracies whereas history, as it appears in books, resembles a crime scene investigation ……

Events take place and historians come along later on and try to work out what caused those events. But while crime scene investigators have elaborate scientific techniques to help them gather decisive forensic evidence, historians have access only to what is available in the public record and even that is often unreliable.

If there is no public record, historians have nothing to fall back on other than
their imagination. They create a narrative to link the events, to establish cause and effect. But that is all it is …….. a narrative, a story. It is not the truth. The real causes are always concealed from the gaze of history. Only a fool would take a historianʼs interpretation of events as reality.
History is as meaningful as literary criticism.
Historians are always unreliable narrators.

At the end of the movie The Godfather, Michael Corleone is seen being appointed as the new Godfather, and the door is closed in the face of his wife because she is an untrusted outsider. It is also closed in the faces of the audience.

That is a metaphor for history. The door is always closed in our faces at the moment when the vital decisions are taken. We never hear what took place, who said what, who advanced what arguments, who disagreed, what glances were exchanged.
All we get is the speculation of historians who werenʼt there, working from second- hand sources and the narratives of previous generations of historians.

The whole of history could be considered as The Godfather on a global scale. Powerful people conspire in secret rooms far from public scrutiny and then send out their agents, assassins and attack dogs to execute their will. Presidents, popes and princes are agents too. Although these people may seem powerful in their own right, the real decision-makers stand in the background, unseen.

Presidents, more often than not, are puppets put in post to do the bidding of their masters. That might involve declaring war, introducing new laws favorable to the puppet-masters, awarding lucrative contracts to the puppet-mastersʼ favored corporations, appointing allies of the puppet-masters to vital, well-paid jobs, discrediting enemies of the puppet-masters, planting stories, even carrying out assassinations. All of that will be denied, of course. Well, it would, would it not ?

Naturally …… they have a huge machine of misinformation, disinformation, spin and propaganda, to conceal themselves and rubbish their enemies. Conspiracy theorists are always dismissed as mad. Who benefits from the discrediting of conspiracy theorists ? The conspirators ….. of course.

Their greatest trick is to convince the ordinary person that they do not exist.

In the fairytale The Emperorʼs New Clothes, the scam-artist weavers say that anyone who is unable to see the emperorʼs ( non-existent ) new set of clothes is either stupid or unfit for the office they hold. Something similar happens in reverse with conspiracy theories. Anyone who can see the conspiracy is called stupid or unfit for office. But in each case the reality is the opposite of what we are told by those who seek to con us.

No historian will ever take conspiracy theories seriously. They canʼt afford to.
If they admit that conspiracy theories exist then they are putting themselves out of a job because they are admitting that the causes of major historical events are forever concealed from them. Historians promote their own special agendas and exaggerate their own importance and significance. The conspirators can rely on historians not to cause any trouble. Itʼs an alliance of self-interest.

Many conspiracy theories are absurd. That does not mean that conspiracies do not exist. The whole point about conspiracies is that only the conspirators know what takes place in the secret meetings. So, everyone else can only engage in speculation, they add to the mix their own prejudices, pet topics and fantasies.

Before long, people are claiming that the illuminati are lizards from another dimension who dress up in zip-up human costumes or use elaborate shape- shifting technology whereby their true form can be glimpsed only at certain transitional points. This is where conspiracy theories merge with science fiction and fantasy. Most of this way of thinking originates in the work of the founder of Scientology ….. science fiction writer Ron L Hubbard.

The illuminati have engaged in many conspiracies over the millennia, but the vast majority have failed. The illuminati are up against conspirators who are enormously more powerful. On very rare occasions, they have managed to infiltrate the secret councils of the Old World Order, and it is from these episodes that they have built up their knowledge of the OWOʼs modus operandi. But they currently have no one in the inside. By the same token, on a couple of occasions the enemy has infiltrated the Illuminati, although no infiltrator has ever gained access to the highest level.

Even members of the illuminati virtually never come into direct contact with the ruling council of the illuminati.

Many of the people who condemn the Illuminati are extremely wealthy, right-wing, pro-monarchy fascists who, to this day, are disgusted by the French Revolution and loathe the illuminati-inspired slogan of the revolutionaries … freedom, equality and brotherhood. If you think that King Louis XVI of France was a great and noble man and that aristocratic families and rich elites should run the world then you should line up against the illuminati. On the other hand, if you think that every person

should be given a fair chance to go as far in society as their talents warrant, regardless of the wealth, status and social connections of their parents, and that there should be no masters and no slaves then you should support the Illuminati.

Yes, we seek to establish a New World Order. Yes, we seek to overthrow tyrants. Yes, we want to smash networks of privilege. Yes, we seek to abolish diabolical religions such as Christianity. That has always been the mission of the Illuminati. Do you think that aspiration is evil ? The illuminatiʼs enemies are the evil ones. They are the ones conspiring against the people. The illuminati seek to liberate the downtrodden and oppressed. Anyone who does not share that aspiration is an enemy of the people. Those who speak out against the New World Order and the illuminati are the poodles of the privileged elites.

The establishment of a New World Order is a dialectical certainty. Freedom will triumph in the end. The elites are doomed. These are their twilight days. It is time for the ordinary people to step into the sunlight. The Old World Order is the axis of evil. In particular, the ruling class of America and Britain are those who must be pushed aside if the people are ever to be free.


How 6,000 people can rule the world

Just 6,000 people control the world. How is that possible ?
What factors must be in place for so few people to have so much power ?

1) The 6,000 people must have a common outlook and a common purpose.
It would be a disaster for them if they continually fought with each other.
The Old World Order are united by their insatiable desire for money and power. 6,000 is the number that allows them to share vast wealth. If there were too many, 600,000 or 6,000,000 say …. their wealth and power would be massively diluted. Also, dissension amongst their ranks would be enormously more likely.

2) The 6,000 people must exploit the threat of force to keep everyone else in their place. The army and the police provide this element of force.

3) The 6,000 must be able to spy on everyone else. The secret services provide this function.

4) The masses must be given the illusion of political choice. Democracy performs this role.

5) The masses must believe they are free.
To this end, they are provided with negative liberty …. freedom from government interference ( providing that the people do nothing to challenge the government ).

6) The masses must have plenty of choice.
Consumerism meets this need. People have endless products from which to choose. They confuse the ability to choose consumer objects with genuine choice.

7) The masses must be fed and entertained. ” panem et circenses “
bread and circuses ………. as the Romans put it. Supermarkets provide abundant cheap and convenient food and drink. TV, movies, theatre, music, nightclubs, bars, play-stations etc …… provide abundant entertainment.

8) From time to time, the masses must be able to disappear into an altered state of mind where they can temporarily put their daily problems behind them. Drugs perform this function. Alcohol, cigarettes and sedatives are legal drugs provided by the authorities. The authorities also ensure that plenty of illegal drugs are available. ( Ultimately, it is the 6,000 who reap the benefits of the international drugs trade. )

9) The masses must feel they ” own ” something significant.
Property is the means chosen. Many people practically worship their homes, seeing them almost as extensions of the self and essential to their identity.
” An Englishman’s home is his castle. ”

10) The masses must believe that their grievances will be addressed. The legal system provides this function.

11) The masses must believe that ” wrongdoers ” will be punished. The prison system serves this purpose.

12) The masses must have some hope of an afterlife. Religion achieves this function.

13) The masses must have hope of a radical transformation of their fortunes. Lotteries, gambling and the ” American Dream ” satisfy this need.

14) The masses must have an intimate, loving, support system. Family provides this.

These 14 elements provide the basis of a stable society that can be automatically controlled by a small number of people without direct daily involvement. Above all, the masses must respect the 6,000 as the source of legitimate authority.
They must fear the consequences of disobeying the 6,000.

In WWII, the SS guards in the Nazi concentration camps performed relatively few tasks. They did not get closely involved in the daily routines of extermination ….. other than dropping Zyklon B canisters into the showers.
Nearly all of the work was left to the Jews themselves.

The Jewish ghettoes that the Nazis established in many cities were allowed

to be led by councils of Jewish elders. These councils allocated food, drink and medicine, decided who would get on the transports to the death camps, appointed police enforcers to keep order, handed over subversives to the Nazis etc etc.

It all worked smoothly without any direct Nazi involvement.
The Nazis got exactly the results they wanted via work done by Jews, the very people they were exterminating. It could be argued that an entire people colluded in their own destruction out of sheer terror of what would happen if they disobeyed.

But look what happened anyway. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are in a similar position to the Jews, colluding in our own humiliation while our masters get on with enjoying the good life. We do the dirty work for them, police ourselves and hand over the proceeds at the end of the day. They sit in their luxury restaurants, sipping the finest champagne and laughing at us.

Hierarchies are based on implied force. If you disobey your superiors in the hierarchy, sanctions will be imposed on you. It is essential to the success of the Old World Order that everyone should accept their position in the hierarchy. Once the people have placed themselves in the pecking order then those

at the top of the hierarchy – the Old World Order themselves – are safe.

In the book The Last Bling King, the uprising against the Old World Order relies on the people freeing themselves from the hierarchy. When the hierarchy is no longer acknowledged it ceases to have power. The hierarchy is intimately related to the master / slave dialectic. Slaves naturally fall into line and obey the chain of command. The society of the slave is the society where a rigid hierarchy can be perceived at every turn. Ours is such a society. While the hierarchy is maintained, the masters can wield unlimited power.

What is the illuminati’s alternative vision of society ? Most of the details can be found in one of the most influential philosophical works of all time …. The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Although Rousseau was not a member of the Illuminati, his political views were virtually identical to those of the Illuminati.

During the Korean War, the Chinese realized that it was a waste of resources to build prison camps for large numbers of P.O.W.’s and to carefully guard them all.

What they did instead was to identify all of the prisoners with strong personalities, the leaders, whether officers or not …… and separate them from the others. They guarded this small number ( approximately 5% of the total ) and left the others to their own devices. None of the unguarded prisoners attempted to escape. Without natural leaders to inspire them and urge them on …… they were like sheep. They wandered around aimlessly causing no trouble, waiting to be fed by the Chinese.

The Old World Order use similar tactics. They identify the leaders of the masses, the 5% … and they deal with them in one way or another, either by bringing them on board in the lower levels of the OWO, or jailing them or even eliminating them. Without leaders, the masses are like the Korean War prisoners, wandering around aimlessly. Most people idle away their time in pointless activities.

The Old World Order are never concerned about such people.

The other element upon which the OWO’s empire is built is the expert manipulation of the so-called seven deadly sins, plus three other sins. The full ten sins are …… avarice, wrath, envy, sloth, lust, pride, gluttony, cowardice, selfishness and vanity.

The OWO are masters of knowing how to identify which sin applies most to which person and then using that knowledge to destroy them or render them harmless.

History consists of two forces. It is dialectically moving in the direction of ever increasing freedom, but at every stage on that journey it has to battle through sin in all of its forms. Sin is the brake on the advance of freedom. Sin is the perpetual antithesis. Sin is the arena of human weaknesses, frailties, failings, vulnerabilities, impulses and desires. The OWO try to hold back freedom via sin. They are grand masters in the use of sin to suit their own ends. The world they have constructed is a masterpiece of deception. The illusion of freedom is extremely powerful, yet the world is a huge prison camp. Only the OWO themselves are free.
The masses are relentlessly manipulated according to their sins.

The masses must redefine their attitude to sin. Only then can they take the decisive step towards true freedom. The OWO view ” sin ” as a weapon to be used against the people. They construct religions that emphasize sin, all the better to control the masses. Christians, Jews and Muslims are obsessed with sin.

That is why they will never be free.

What is the most effective prison ? The one you carry around in your own head. What is sin ? Your portable prison.


The Old World Order

They take their privileged positions for granted.

Believe that they intrinsically deserve to be at the top of society.

Believe that they are better than those who are not similarly privileged.

Believe that God / Nature has conferred their elevated status upon them ( nothing to do with luck or circumstances of birth ).

Are contemptuous of the members of the lower orders and find them a nuisance.

Don’t care about the opinions of the lower orders.
Are obsessed with their position in the pecking order amongst their peers.

Expect the best jobs, the most beautiful partners, the highest salaries, the most choice opportunities in life.

Expect to go to the best schools and colleges and receive the finest education.

Want to be surrounded by their peers and to avoid the lower orders.
They love gated communities, shut off and protected from the lower orders.

Expect ” the system ” to ensure that they are always taken care of.

Expect to live in the finest homes in the finest locations.

Expect to lead rather than follow.

Expect never to be subservient to a member of the lower orders.

Are contemptuous of any member of the lower orders who makes it ” big ” They hate ( nouveau riche / new money )

They rely on the weakness and cowardice of the lower orders. Snobbery, elitism, class and privilege govern their lives.
Typical Old World Order President : George Bush ( father or son ).

On the internet, they look for exclusive sites for the social and business elite. They spend time seeking premium vacations, unique experiences, rare and expensive gifts, fashionable artworks and the latest technologies.
At all times, the emphasis is on distancing themselves from ordinary people, and demonstrating that they are superior to those people.

They are ripe for the manipulation of the group that stands in the shadows behind the Old World Order, and which uses the OWO to advance its own nefarious and mind-boggling ends. This secret group has no connection with reptiles, but it is every bit as shocking. As little as possible about this group can be said because ordinary people would not accept its existence without seeing the evidence, which can not be shown in public because worldwide chaos would ensue.



The game of the Old World Order is the oldest one of all …………. power. How to get it and how to maintain it. These key points describe the OWO.

  1. 1)  The OWO is a global network of dynastic families.
  2. 2)  Their mission is to maintain the power and wealth of their dynasties forever.
  3. 3)  Others are admitted to the charmed circle only if they can assist the interests

of the OWO.

4) The OWO do not care about the welfare of ordinary citizens. Ordinary people simply do not show up on their radar as long as they go about their humdrum lives in the expected way.

5) The OWO have no plans to build concentration camps, or slave camps or anything else. Such measures would consume vast resources, create unnecessary trouble and serve no useful function. The OWO can sedate the people by use of TV, Hollywood, computer games, porn, music, alcohol, recreational drugs, sport etc. All of these diversions ensure that the people will never rise up. While mindless mass entertainment exists, the OWO need no concentration camps to control the people.

6) The Bush family is the quintessence of the OWO. Father and son belonged to Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society and both became presidents. Another son is a former Governor of Florida and a potential future president. How can one family in a so-called democracy have achieved this degree of power ?

7) The Bush family illustrates the workings of the OWO perfectly ……. very rich, very powerful, very connected, and likely to bestride the American political scene for generations.

8) The OWO do not obsessively control every single aspect of life. What they
do is take active steps to massively increase the likelihood that they and theirs will have vastly better chances in life than anyone else. George Bush Junior with his limited abilities, would have achieved nothing significant in life were his name not Bush. Yet because that is his name, he is an American president. The OWO always put family above talent. This is practically enshrined as an American principle, and enjoys immense popular support, yet its inevitable consequence is that it creates un meritocratic family dynasties that endure for millennia …… you can be certain that the Bush family will be such a dynasty ….. if we allow them to be.

9) Most people are familiar with America’s great dynastic families …. they are associated with oil, banking, entertainment, media, military, intelligence services and politics.

10) The OWO are international.
American dynastic patriarchs have much more in common with Russian oligarchs

than they do with ordinary Americans.

11) The Old World Order’s models are the Roman Empire at the time of Augustus Caesar, and the English monarchy at the time of Henry VIII.

12) The OWO are advocates of dynastic rule. Look at America, George Bush … father and son …. both American presidents, the Kennedys , could have been in power for decades had they not broken the rules of the OWO and paid the price. the Clintons …. husband was president and wife still could be. Daughter might be in the future. Dynastic presidencies have become “de rigueur” in modern America. How did this come about ? By accident or design ?

13) The Roman Emperors advocated ” Panem et circenses ” – bread and circuses. As long as citizens have fast food and cheap entertainment to pacify them, they will not cause serious trouble. Revolutions occur when the ordinary people are starving and have nothing to distract them from their suffering.

Can a revolution be launched in the absence of these factors ?

14) The Romans had a patrician class ( the wealthy and the powerful ) and a plebeian class ( the ordinary people ). Is it not exactly the same in America today ? The super rich, the Ivy League brigade, spoiled heiresses, the political, the media, military, business, banking and legal elites. They are the American patrician class. Everyone else is a plebeian.

15) Roman gladiators were worshipped by the plebeians. What do the Americans have ? …. super-celebrities from Hollywood, TV, rock ‘n’ roll and sport, worshipped by legions of American plebeians.

16) In Ancient Rome, artists and intellectuals were a joke. They were usually Greek slaves. Look at artists and intellectuals in America. They are not at the forefront of the national consciousness. The OWO despise intelligence amongst plebeians and do their utmost to ensure that plebeians are poorly educated. They advocate and encourage ” dumbing down “.

17) The Roman Empire was founded on slavery. So was America. The ordinary American people are still slaves. The only difference is that the oppression they suffer is not overt.

18) Look at the British Royal family. The Queen refers to the British people as her
” subjects “. She cannot be removed as the head of state. Her crown, her status, her wealth and power will be transmitted to her son and no one else is eligible. Merit in Britain is effectively illegal since the head of state is never at any stage subjected to any meritocratic criteria. Britain remains the most class divided society in the world.

19) Look at British politicians. Tony Blair, from a highly privileged background, was a recent prime minister, and now his children are being groomed to follow in his footsteps. The leader of the British Conservative Party is one of the richest men in the nation. He is an old Etonian and was a member of the super elite Bullingdon Club at Oxford University. His closest colleagues all come from similarly privileged backgrounds. The Mayor of London and the shadow Chancellor both attended the

Bullingdon Club with Cameron.

20) As of October 2008, America has had forty-three presidents and two of them have been the father and son team of the Bush’s …… what are the odds of that ?

21) Three of the forty-three presidents have been members of the tiny, elite secret society Skull and Bones. What are the odds ? John Kerry, Democratic candidate in 2004, was also a member of the Skull and Bones society. In other words, no matter whether you voted Democrat or Republican in the 2004 election …. you would still have had a Skull and Bones secret society member in the White House.

And you think you have a choice ? Choice is an illusion in so-called democracies.

Democracy is an instrument used to control the people and make them vote for their OWO oppressors. You are much less likely to oppose someone for who you have voted. You have bought into their mind control system. What good is a vote if you can only vote for the two people they decide to put in front of you ? In order for them to be permanently in charge, they simply need to ensure that they control the process by which the presidential candidates are chosen. Then, when you vote, you are invariably voting for one of their people …. not one of yours.

22) No doubt there are more Bush’s, more Kennedys, more Skull and Bones members being lined up for future high political office.

23) If you’re not one of the patricians …… you are a nobody, you don’t count. People could choose to stand up and do something about it but don’t, because they have been stupefied by the rhetoric and propaganda of the patrician class, they have got their bread and circuses that keep them endlessly distracted, they have their gladiator heroes to worship, their army of imperial conquest to support, their conspiracy theorists to mock, and their ‘ freedom and democracy ‘ to trumpet.

24) The symbolic head of the Old World Order is the Queen of England.
When she parades through the streets, legions of people wave flags and cheer. They are ecstatic about being her subjects …. her acknowledged inferiors in every way. That shows you the power of the tyrants. Now imagine a hereditary monarchy with executive power. That is precisely what the Old World Order seek.

They dream of dynastic marriages. Imagine a future where the Prince of America marries the Princess of China. That’s what’s coming if the Old World Order achieves its full ambition.

The Old World Order is all about establishing a permanent patrician class. It looks to the mediaeval concept of the monarch appointed by ” divine right ” who can then pass the crown down the family line forever.

The Old World Order has in fact already achieved about 90% of its agenda. Ordinary people don’t get a look in when it comes to genuine power and the best jobs. They are not in the game ….. they are plebeians ….. and they deserve to be.

We have it within our power to overthrow the patricians at any time. But instead we let them rule over us ……….. There are no excuses.


The Organization

The Old World Order has at its core one immensely powerful organization.
This organization is the base of the OWO’s operations. Behind the closed doors of this organization, the great plots are devised that keep the people in bondage.

When conspiracy theorists talk about the illuminati standing in the shadows trying to create a New World Order, what they are really talking about is this organization. It is one of the triumphs of this organization that it has been able to transfer its well- deserved reputation as the puppet masters – the men behind the curtain – to the illuminati.

But the leaders of this key OWO organization are not behind any curtains.
They are standing in front of us. They are highly visible and they are everywhere. They pull the levers right in front of our faces and we do nothing.

The illuminati detest this organization and seek its end. If this organization was to disappear from the world stage, no greater blow could be struck for freedom. The organization in question is the notorious Goldman Sachs investment bank.

In a recent article in Rolling Stone, journalist Matt Taibbi began a long attack on Goldman Sachs with the following explosive statement ………..

“ The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”

This is exactly the opinion of the Illuminati. We encourage everyone to read Taibbiʼs article and to leave him messages of support . His article is here …

http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/29127316/ the_great_american_bubble_machine/1

The Puppet-masters

If you have doubts about the existence of the Old World Order, they will vanish when you read Taibbi’s article. You will see how an organization makes itself so powerful ( and is allowed to do so ) that it effectively becomes a global government and bank, shaping the world’s economy and politics for its own selfish ends.

If Goldman Sachs were attempting to create a New World Order that would raise humanity to a new, higher level, its mission might be welcomed and embraced. But it is doing the opposite. It is the Old World Order seeking to maintain a rich, privileged elite in perpetual wealth and power, with everyone else reduced to humiliating roles in a supporting cast of hangers-on, suckers and slaves.

As Taibbi says …” The bank’s unprecedented reach and power have enabled
it to turn all of America into a giant pump and dump scam, manipulating whole economic sectors for years at a time, moving the dice game as this or that market collapses, and all the time gorging itself on the unseen costs that are breaking families everywhere — high gas prices, rising consumer credit rates, half eaten pension funds, mass layoffs, future taxes to pay off bailouts. All that money that you’re losing, it’s going somewhere, and in both a literal and a figurative sense, Goldman Sachs is where it is going. The bank is a huge, highly sophisticated engine for converting the useful, deployed wealth of society into the least useful, most wasteful and insoluble substance on Earth — pure profit for rich individuals.”

Taibbi is absolutely correct. Goldman Sachs is an engine for generating obscene profits for the super-rich. Why is such an engine allowed to exist ?

No nation on earth would explicitly entrust its armed forces – its defense – to a powerful commercial company with rich shareholders that, independently of government, could declare war. In such circumstances, the army might be sent off to fight ridiculous wars that would enormously boost the value of companies in the military-industrial complex, handsomely reward the shareholders and do nothing whatever for the benefit of the nation. Think about the Vietnam War. Cui bono ?

Think about the American and British armies in Iraq. What were they doing there ? Were they defending America and Britain ? Or were they carrying out the will of a commercial organization and its wealthy shareholders …….. all of whom profited massively from the war?

If a government declares a war that is not necessary for the defense of the nation then you can be certain that forces behind the scenes that wish to engineer war for their own private interests are manipulating the government. The War in Iraq is the classic example, a war that has proved disastrously counterproductive for America and Britain. Goldman Sachs was behind that war.

Goldman Sachs is a Zionist organization and one of its great aims is to secure the defense of the state of Israel. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a serious threat to Israel and so had to be removed. Control of Iraq would give Goldman Sachs access to plentiful cheap oil. Goldman Sachs wanted to seed the Middle East

with western capitalist democracies over which it could then extend its dominion.

It anticipated a ” domino effect ” – first Iraq would become a model of western values amongst the Arab nations of the Middle East and then, one by one, the other Islamic nations would adopt the same model. As each domino toppled, Israel would become safer, Goldman Sachs would get more oil, more influence, and more power. Its reach would extend further than ever before. The Iraq War was perfect – for Goldman Sachs. And that was why George W Bush, a puppet of Goldman Sachs, declared war and dragged the American people ( and the British thanks to Bush’s poodle Tony Blair ) into an idiotic war that has achieved nothing.

Now consider the Credit Crunch.
During the height of the crisis when banks were on the verge of collapse because of the irresponsible and reckless gambles they had taken …….. what happened ?

Did the world debate what needed to be done ?
Were ordinary people consulted ?
Did everyone implicated in the financial meltdown get fired ?

Or did a tiny group of elite, privileged bankers, economists and politicians – the very people who had caused the Credit Crunch in the first place – gather in a cabal, far from cameras and public scrutiny, and decide what actions to take ? Did the people appoint these bankers and economists ? Were the bankers and economists carrying out the people’s will ? Like hell they were. They were members of the Old World Order, protecting and advancing their own interests. Business as usual.

The biggest scam in history has taken place right in front of our faces and we have done nothing. Already …. huge profits are flowing again through investment banks like Goldman Sachs and they are once again paying outrageous bonuses to their greedy staff. Not a single thing has changed. Not a single demonstrator is out on the streets to protest. Such is the power of the OWO. Such is the weakness and cowardice of the people.

While the British taxpayers were being ordered to bail out the banking leviathan RBS from the financial catastrophe it had brought on itself and the nation, Sir Fred ” the Shred ” Goodwin, the discredited chief executive, instead of being fired on the spot without any compensation, was sitting in a luxury boardroom working out the terms of a highly lucrative severance package, including a fabulous pension that he could enjoy immediately despite being only 50.
( Goodwin’s religion is a matter of controversy, but his mother is Jewish, making him technically a Jew. The significance of this point will become apparent later. )

If the ordinary people were allowed into that boardroom rather than Goodwin’s friends, allies and cronies, he would have been unceremoniously thrown out without a penny. But that never happens. The people are never consulted. They are never represented in the boardrooms of power. The Old World Order would never tolerate their presence.

Their entire game is to ensure that the people are always excluded.
Ask yourself these questions. Are the interests of rich bankers the same as those

of the nation ? Are bankers committed to doing what is best for the nation or what is best for themselves and their shareholders ? The latter is self-evidently true.
Do the bankers have a decisive influence over the economy ? Without doubt, yes.

Banks are the core of any nation’s economy, providing the lifeblood ( money ) that flows through the system and keeps it alive. Are any bankers elected by the people to represent the people’s interests ? The answer is no. Therefore no one can
deny that the economy of a nation is allowed to be in the hands of individuals unaccountable to the people who have different interests from those of the people. Whatever happened to ” no taxation without representation ” ?

Does it make any sense for any nation to permit its economy to be outside the direct control of the people ? Bankers serve their own interests, not those of the people. To allow them to run the economy is as ridiculous as allowing Coca Cola to run the US Army. You can’t have unelected, private corporations dictating to the people. The entire basis of the banking system is wrong and contrary to the healthy functioning of the economy.

The financial meltdown would never have happened if the banks were tasked with serving the efficient running of the economy in the interests of every citizen. The meltdown was caused by a few greedy people taking enormous risks to bag themselves vast profits beyond the dreams of Midas. And no one stopped them.

Why ? Because these unelected individuals are the true power in the land. The government does their bidding. And when disaster comes along, the government turns to them to decide what to do next. It is as insane as asking the Jesse James gang to become security consultants at Fort Knox just after performing the biggest robbery in history.

No taxation without representation is the most ironic statement ever.
The American people are, to all intents and purposes, entirely unrepresented when taxation decisions are being taken. The Old World Order – the fat bankers of Wall Street, unelected and contemptuous of the public – are the people who decide taxation policy. And Goldman Sachs is at the heart of the evil cabal.

When will the people wake up ? Banks must be brought under the nation’s direct control just as the army ( supposedly ) is. The army defends the nation and the banks support the economy. What could be simpler ? No one should vote for any political party that is not committed to making banks accountable to the people. The banks’ CEOs should be appointed in the same manner as Supreme Court justices, with a remit to serve the public interest. Their salary and bonuses ought to be comparable to those of government officials, good but far from spectacular.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the global credit crunch has cost governments ( and hence taxpayers ) more than ten trillion dollars. Why is no one in jail for causing that amount of damage to the economy ? If terrorists had caused a fraction of that damage, they would be hunted until doomsday. Yet no one lays a finger on the big, fat bankers, other than sacrificial offerings like Bernard Madoff … the Jewish super con man whom no one could possibly defend.

” There will be no whitewash at the White House,” said the disgraced President Richard Nixon. In fact, that’s all there is at the White House. No real decisions are taken there. Go to the boardroom of Goldman Sachs if you want to be present at the place where American and world policy is actually decided.

There should be a Supreme Economic Council ( similar to the Supreme Court ) which explicitly sets out the nation’s economic policy and the role of the banks. Imagine the latest crazy derivatives product, or the latest whizzy idea to sell sub- prime mortgages to people with no money, having to be okayed by Nobel Prize winning economists on the Supreme Economic Council.

All of the mad money-grabbing schemes would be killed at birth.

Imagine a Council with a complete overview of everything every bank is doing. The Council would immediately see if any bank were acting in a destabilizing manner. The Council would tightly regulate the salaries and bonuses of finance staff. Sober, risk-averse, modest individuals aware of their responsibilities to the nation’s economic health would replace cowboys, ” masters of the universe ” and ” big swinging dicks “. Financial stability would be the onus of the Council’s remit.

With effective regulation of remuneration packages, you could be sure that boom and bust would vanish forever. But that is never going to happen …. is it ? The Old World Order will brook no interference in the extravagant amounts of money they pay themselves. Unless we stop them. They often refer to their financial package as ” compensation ” as though they are enduring some terrible trauma in horrific conditions, for which vast amounts of money are the only way to make their nightmare tolerable. They should try working down a coal mine, or in any minimum wage job. Then they will discover what a nightmare really is.

Never again during a financial crisis should a cabal of unelected individuals be able to conspire behind closed doors to ” fix ” the disaster that they themselves engineered. How stupid are we to allow them to get away with it ?
How long will we endure this situation ? When will we do something about it ? The economy, like the military, is too important to be left in the hands of groups and individuals out-with the nation’s control.

A government-controlled banking system can still be competitive and innovative.
In the same way that military chiefs – without being paid stratospheric salaries and enormous incentive payments – can compete and innovate to produce more effective tactics and strategies, so can banking bosses. The military should be the model for the banking system, public servants serving the national good, people for whom duty and service to their country are far more important than personal profit.

Generals and Admirals are comfortably off, but don’t belong to the ranks of the super-rich. Why should it be any different for bankers ? Why can’t they serve the nation rather than themselves ?

To bring a single organization – Goldman Sachs – to its knees would deliver a fatal blow to the Old World Order and finally liberate humanity. Every time another fat cat banker with his snout in the enormous money trough grabs another vast bonus, it is a nail in the coffin of the ordinary people. We can’t allow ourselves to be treated this

way any longer. Isn’t it time we set to work to pull down the temples of money where the high priests of Mammon hold sway ?

The Treasury

The Old World Order have attempted to portray the irresistible rise of Goldman Sachs as the epitome of the American Dream, a poor immigrant ( Goldman ) comes to America and within a few years is wildly successful, running a vastly influential bank. If you believe that fantasy ….. you will believe anything.

Goldman was a senior figure in an ancient secret society called The Treasury that traces its origins back to the time of Moses. The Treasury’s plan is a simple one…. to control wealth. Wealth is power and those with the most wealth are the most powerful. That was true in Moses’ day and it is true now. The Treasury was intent on learning everything it could about wealth … how to get it, how to exploit it, how to use it to manipulate people, how to use it to extend its power, how to undermine enemies and hostile powers ….. how to make itself invulnerable.

Goldman was sent to America, with his ludicrous cover story of being a heroic immigrant, tasked with setting up a banking Leviathan that would be capable of bringing the Treasury’s grandest dream to fruition …… the complete control of the entire wealth of the world. That, in effect, is what the world banking system is, and Goldman Sachs takes pride of place.

The world’s banks are not there to benefit the people of the world but to advance the interests of the Treasury and the greater organization of which they are the financial wing …. the Old World Order, the tightly knit set of dynastic families that dominate our world. These are the notorious “bloodlines” that are often discussed in online forums. First amongst them is the Rothschild family, the Satanic heart of the Old World Order.

Consider these facts. Goldman’s son-in-law was Samuel Sachs, another member of the German Jewish mafia that had installed itself in America. Sachs was a close friend of another person of German Jewish stock ….. Philip Lehman ( a partner in Lehman Brothers ). Intermarriage among the German-Jewish elite was common.

Nepotism was rife. Many partners in major investment banks were closely related by blood and marriage. And this is supposed to lead to healthy competition and no conflict of interest, is it ? What a joke. The investment banks are – and always have been – a cartel run by The Treasury to serve their interests.

They are the beating heart of the Old World Order.

German Jews in America provided the financial strength of the Old World Order, but they needed another group to give them access to political power, to status, prestige and the highest levels of society. That other group was the Freemasons,

consisting almost entirely of wealthy WASPs – White Anglo Saxon Protestants. ( Virtually every American president has been a wealthy WASP )

That unholy alliance endures to this day and is stronger than ever. Protestant Christian fundamentalists are the most vocal supporters of the state of Israel.
The American nation is a slavish and uncritical supporter of Israel even though it is counterproductive for American foreign policy and brings it into disastrous conflict with Muslim nations.

September 11 happened because of America’s relationship with Israel.
So what does America get out of this relationship ? Nothing but misery and hate. But the close relationship keeps the powerful Jewish lobby sweet.
The following is a list of prominent Jews in the financial world ….. http://jewprom.50webs.com/JewPromSite_files/sheet045.htm

That website also shows prominent Jews in many other fields, including a long list of billionaires. If a similar list existed for prominent Freemasons, it would just about be possible for anyone reading the list to compile the names of all 6,000 members of the Old World Order.

The OWO is a Jewish / Masonic conspiracy. The dreadful irony for the Illuminati is that they gave birth to Freemasonry. But it should be emphasized that the OWO seized control of Freemasonry from the illuminati by using the oldest trick in the book – bribery and corruption. Freemasonry was intended to bring about a great spiritual renaissance in humanity. Now it is a squalid empire of greed. That illustrates the scale of the task confronting the illuminati in their struggle to overthrow the OWO. Even their own creations can fall prey to the OWO.

Before the advent of Freemasonry, the OWO was composed of the European aristocracy and their Jewish financiers. But as the power of the aristocracy seemed to be on the wane because of the growing power of parliaments and the merchant class, the aristocrats realized they needed a new way to maintain their position.

A secret organization consisting of well-educated professionals and merchants proved perfect for their purposes. The aristocrats used their status and wealth to seduce their way into the Masonic lodges and soon became the masters. The Masons were dazzled by being allowed to mix in the highest ranks of society and rapidly succumbed to greed, nepotism and cronyism. To this day, the nauseating British royal family hold most of the highest positions in Freemasonry.

The aristocrats believe that everyone has their price.
Do you have a price ? The illuminati welcome only those who cannot be bought. There are all too few of such people.

Look at the modus operandi of the Old World Order in the present day.
Rich banks like Goldman Sachs, full of wealthy Jews, hire Ivy League preppies – the children of high-ranking Freemasons. They select MBA students from all the most prestigious business schools. No one else gets a look in. No one else is eligible. The OWO is strictly for Jews and Masons, the unholiest of alliances.

( Prominent Catholics …… despite their historical differences with Protestantism and Freemasonry, are now fully onboard with the Masonic agenda. So are most of the richest Muslims ….. particularly those of Saudi Arabia. )

But their day is coming to an end.


The Family

The Mafia refers to themselves as ” The Family.” They are powerful, but they do not run the world. That honor falls to the Old World Order. But who are the OWO ? They are a family, of course. Not all of them belong to the same family to be sure …… but three quarters do. And what family are they ?

They are the family known as Rex Deus ( Latin for ” King God ” ). They claim to trace their ancestry to two sources ….

1) to Aaron of the priestly Levi tribe.
First high priest of the Ark of the Covenant, and brother of Moses.

2) to David, King of Israel, of the royal tribe of Judah.

They are the family of priest-kings, the sacred and the secular, divine and earthly power combined in a single, historic family.

They are also known as the ” Star ” family because they have sought to be guided by, and to utilize, esoteric astrological and astronomical knowledge. When a star appears in a story, you can be sure the Star Family is not far behind.

It was no coincidence that a star appeared over Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a pivotal figure in the history of the Star family. Through him they sought to re-establish the Davidic rule of Israel, and, thanks to the stunt of the so-called resurrection, they hoped to found a new religion that would sweep the world, and which they would control as ” Jewish King-Popes.”

But the plan went disastrously wrong as was explained in the previous chapter. The Star Family was forced to flee Judah, they chose France as their destination.

From that point on, they began to influence the history of Europe and thus of the whole world because it was the European powers that were destined to bestride the global stage like titans, establishing vast empires.

Bizarrely, the new form of Judaism the Star Family hoped to create, centered on

Jesus Christ, took off anyway, but now it was Romanized and based on Mithraism rather than Judaism.
Moreover, Roman Popes led this new religion, rather than Jewish priest-kings.

Nonetheless, the Star family now assumed an astounding significance because of the Christian myth that Jesus Christ was God incarnate. All those associated with the Jesus family were regarded as divine. But, of course, an enormous and fatal contradiction existed at the core of this belief. If Jesus Christ died on the cross but was reincarnated rather than resurrected ( as explained earlier ) and had a wife and children, then he clearly was not God …. hence his family couldn’t be divine. But myth always trumps logic.

The Star Family, wreathed in secrecy, became the source of intense fascination. Powerful Secret Societies sprang up that knew parts of the story, and were eager to know more and involve themselves with this ” holiest ” and most mysterious of families. As the power of the Catholic Church grew and also that of Catholic Kings who swore allegiance to the Papacy, so did ” underground ” interest in the family of the ” holy blood “. They were les rois perdus ….. the lost kings.

The Star Family, the Rex Deus family, the bloodline of Jesus, with its influential secret backing, slowly gained power in various countries. They gave rise to the Merovingian monarchs of France and the Stewart ( Stuart ) monarchs of Scotland and Britain. The family was also connected to the House of Habsburg, the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, the Scottish Clan Sinclair, the House of Cavendish, and a number of other European aristocratic families.

The so-called thirteen ” illuminati ” bloodlines are descended from the Rex Deus family ( though they have absolutely no connection with the authentic illuminati ).

This elite family of the Jewish Diaspora regard themselves as the true Chosen People, Yahweh’s divine family who deserve to rule the world. They want to create a world order in which they are the permanent hereditary rulers, in which their leader sits on the world throne as the Rex Mundi – the king of the world – and in which their religion ( Christian Judaism ) is the single religion of the entire planet.

Theirs is a vision of total family power enduring in perpetuity, the Mafia’s vision raised to the power of infinity. And what about the rest of us ? We would be there simply to serve them, to be permanently in their shadow, to worship them until the sun grows cold.

The Rex Deus family have acquired tremendous power, wealth and influence – they are the core of the Power Elite, the people who have controlled the world in some shape or form for thousands of years. They are the Old World Order, the hand of the past that grips the presents and seeks to shape the future in their own image.

They have a ” Shadow Court ” in which they hold lavish ceremonies and where they enact a coronation of the ” Chosen One ” …. the rightful successor of Jesus Christ ….. as they see it.

They expect that a direct descendant of Jesus, endorsed by God himself, will

eventually emerge as a great world leader and become a messiah, a sacred king who presides over a One-World Government. It will be regarded as the Second Coming, a descendant of Jesus Christ running the world. The ” City of Man ” will be replaced by the ” City of God “. The secular and spiritual domains will be unified.

The Priest Messiah/Royal Messiah will be a wise and benevolent leader, delivering a utopia, a New Jerusalem. The roi perdu ….. the lost king …. will be lost no longer. Or so the wishful thinking goes.

To control the world it is necessary to do one thing only, to control the world’s most powerful family ( the Davidic Family ) and its main branches ( the 13 bloodlines ).

Using this power base, you can extend your power and influence far and wide. You can seed the world with your own ideology ……… your vision of humanity.

The Demiurge and his archons targeted the Davidic family and the 13 bloodlines. To this day, they interact with them regularly …. guiding them …. assisting them …. and whispering seductive poison in their ears.

Freemasons ( most of whom are white Anglo Saxon Protestant Christians ( WASP ) living in the USA ) and Zionists are the central vehicles of the Demiurge’s dark will.

Through them, he serves up a world of greed, war, division, selfishness and hatred. The Davidic Family and several of the bloodlines are steeped in Zionism, the other bloodlines are steeped in Freemasonry.

Zionism and Freemasonry are the true ” Axis of Evil “.
George W Bush …. a Freemason …. a Zionist …. a war monger …. an ally of Wall

Street ….. a Christian Fundamentalist ….. a WASP……. What more need be said ?

When people talk about the illuminati’s allegedly sinister New World Order, it is to this monstrous vision of the never-ending tyranny of the Rex Deus family to which they are really referring. The illuminati’s New World Order is the precise opposite, its purpose is to prevent any family, especially the Rex Deus family, from acquiring excessive power and wealth. Our answer to nepotism and privilege is Meritocracy.


The Archons

These are the ultimate puppet-masters: the ” unknown superiors “. There are 144 of them and their task is to maintain the Old World Order in perpetuity. They are opposed by 36 equivalents whose mission is to accomplish the overthrow of the Old World Order and the creation of a

New World Order. The former outnumber the latter by four to one, and this reflects the degree of difficulty of defeating the Old World Order.


Family or Community ?

” The rich will always be with us ” ….. we are told …… Will they ? Rich means …. ” disproportionately well off. ”

Why should people in a community of equals permit a few amongst them to commandeer an excessive share of the resources ? Extreme wealth implies a master and slave culture. The masters take whatever they want and the slaves are too scared to challenge them. In a true community, based on equality and respect, there should be no masters and no slaves, hence there should be no rich people.

Only those who support master and slave societies advocate the ” right ” of a few special people to enjoy enormous wealth.

The real struggle in this world is between two different visions for society. One vision is based on family and the other vision is based on community.

In the family vision, family is the basic unit of society. Everything revolves around the family. Virtually everyone in the world buys into the belief that family is the most important thing. There is relentless propaganda on behalf of the family. Yet anyone who cares to stop and think will see that we have been betrayed by the gospel of family. We know what this model of society gives us …. the grim world we see all around us ….. the hateful arena of the Old World Order.

How do families operate ? They put their own interests above everyone else’s. Parents openly proclaim their intention to do whatever it takes to make sure their children prosper, even if that involves sabotaging the interests of other families. Straight away, a platform for selfishness and division is born. Society based on family is a dog-eat-dog culture based on the particular wills of families rather than the general will of the community.

Journalist Minette Marrin in The Sunday Times said that ” pushy parents ” are ” social Darwinists “, red in tooth and claw. ” Before their babies are even born they’ve set them down for favored schools. ”

How can unconnected, impoverished parents, struggling to make a living, compete with parents who know all of the people worth knowing and have the money to pay

for anything they need ? The simple answer is …. ” obviously they cant “.

Families ……. in order to bolster their power and influence, make alliances with similar families. Jewish families gravitate towards other Jewish families, Muslim families to other Muslim families. Wealthy families surround themselves with other wealthy families. Masonic families seek out other Masonic families. The families of rich bankers spend their time in the company of other rich bankers.

Privileged, elite families come together with other privileged, elite families to construct a mutual back-scratching empire of power over lesser families. They ally themselves with similar families to achieve their collective ends. They ignore or actively exploit lesser families. They show solidarity with those who are similar to them …… and contempt for those who are not.

Many families from the lower reaches of society are completely dysfunctional. Many have fallen apart. The children of such families are almost guaranteed lives of misery. Why does the State not help them ? Because the State itself is based on prosperous, stable families. So the State, rather than governing in the interests of all the people, in fact governs only on behalf of successful families.
What kind of State is that ? No State at all. That is an oligarchy.

But the lesser families do not complain. They aspire to join the privileged elite. They admire the privileged elite. They read books about how the privileged elite succeed and try to emulate them. That’s how deluded and brainwashed they are.

In a community based on equality and respect, no family would dare to show such disrespect to other families as to try to commandeer excessive resources for themselves, to try to rig the game in their favor and at the expense of others.

In a community, parents of one family would be as interested in the success of the children of another family as they would be in their own. If it became obvious that the children of other families were more talented than their own children …. they would support the advancement of those children over their own children.

That is what meritocracy means. Everyone in a meritocratic society is duty-bound to identify the most meritorious amongst them ….. regardless of their background.

If the most meritorious are promoted to the leading positions in our society, rather than the spoiled children of the privileged elites, our society would be transformed.

Everyone in society, whether from a dysfunctional family or not, should be able to rely on the State to do its best for them. Our society at the moment is non inclusive. Everyone can see the extreme difference between the haves and the have nots.

The have nots know the State is not interested in them, so they often become criminals, malcontents, or take whatever welfare they can from the State with no intention of paying anything back. And they are right to do so. Why should anyone help a State that does not operate in their interests ? If a State does not support the general will then it is illegitimate, a concealed tyranny that is promoting the special interests of the elite which holds all of the power in society. It is disgraceful that

nations such as America and Britain describe themselves as ” democracies “. They are in actual fact plutocracies …… they are ruled by the rich.

Family is the bedrock of the Old World Order.
The OWO are a group of dynastic families who have played the family game in the optimal way, and secured permanent power and riches for themselves. Look at the infamous Rothschild family. That family has held vast power for millennia and will do so for millennia to come unless it is stopped. Why should people be allowed to enjoy the finest and easiest of lives simply because their name is ” Rothschild ? ” Meritocracy will sweep away all of these dynastic families.

Why do the Illuminati advocate meritocracy ?

For two simple reasons …….
1) It is objectively the best form of government. 2) It destroys the power of the Old World Order.

There is no reason why the Old World Order would wish to abandon the family model of society. It has given them everything they desire. There is every reason why families who do not belong to the Old World Order should turn to community instead. Only a fool plays a game rigged against him.

The best parents, those who genuinely want to give their children the best chance in life ……. must do something remarkable. They must embrace community, which means treating the children of other families as of equal importance to their own.

Can you imagine how the world would be transformed ? Yet it is the most difficult transition confronting humanity. And the Old World Order will do everything to stop it. They despise community. They want to be the masters who lead the herd. They do not want to help anyone to whom they are not related or allied. The last thing they want is for their privileged children to be competing on an equal footing with all other children …… because then they can no longer guarantee the outcome.

Meritocracy is all about making everyone stand at the same starting line, rather than allowing the privileged to buy starting positions much closer to the finishing line ….. ensuring that they always win.

So ……….. which is it going to be ………. the family or the community ? Privilege or meritocracy ? The Old World Order or a New World Order ?


666 The Anti Christ

Alexander Romanov


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