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Alexander Romanov’s 666 The Anti Christ (Ch.4) Human

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Alexander Romanov


666 The Anti Christ

Chapter IV: HUMAN


Our language capabilities are often deemed to be innate. How can that be accounted for genetically ?

How can unthinking genes ( according to the traditional view ) have any concept of language ? So how can they give rise to innate language skills ?

But if the language of mathematics is the core of mind and if all matter is ” minded ” then it comes as no surprise to find increasing language capabilities in increasingly complex organisms, reaching their fullest expression in humans.

Jung compared archetypes to instincts. He said that the archetype was the instinct’s perception of itself, or the ” self-portrait ” of the instinct i.e. if the instinct was the ” physical ” side of the coin then the archetype was the complementary mental flip side i.e. how we subjectively, mentally experience our physical and instinctual response. The term ” psychoid-gene ” or ” psycho-gene ” would be preferable to ” archetype ” since this terminology provides a much clearer
idea that it’s the mental aspect of genes that is being discussed.

An indeterminate amount of our mental life is unconscious rather than conscious. The fact that mental activity is taking place does not imply that we are aware of it. Usually, we’re not. Our consciousness reflects a tiny amount of the mental aspect of our existence. Jung said that archetypes existed within the ‘collective unconscious’.

This latter phrase is misleading because it seems to suggest that the whole of
the human race shares a single, common unconscious whereas it actually means that just as all human beings share a common biological ancestry, so they share a common mental ancestry too. This common mental aspect is always unconscious until it is brought into consciousness, and when that happens the particular
details are unique to each of us, reflecting our unique natures,
experiences and environments, although the ” big picture “
will be the same for all normal human beings.

Jung said that the archetypes reveal themselves as images.

If and when they enter our consciousness, they do so in the way familiar
from our dreams i.e. as images of symbols, objects and people. Since dreams, according to Freud and Jung, are the ” royal road to the unconscious “, they will be a primary arena for the appearance of the archetypes when they seek to make themselves known to our consciousness.

( Jung said that the archetypes are teleological, they are actively seeking to express themselves.)

It is important to emphasize that the archetypes are controlling our mental life whether or not they become conscious. If they do become conscious then it is in image-form, Jung maintained. An example that is normally given is that every culture has a conception of a Wise Old Man.

Figures like Merlin and Gandalf are classic examples of the type.

( Note that an image of an archetype is called an archetypal image,
the image is not the archetype itself, rather how our consciousness interprets it. The archetype, in Kantian language, is the thing-in-itself while the archetypal image is its phenomenal representation. ) Jung himself claimed to have
his own personal wise old man …. his spirit guide called Philemon.

” Philemon represented a force which was not myself. In my fantasies I held conversations with him, and he said things which i had not consciously thought. For i observed clearly that it was he who spoke …. not i.
He said i treated thoughts as if i generated them myself, but in his view thoughts were like animals in the forest, or people in a room, or birds in the air, and added, ‘ If you should see people in a room, you would not think that you had made those people, or that you were responsible for them. ‘ It was he who taught me psychic objectivity, the reality of the psyche …… At times he seemed to me quite real,
as if he were a living personality. I went up and down the garden with him,
and to me he was what the Indians call a guru. ”

( Many people have similar experiences but don’t talk about them for fear of being thought mad. Jung himself was judged by some to be suffering from mental illness )

Given what Jung said about having conversations with Philemon, it is odd that he omitted the idea that archetypes could also manifest themselves as sounds, language and voices rather than just images. After all, our thoughts consist of images, sounds and language, so shouldn’t unconscious archetypes be capable of intruding into our consciousness in exactly the same way ?

There are obvious parallels between Jung’s archetypes and Julian Jaynes’s hypothesis of the hallucinated voices of ” the gods ” arising in the right hemisphere of the brain and being obeyed by the left hemisphere of the brain ( the bicameral mind theory ). If we combine both theories, we get the following view of the evolution of human consciousness ….

1) DNA has a mental as well as a biological aspect. The biological part provides the instructions for building our bodies while the mental aspect provides the instructions for constructing our minds. This aspect of our DNA would create any innate, a-priori categories of perception or understanding such as those discussed by philosophers like Kant.

2) Evolutionary changes in a species occur when gene mutations create
new genes that then succeed or fail according to natural selection. If a gene is successful, it will start to gain a widespread presence in the gene pool, if not, it will steadily disappear. The odds against a gene mutation leading to a good outcome are enormous ( there are far more ways for a gene to go wrong ), yet it appears that gene mutations are much more successful than would occur by chance.

If genes aren’t randomly mutating but are actually being crudely guided in some way, that would explain a higher than expected success rate of gene mutation.

This would be possible if genes had ” minds ” …. not sophisticated minds,
but minds all the same that are able to intuit the nature of their environment and vaguely steer a mutation in a direction more likely to prosper. Many mistakes are still made, but not nearly many as would occur otherwise. In other words …….. Darwin’s hugely successful and influential theory of evolution by natural selection is only partially explained by conventional gene theory. A fuller account would talk instead about “psycho-genes” – genes with minds, genes with teleological aspects.

These other aspects are not yet susceptible to scientific study.
Until they are, the current implementation and understanding of Darwin’s
theory will remain approximate, and leave scope for attacks by Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents.
( What we are saying here has nothing to do with Intelligent Design except in the sense that genes have a rudimentary intelligence that, very primitively, allows them to design themselves in a certain way, thus reducing the number of mistakes
and the chaos that would ensue from endless random gene mutations. )

What we are describing here could be described as Enhanced Darwinism or Psycho Darwinism, based on psycho-genes. It is obviously hard to differentiate Psycho Darwinism from conventional Darwinism since there is no currently known scientific means for distinguishing ” guided ” gene mutation from random gene mutation. Sophisticated statistical analysis might be able to show that the odds against humanity randomly evolving from a primordial chemical soup rather through a guided process are astronomical, but that would not constitute

firm proof of Enhanced Darwinism, though it would be strongly indicative.

( There are many wildly different philosophical interpretations of quantum mechanics. These interpretations, although presenting radically different and contradictory views of the nature of reality, are all fully compatible with the currently available experimental results. In other words, the experimental evidence cannot be used to support or dismiss any of the candidates even though they have practically nothing in common.

Quantum mechanics is the most successful scientific theory ever and yet not one of its super-intelligent practitioners can actually say what it means. No observation

can prove one interpretation over another. The same is true of Darwinism versus Psycho Darwinism. Both are entirely compatible with all known experimental results and no observation could prove one over the other, yet they present radically different models of the fundamental nature of existence.

Which will you choose ? )

3) The mental aspect of genes, it must be emphasized, is unconscious and applies to everything, plant or animal, that contains genes. The difference between ourselves and all other gene-based organisms is that we have a highly developed consciousness. Consciousness arises, ultimately, from the detailed instructions provided by the unconscious mental aspects of our DNA. As our consciousness grows, those unconscious instructions ( which are intended to explicitly guide
our consciousness ) break through into our consciousness as images,
sounds, language, voices and intuitions. There are no other ways
in which they can manifest themselves consciously.

4) The bicameral mind – the precursor of our familiar modern-day
consciousness, would have had a much more obvious ” archetypal ” nature than it has now. Thousands of years ago, human beings would have been accustomed to archetypal beings such as Jung’s Philemon appearing to them and telling them things, especially in times of crisis when urgent, potentially life-saving advice was required.
In those times, the unconscious would have been throwing out a constant stream of voices, images, sounds, hallucinations and intuitions …. archetypes manifesting themselves as best they could. Arguably, it is because of this ancestry that so many human beings are, in the present day, highly submissive and tolerate being treated badly, they are used to being ordered about and dominated by the voices and
” gods ” in their minds.
( The members of the Old World Order have effectively taken the part of the
“gods” that used to bark orders at people via the right hemisphere of their brains. )

Jung says that archetypal images tend to have a numinous, sacred quality, making them seem part of the divine order. ( Atheists might argue that it is precisely this transcendent, otherworldly nature of archetypes breaking into our consciousness that underlies humanity’s ” fake ” religious experience. )

Our modern world is full of strange phenomena that are completely ignored by science since it has no theory for dealing with them. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Psycho Darwinism not only refines standard evolutionary theory, it also offers the prospect of permitting many of the psychic phenomena that have long fascinated humanity to become amenable to scientific study via ” psycho-genes “.

5) Consider the two sets of genes that are involved in our instincts for
” fight or flight “. Imagine that the two archetypes corresponding to these different sets of genes manifest themselves, in the case of ” fight “, as a military man barking out orders, or, in the case of ” flight “, as a runner speeding away as fast as possible and saying, ” follow me “. Our ancestors wouldn’t have wasted time thinking. They would simply have done what they were ordered to. There is a condition called
” latah ” where victims, if they are caught by surprise ( i.e. subjected to a sudden,

unexpected stress ) feel compelled to act out any command they hear. They can
be aware that they are being ordered to do ridiculous, shameful things and yet they nevertheless carry them out to the letter. They also compulsively imitate motions of others, and if several people are present they might try to imitate all the different actions being performed. This can lead to severe injury as they manically twist and turn, trying to imitate several incompatible actions at once. It is as if they have been spontaneously hypnotized. In every way, this is consistent with the theory of the bicameral mind. Latah sufferers are perhaps the closest modern example to what our bicameral ancestors must have been like.

Another good example is Tourette’s syndrome. Most sufferers are left handed
( implying that their right brain is more dominant than their left ) and Julian Jaynes speculated that, under stress, the vestigial bicameral mind breaks through and is responsible for the uncontrolled obscenities uttered by sufferers of the condition. ( originating from the primitive, unregulated language areas of the right brain )

6) If complex behaviors of survival value are somehow mentally encoded
in genes, what else might be encoded ? Perhaps we have genetic material that seems to serve no biological function at all, yet the reason it’s present in our DNA is that it’s providing archetypal data, perhaps of a very sophisticated kind. Imagine that great mathematical, scientific and engineering instructions are embedded in our DNA – ” unconscious ” instructions, but accessible in the right circumstances.

Imagine that mysterious ancient feats of engineering such as Stonehenge
and the Pyramids were constructed according to such knowledge. Perhaps all
the great secrets of human history are encoded in our DNA. Perhaps the most profound religious knowledge is stored there. Imagine that those of our ancestors who had genes that gave rise to archetypal religious experiences proved far more sexually successful than others. Those genes would then prosper in the gene pool.

( According to the theory of ” Y-chromosomal Adam “, all humans alive today are patrilinealy descended from a single man who lived in Africa some 60,000 years ago.) It turns out there is indeed a vast amount of seemingly functionless DNA, estimated by some to be as high as 95% of the total.

Richard Dawkins says in The Selfish Gene

” …it appears that the amount of DNA in organisms is more than is strictly necessary for building them, a large fraction of the DNA is never translated into protein ………. If the “purpose'” of DNA is to supervise the building of bodies, it is surprising to find a large quantity of DNA which does no such thing. Biologists are racking their brains trying to think what useful task this apparently surplus DNA is doing. ”

Dawkins goes on to describe this ” junk DNA ” as a ” parasite …. hitching a ride in the survival machines created by the other DNA.”

In fact ” junk DNA ” is a storehouse of incredible, unconscious knowledge that
can be accessed by the right people in the right circumstances via the mechanism of Jungian archetypes. Think of the remarkable and seemingly incredible abilities

of autistic savants.

Their awesome abilities in specific areas are the direct consequence of their condition fortuitously giving them full access to certain archetypes largely denied to the rest of us because of our ” normality “. Imagine if we could tap into those same archetypes without sacrificing our normality. Imagine the talents and powers we might unleash, ones that could transform human civilization.

Imagine that an ancient society already once mastered such powers

…………. the race that ” myth ” says populated Thule and Atlantis. 7) In The Selfish Gene, Dawkins defines a ” meme ”

as a ” unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation. ”

He gives examples of pop tunes, ideas, catch phrases, fashions etc.
Memes are produced by our consciousness, enter the meme pool and then prosper or die. They aren’t of course genetically encoded, no one is suggesting that pop tunes are biologically transmitted to the next generation. Jung proposed something infinitely more radical.

In effect, he said that unconscious mental units of information could indeed be encoded genetically and transmitted biologically, probably in so-called ‘junk DNA’.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough that it is not conscious ideas that
are stored in this way, but unconscious instructions that can only manifest themselves ” through a glass darkly ” in human consciousness. However …
if these dimly glimpsed instructions have sufficient impact on the conscious mind and prove sufficiently useful to the recipient to the extent that he sexually prospers in life then, slowly but surely, these unconscious instructions start spreading throughout the gene pool and are potentially accessible by
anyone who has inherited the right genes.

For the avoidance of misunderstandings, it is crucial to re-emphasize that we
are saying that archetypes are unconscious mental patterns, not conscious ideas, stored in genes. They can influence conscious behavior and, if they prosper, they will spread through the gene pool, and, if not, they will perish.

These ideas are not too far removed from the area of study known as sociobiology. Jung’s ” collective unconscious ” is really a reference to all the unconscious mental instructions encoded in core genes that are common to all human beings.

He defined an archetype as ” an irrepresentable, unconscious, pre-existent form …… that seems to be part of the inherited structure of the psyche.”

His is a scientific theory but one, unfortunately, that is not yet susceptible to scientific study, just as the unconscious mind is not. Even the conscious mind defies scientific understanding.

8) Genes underpin human biology and psycho-genes underpin the unconscious human mind.

( We are talking about genes and psycho-genes as though they were different entities. They are of course exactly the same thing, psycho-genes are genes whose mental utility rather than biological functionality is being highlighted ).

There was a time, not so many thousands of years ago, when humans were barely more conscious than apes. Then came the bicameral mind ……. the bridge between ape ” consciousness ” and modern human consciousness.

The bicameral mind was controlled by unconscious archetypes that dominated the right hemisphere of the human brain. These archetypes seemed,
to the incipient consciousness of the left hemisphere of the human
brain, to manifest themselves as gods giving life or death orders.

This was the Archetypal Age when psycho-genes dominated the human mind. Never was man more religious than at this time. The ” gods ” were practically hard- wired into human minds. Atheists would contend that this constitutes evidence that our religious experiences are psychological delusions, but the counter argument is that this religious mentality did not come about by accident, the psycho-genes that underpin the religious experience were successful in the ferocious natural selection environment ….. because they reflected the real order of things.

Paradoxically, the mainstream religions of today are disastrous in
religious terms. They provide nothing of the certainty that our ancestors enjoyed. Every day, our ancestors had the most profound encounters with the gods, arising from their own unconscious. They were steeped in the divine. What feelings they experienced, what wonders they beheld. The world was bathed in the glow of the sacred. How unfortunate most of us are today to be denied that numinous light.

9) The bicameral mind was eventually replaced by the modern conscious
mind, although bicameralism is still present in the unconscious. Our conscious minds block most of the bicameral visions and transcendental experiences of old. It is as if we have cut ourselves off from the gods, as if evolution were telling
us that we are children no longer. Now the gods wont come easily to us.
If we want the divine ….. we ourselves must become gods.

10) Where archetypes rule the unconscious, memes rule the conscious mind. Memes are arguably far more important than genes now and control the future of the human gene pool. In the past, archetypes were in control, but they have given way to memes. Richard Dawkins said that humans are gene survival machines.

He is wrong ……… they’re meme survival machines. In a million years from now, humans will still be fascinated by Plato’s philosophy or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

i.e……. by particular memes.

While many genes may have vanished from the gene pool in that time, Plato and Beethoven will still be going strong in the meme pool. Other meme collections will have completely vanished or will be close to the vanishing point – this is the certain fate of false religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is now possible to

understand that the point of genes and psycho-genes ( archetypes ) was to create scope for memes. Genes and psycho-genes are the path to memes, but memes
( human culture in all of its forms ) are vastly more important.

If genes were at the centre of the human condition, a ” red in tooth and claw ” struggle would be taking place amongst humans as they vied to be top dog and command the best resources. Nietzsche asked where this struggle was.

” Civilization ” – a meme construction – has done away with it.
Contraception – a product of memes – actually prevents genes from coming into existence. Genes rely on sex for reproduction. Memes do not need sex ……. they need minds. Memes can control the reproduction of genes, genes have much less influence over the reproduction of memes ……. So which are the more powerful ?

People with defective genes who would have died in infancy can now live for decades thanks to modern medicine. Again, memes have trumped genes, they have made genes survive that would otherwise have perished.
They have artificially altered the gene pool.

When famines happen in Africa, aid from other countries can help to save lives that would otherwise have been lost. Again, the gene pool has been shaped by memes rather than natural selection of genes. Memes have left genes far behind.

Memes, not genes, are dictating the future of the human race. We are the only species for which this is true, hence we are the most special animal in the animal kingdom. Biology, in human terms, now takes a back seat. Psychology is where it’s at these days. Psychology is the study of why some memes are more successful than others. The natural selection of memes is now the cornerstone of human evolution. Cultural evolution ( the arena of memes ) occurs at a faster rate than biological evolution. This is a feature entirely absent from the animal kingdom.

11) Meme evolution is accelerating. The internet allows memes to
spread around the globe in hours. People can become famous overnight.
Their reproductive chances could be vastly improved by a stroke of internet luck.

The trouble is that there is no guarantee that good ideas will prosper and poor ideas will perish. The world is awash with trivial, dumb, junk …. memes. As they proliferate, there is less and less room for good memes. They are pushing them aside. Someone could provide the solution to every problem of the human race and be completely ignored because most people are too busy finding out the latest news regarding Paris Hilton.The Demiurge and his archons love the world of memes. It’s their message that most seduces the masses. The world has never been in bigger trouble than it is now. Junk memes are everywhere. Good memes are rapidly dying off, their place in the meme pool being taken by trivial nonsense.


Zombie Humanity

One of the most remarkable books ever written is one which has been referred to already.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes asserts that consciousness is based on language and hence, before the existence of language, there was no such thing as consciousness.

We do not typically consider non-human animals ( none of which has anything that we would describe as a formal language ) as conscious in any meaningful self. Nor can human babies be considered conscious before they learn language ( hence why we have no conscious memories of being babies ). If you want to know what an animal’s mind is like then simply ponder a new born baby’s mind. The baby does things, and seems curious and so on, yet nothing conscious is taking place in its mind. Pure instinct is in control.

Jaynes probably wasn’t aware that his hypothesis was proposed by Friedrich Nietzsche long before. Nietzsche argued that consciousness is proportionate
to the capacity for communication, which in turn is proportionate to the need for communication …. ” Consciousness is really only a net of communication between human beings, it is only as such that it had to develop, a solitary human being who lived like a beast of prey would not have needed it …… In brief, the development of language and the development of consciousness go hand in hand ….. It was only as a social animal that man acquired self-consciousness – which he is still in the process of doing, more and more. ”

Hegel was the first to understand that self-consciousness …. the ability to reflect on one’s own consciousness – could only arise from the interaction of at least two separate consciousnesses. Nietzsche realized that communication was therefore necessary between the two consciousnesses, and communication relies on some kind of language common to both consciousnesses.

Jaynes argued that civilization and consciousness are linked.
Increasing civilization implies increased communication, hence increased sophistication of language. As language grows more complex, consciousness does also. But given that human language is now largely fixed, language can no longer offer any increase in human consciousness. Now the task of humanity is to throw light on the vast unconscious and bring it into consciousness.

That is an entirely different endeavor from learning language.
It requires a different society and mindset. It needs a Spiritual Humanity, a Humanity of the Psyche, rather than a consumerist and materialistic humanity where consciousness revolves around satisfying petty needs of survival and comfort.

Before the advent of language, humans were not introspective and self-reflective. They did not plan, they simply acted. Jaynes’s radical hypothesis is that they were told what to do by the ‘ gods ‘. They heard voices in their heads giving them simple, forceful orders … do this, do that, do the other. This, Jaynes suggested, is the same mechanism that underlies the ” voices ” heard by mystics such as Joan of Arc and by epileptics and schizophrenics. He said that the ” gods ” were what we now refer to as hallucinations. It has been suggested that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed may have heard such voices in their heads and wrongly attributed them to God.

Jaynes proposed that pre-conscious humanity was guided by what he called the bicameral mind. Bicameral means ” two-chambered ” and refers to the fact that the human brain is divided into two hemispheres.

Jaynes argued that human nature was …. ” split in two …. an executive part called a god, and a follower part called a man. Neither part was conscious.”

This bicameral mind was most evident and effective in times of stress.

Jaynes asserted that schizophrenia can be considered

” a vestige of bicamerality, a relapse to the bicameral mind.”

There was a time therefore when all human beings were effectively schizophrenic, but because this was ” normal ” it wasn’t a problem.

Jaynes said, ” Another advantage of schizophrenia, perhaps evolutionary, is tirelessness …. they show less fatigue than normal persons and are capable of tremendous feats of endurance … They may move about day and night,
or work endlessly without any sign of being tired … This suggests that much fatigue is a product of the subjective conscious mind, and that bicameral man, building the pyramids of Egypt, the ziggurats of Sumer, or the gigantic temples at Teotihuacan with only hand labor, could do so far more easily than could conscious self-reflective men ….. A further thing that schizophrenics do ‘better’ than the rest of us ……… is simple sensory perception. They are more alert to visual stimuli…Indeed, schizophrenics are almost drowning in sensory data.”

The extraordinary implication of this statement is that if we could switch off our consciousness, we would massively increase our physical capabilities.

On the subject of modern schizophrenia,
Jaynes concluded, ” In effect, [ the schizophrenic ] is a mind bared to his environment, waiting on gods in a godless world.”

Jaynes also made the remarkable suggestion that we are inclined to seek gods in order that they can give us orders and remove from us the responsibility for taking decisions. This is why we are obsessed with the ” successful “, with the super-rich, celebrities, the leaders of society. They are the “gods” we lost when the bicameral mind eventually broke down and was replaced by consciousness.

Deep down, we have a craving for the inner voice of the gods to command us. In other words, not only are we NOT expanding our consciousness, many of us

actually have a strong desire to become LESS conscious and revert to our bicameral heritage. That is exactly what the Elite desire.

They want to be the gods whose orders we slavishly obey. They are the executives and we are the followers. They are the masters and we the slaves. That is how our society is configured, a power hierarchy, a status tree. Make no mistake, to address this we seek the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the Elite.

This means dismantling all of the power structures that rule our society. Privilege will be abolished in one instant. The ability of anyone to acquire massive wealth and power will be abolished. Any mechanism that allows any person to wear the mantle of a king of the world will be abolished.

The illuminati are in the business of expanding human consciousness to divine levels and that necessitates the elimination of the bicameral tendency in humanity i.e. the desire to be dictated to by others. No human who wants to become God can have any desire to slavishly obey any other person. The illuminati seek to build a community of gods where none command and none obey, where the community cooperates intelligently for the good of all and to the harm of none. We promote independence of mind and self-sufficiency so that no one is reliant on others.

Kings and queens, princes and princesses, aristocrats and nobles, lords and ladies, privileged dynastic families, presidents and prime ministers, generals and admirals, chief executives and directors – all of the people who comprise the Elite – they reflect the bicameral past of humanity …. It is time we moved into the future.

Power structures and status trees are an offense to humanity and must be dismantled. Humanity cannot reach its full potential until it has got rid

of these false gods.

As Jaynes pointed out, speech areas are all located in the left hemisphere of the brain ( for right-handed people ). He said … ” The language of men was involved with only one hemisphere to leave the other free for the language of gods.”

He asked the question, ” Is it possible to think of the two hemispheres of the brain almost as two individuals, only one of which can speak, while both can listen and both understand ? ”

He suggested that the human fascination with idols originates in their ability to help us to hallucinate the voices of the gods i.e. if the gods were silent we could encourage them to speak by appealing to the statues and idols of them that we had constructed.

Jaynes said … ” Hesiod speaks of a golden race of men who preceded his own generation and became the ‘ holy demons upon the earth, beneficent, averters of ills …. guardians of mortal men.'”

In the bicameral age, the ” gods ” authorized our actions.

Now we must authorize them ourselves.

Jaynes argued that our religious inclinations are a direct result of our bicameral heritage. How else to characterize the voices in our heads as anything other than gods ? And … in the modern age … to hear voices is to suffer from schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics are said to describe feelings of being at one with the entire universe, where all boundaries between themselves and others have collapsed, but that leads them to think that their thoughts are no longer private, and nor are anyone else’s, everyone can read everyone else’s mind. Time crumbles.

Schizophrenics behave without conscious awareness.
Their mental space starts to vanish.
This is exactly what would happen in the r = 0 domain if no one could protect their ” private space ” with appropriate boundaries.

Arguably, consciousness itself, the human ” reducing valve “, is our primary mechanism for building a private space that, in normal circumstances, is ours alone.

Schizophrenics hear voices of impelling importance criticizing them and telling them what to do. In a way, it’s the equivalent of Freud’s stern Superego vocalizing itself, and always finding fault. The Superego could be said to be a vestige of the old gods.

People on the autistic spectrum also have an inability to understand that their thoughts are private. They don’t attribute separate minds to others. They struggle to accept that they themselves have separate minds.

It is possible that bicameral humanity resembled an ant colony.
A guiding intelligence ( taking the role of the Queen in an ant colony ) sent out messages to all of the people who carried out their roles like worker and soldier ants, doing whatever was necessary for the good of the community.

They had very little initiative or sense of self. A whole tribe in primeval times could have been organized in this way. The people were easily led, docile, submissive and looking for powerful figures to provide leadership.

So .. what’s new ? The Elite rely on this primal mentality that leaves so many people incapable of resisting them.

Many people are addicted to being led.
It is an addiction that must be overcome if there is to be a society of gods i.e. humanity at it finest, noblest, best.

No one should ever kowtow to another, bend a knee or kiss a ring.
The days of authoritarian societies, of pyramid structures and power hierarchies are drawing to an end. Do we accept human equality, or don’t we ? It is a very simple question. If we do then there is no room for any sort of enshrined Elite.

Everyone on earth has to be given a proper chance to rise as high as their natural abilities can take them. For that to be possible, the whole panoply of privilege in which our world has been disastrously enmeshed must be abolished.

There must be an unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the Elite
to the people, and no one ever again should be allowed to commandeer disproportionate assets. That is the gospel of the illuminati, of meritocracy.

The world could change forever in the next second if everyone everywhere simply woke up and said, ” What the FUCK ….. why am i participating in a system that allows stock market speculators who are destabilizing the global economy to take home a billion dollars a year and become the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world ? ”

We could stop this farce at any time if we had the guts ….. But who does ?
We could stop the super rich in an instant. We could make excessive wealth illegal. Why don’t we ? Because we are the puppets of the super rich and we’re scared
of them. We let them set the agenda. We allow ourselves to be victims.

Multiple Personality Disorder ( MPD ), also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder ( DID ), is an extraordinary condition in which two or more distinct personalities can be present in a single body. This can again be considered a throwback to our bicameral past.

Then, we could be said to have two personalities inside us, the god who commanded and the human who obeyed. Someone suffering from MPD might perhaps tune into the r = 0 domain, where all the thoughts and personalities of humanity intersect and intertwine, and choose one or more personalities that suit their particular psychological needs. The other possibility is that they ” resurrect ” personalities they had in former lives to become their cast of guiding personalities.

It has been observed that each unique MPD personality has a different brainwave pattern. Each personality has its own name, age, talents, memories, gender, race, intelligence, handwriting, language abilities etc.

The phenomenon of the lynch mob, of hysterical crowds, of intoxicated audiences at gigs, sports events, political rallies could be interpreted as bicameral in nature : one person or a small group of people ( the “gods” ) lead, and everyone else, with unswerving devotion, follows. People are prone to emotional contagion. They can be “infected” by others and swept up into a state nothing like their “normal” selves. Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany had an uncanny gift for making the people bend to his will. He became the embodied Will of the German people.

Such spellbinding orators can prove to be gods or devils.

Given that our conscious minds are embedded in the ” physical consciousness ” of the r > 0 domain, our best chance of having experiences in the r = 0 domain is

when we disengage from normal mental states, such as in dreams or meditation, after extreme exertion or stress, after taking certain drugs etc.

In ancient Greece, paranoia ( from para and nous ) literally meant having another’s mind alongside one’s own. It represented a deterioration of consciousness. People did not think for themselves. Rather …… thoughts were given to them.

Hypnosis, Consciousness and Gods

Jaynes accounted for hypnosis on the basis that it ” engages the general bicameral paradigm which allows a more absolute control over behavior than is possible with consciousness.”

In other words, hypnosis ….. always performed by a dominant person who puts the submissive subject ” under ” – is a return to bicamerality. The person hears the orders of the ” god ” and carries them out unquestioningly. The hypnotist has taken the place of the ancient gods who spoke to bicameral humans. When we watch a hypnosis show, we are going back in time thousands of years and seeing how our ancestors behaved. Jaynes says, ” The more godlike the operator is to the subject, the more easily is the bicameral paradigm activated. ”

It is virtually impossible to hypnotize a dominant person, or someone with a very highly developed left-hemisphere brain ( a scientist or an engineer for example). Those who are most easily hypnotized are the submissives.
They are highly suggestible and looking to be dominated.

Ours is an astonishingly submissive culture.
Most people are sheep wanting to be led. The Elite encourage the flocking and herding tendencies of the submissive masses. They want a docile, unquestioning population, and they have achieved it. To those of us who are not submissive, phenomena such as celebrity culture are almost incomprehensible.

Why would anyone choose to worship another human being ?
Why would people mould their appearance, mannerisms and the clothes they wear to make themselves more like a celebrity ? These are the actions of low self-esteem submissives. It is imperative to enhance the self-esteem of submissives so that they are no longer in thrall to the dominant in society.

Submissives desire authoritarian societies.
They must be weaned away from their desire to be controlled.

One of the primary reasons for the existence of the Elite is that they fill the bicameral gap. Many people see it as ” natural ” that there should be strong leaders who help themselves to wealth and power. To create a New World Order, the vestigial submissiveness of so many people has to be addressed.

Islam, one of the world’s major religions, is actually based on the concept of submission. It is what the word means. How could any dominant person ever subscribe to such a weak and feeble religion that demands that people spend their lives on their knees ? No dominant person would ever become a Muslim.

Even more than Christianity, Islam is a religion for slaves. It is practically incomprehensible that so many African Americans chose to embrace Islam.

All of the Abrahamic faiths appeal to the submissive. The submissive adore these religions because they love to hear the voice of an authoritarian dictator and tyrant.

Why was Adolf Hitler so successful in Nazi Germany ? Precisely because he,
an utterly dominant individual, made himself a Man-God and all the submissive masses succumbed to his spell. They wanted to be told what to do, to be told who to love and who to hate. Women, in particular, were besotted with Hitler. He gave them all the answers. He was masculinity made of flesh, domination come to life.

Jaynes gives an astonishingly original
analysis of the phenomenon of Jesus Christ ….

” At almost the same time that Iamblichus was teaching the induction of gods into statues, or young illiterate katochoi to ‘participate’ in divinity and have ‘a common energy’ with a god, Athanasius, the competitive Bishop of Alexandria, began by claiming the same thing for the illiterate Jesus. The Christian Messiah had heretofore been regarded as like Yahweh, a demi-god perhaps, half human, half divine, reflecting his supposed parentage. But Athanasius persuaded Constantine, his Council of Nicaea, and most of Christianity thereafter, that Jesus participated in Yahweh, was the same substance, the Bicameral Word made Flesh. I think we can say then that the growing church, in danger of shattering into sects, exaggerated the subjective phenomenon of possession into an objective theological dogma. It did so to assert an even greater claim to an absolute authorization. For Athanasian Christians the actual gods had indeed returned to earth and would return again.”

To destroy the Abrahamic faiths it is necessary to eliminate the weakness and submissiveness that afflicts so many people. As Jaynes said ……….
” Why is it that in our daily lives we cannot get up above ourselves
to authorize ourselves into being what we really wish to be ? ”

Music and poetry are right-brain functions and are strongly related to bicameralism, Jaynes said. So, is the power of music over us caused by its weakening effect on the left-brain, and its enhancement of right-brain mysticism ? Did people like Jim Morrison become genuine shamans on stage,
channelling the r = 0 domain into our conscious lives ?

The music of Pythagoras and his companions was famed for its entrancing power. Their instrument was the lyre. Jaynes said ……
” We thus have some ground for saying that the use of the lyre among
early poets was to spread excitation to the divine speech centres. ”

In demonic possession, the demon replaces the ” god ” as the voice being heard by the subject of the possession. In the rite of exorcism, the exorcist subsequently replaces the demon by providing a stronger bicameral voice.

Jaynes characterized Yahweh as a psychotic bicameral voice ” So [Yahweh] prefers Abel to Cain, slays Er, the first-born of Judah, having taken a dislike to him, tells Abraham to beget a son, and then later orders him to kill the son, even as criminal psychotics might be directed today. Similarly, the bicameral voice of Moses has a sudden impulse to kill him ( Exodus 4:24 ) for no reason at all.”

Exodus 4:24-26 …….. At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him. But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it. ” Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,”
she said. So the LORD let him alone.

In this light, the Old Testament is quite literally the story of lunatics possessed
by a deranged, psychotic voice. We call that voice the Demiurge, Yahweh, Satan. No sane person could associate that voice with anything other than psychosis. Yet this is supposedly the Word of God.

If it is true that we are actually more intelligent when we are possessed, what does that imply ? It means we are channelling the infinite knowledge of the r = 0 domain.


Wake Up

The sad reality is that humanity operates at a low level of consciousness. We are preoccupied with the basics of life, food, drink, shelter, sex, family, relationships, friendship, job, entertainment ……….. being ” acceptable “.

Our spirituality is close to zero. Most of us accept the ” system ” – the means by which the Elite control us. Most of us have no grand vision of human potential. We don’t spend much time thinking about politics, philosophy or religion. We accept whatever our parents and the leaders of society put in front of us. We don’t ask questions, we don’t challenge authority, we don’t demand real change.

We are lazy, apathetic and we pursue the path of least resistance.
In truth, we are not really awake. We go through life on a sort of autopilot that is highly successful at addressing our petty basic needs but useless at raising and expanding our consciousness. The mindset the human autopilot generates is a barrier to enlightenment. Our Higher Self, our connection to the divine aspect of

the universe, is as far away and hidden from us as ever. Our human Autopilot couldn’t care less about making us divine, it would much rather post pictures on Facebook, crack bad jokes and contemplate Megan Fox.

Even though the world contains innumerable wonders, the vast majority of us still manage to be thoroughly bored much of the time. We live a robotic existence far below our true potential. Quite simply, there is something wrong with our consciousness. It fails to link with our higher capabilities. Only rarely do we feel truly energized, and often its with the help of mind-altering drugs – shouldn’t
we be trying to be energized all of the time, without any drugs ?

We have to upgrade our consciousness, banish the Autopilot that makes us
plod through life like the undead. Perhaps instead of making movies about robots developing human consciousness ….. we should concentrate on why so many humans have developed a robot ” consciousness “.

If we want to escape from our zombie, autopilot lives, we have to break down
all of the rituals, routines and conventions of our everyday existence. Once you start to challenge everything you have been told by ” society “, you start to feel a tremendous surge of energy. You see immense possibilities opening for the whole of humanity. This grail challenges all of the conventional wisdom of our world. It provides a wide-ranging set of techniques for analyzing the lies fed to us by the Elite. It is possible to deconstruct everything they say and expose their sinister underlying agenda. Anyone who takes onboard our philosophy will never
again be fooled by the Elite. This is the antidote to Autopilot Humanity.

A fully awake humanity would be a cosmic glory. We can get there if we reject all of those who want us to stay asleep forever. Above all, the Elite do not want us to wake up because that would mean the end of their dominion over us, so they give us soporifics, sedatives and narcotics to keep us asleep.

The Illuminati often refer to the concept of Diabolus est Deus Inversus …The
Devil is God Reversed. The Elite have set themselves up as God, but they are in fact the diabolic reverse – the Devil. They follow the example of the Demiurge who believes himself to be God but is the dialectical opposite. Humanity cannot awake from its slumbers until it learns to understand that most of those who wear the mantle of the divine are much more interested in making themselves kings of the world. If humanity’s rulers are enormously and obscenely wealthier than those they rule, shouldn’t the obvious conclusion be drawn ? – that they are using their power to enrich themselves, not to enrich humanity. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they say will be reversed. Humanity’s rulers will never be
excessively wealthy. That will be the Law.


The Soul Mystery

The soul is not some bizarre thing that exists in a weird dimension beyond the reach of science. It is not your consciousness, your ego, or what you regard as your identity. It is, however, every bit as extraordinarily mysterious and inaccessible as if it were in some alternative reality.

It resides at the heart of your psyche, at the centre of the collective unconscious that connects you to the whole of the human race. To reach your soul you must confront and embrace the contents of your unconscious mind. Its the greatest of challenges.

Ego statements ….. What’s in it for me ? It’s all about me. Because i am worth it. So long as i am all right Jack ………. who cares about anyone else ?

Self statements …… How may I serve ? It’s about us. Because we are worth it. Is everyone all right ….. who needs help ?

” There are things known, and things unknown, and in between are The Doors.”

Jim Morrison

” Things known ” …….. consciousness, the material world, Ego.
” Things unknown ” ….. the unconscious, the spiritual world, Self
” The Doors ” ………… the secret doors of human curiosity leading to the possibility of expanded consciousness and communication with the divine order.

All hero stories are about the hero going through the mystical door from the known to the unknown world, from consciousness into the unconscious, past the threshold guardians who test the hero and block his path, enduring ordeals then returning with secret knowledge that expands the boundaries of the known world.

We have a divided psyche ……. consciousness versus the unconscious, the Ego versus the Self, and that is the cause of our problems. When we heal our psyche by bringing the Ego under the control of the Self, by illuminating the unconscious contents of our mind that had previously haunted us, we reach a higher state of being. We are unique in the animal kingdom for having this Ego / Self split in our psyche. It is our task to try to reconnect the two.

Our Ego is only a small part of who we are, a surface phenomenon, the tip of the iceberg. We have roots that stretch as deep as human history that are never seen or acknowledged, but it is these roots that nourish our soul. We have to escape from the tyranny of the Ego, from the delusion that this is who we really are. Richard Dawkins is a person who is locked into the Ego, with no idea of a greater, nobler and transcendent reality. His rightful condemnation of mainstream religions has tragically led him to cut himself off from the wonder and awe of the religious world. Over and over he defends a narrow, sterile view of the human race, locked in a mindless process of pointless, mechanistic evolution that strips all meaning

from human existence. That is what happens to those who become obsessed with a superficial ” self ” and see it as the only reality. The more they defend their position, the more they distance themselves from their true Selves.


Freudian Nations

Freud’s theory of the personality can be extended from individuals to nations. Freud argued that our personality is shaped by three components …. the id, the ego and the superego. Two are in conflict and the third mediating between them.

The ” id ” is infantile, narcissistic and pursues the Pleasure Principle.
It wants self-gratification at every moment and resents anything that stops it getting what it wants. It is the ultimate spoiled, over-indulged child. Its supporters link it to freedom and self-expression. ” Do whatever you want ” ……… is the id’s mantra.

The ” Superego ” is the ultimate stern parent and obeys the Control Principle.
It is obsessed with right and wrong, morality, conscience, rulebooks, discipline, law and order. Where the id cares only for itself, the superego is preoccupied with others, with group dynamics, with society. Its supporters link it to consideration for others and maturity. ” Do as you would be done by ” is the superego’s mantra.

The id and superego are always in conflict.

Between the id and superego stands the ” Ego.
Which listens to both and takes action according to the Reality Principle.
The ego is the component grounded in the real world and deals with the art of the possible. It seeks to express the id but operate within the superego rules of society.

The tension between the id and superego is evident everywhere …..

Islamic nations are classic superego societies …… black, drab and authoritarian. ” Moral ” police are everywhere. Women must conceal themselves. Thieves have their hands cut off. Homosexuals are hanged. Adulterers beheaded. Fornicators are stoned to death. People must pray to Allah five times a day, including at night. They must orient themselves towards Mecca. No alcohol, no drugs. Sex is strictly within marriage. Islam is an example of the superego unrestrained.

The id is suppressed, and the ego has no role.

Islamic nations are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
” We love death more than you love life, ” Muslims say to Westerners.
This is a pathological statement, and Islam is an anti-life ideology.
Muslims’ collective mental illness makes them obsessed with suicide, which they choose to refer to as ” martyrdom “. Given that their lives are so lacking in pleasure, their love of death isn’t surprising. Several fundamentalist Christian sects are also superego dominated, as are Orthodox Jews. Much of the trouble in the world stems from these inflexible societies. This is the world of the religious fanatic.

These societies are always governed by grim, hateful old men in black clothes and long white beards …… the ayatollahs of Iran, the elders of the Amish, men in black suits, odd hairstyles who lead Orthodox Jewish communities. These societies are full of bitterness. They’re suspicious of outsiders and terrified of change.

They’re wedded to tradition and the past.

The West is an unrestrained id culture. Everything is geared for self-gratification. Capitalism is the delivery system – the addict’s syringe – of the ultimate drug …… Pleasure around the clock, delivered to you whenever and wherever you want it. Fast food. Fast sex. Fast entertainment. Fast cars. Fast talk. Everything is fast in order to get your dose of pleasure to you without delay. Capitalism is the smack dealer standing on the street corner. It is drug pushing turned into a political and economic ideology. It creates endless junkies, obsessed with their next fix.

They suffer appalling withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their hit for the day.

Ask any western woman what her favorite pastime is and she will say retail therapy. What kind of society has shopping as its most desirable activity ? Ask any man and he will say watching sport. Does the meaning of life lie in football and basketball ?

Junk TV, junk computer games, junk Hollywood movies, peep shows, internet porn, social networking, theme parks, cheap alcohol, cheap drugs. The western world is Disney World run by drug pushers. The superego is extinguished. The West is the opposite of the superego societies. Whereas those are run by old men, western societies revolve around spoiled brats, men and women who never grow up, people suffering from arrested development, stuck in their baby phase.

The West is an infantilized culture.

The credit crunch is the inevitable consequence of an unrestrained id ideology. In an id culture, no one holds back. Those who can be as greedy as they like, invariably take everything they can get, regardless of the consequences, and regardless of others. Why would they stop ? They are simply fulfilling the core ideology of the society they live in. Regulation, the superego mechanism for moderating markets, was dismantled in the West thanks to Ronald Reagan,

Bill Clinton and the two Bush presidents, and thanks to Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the UK.

Their collective ideology was that markets were more efficient than anything else. In fact, markets are reflections of the id and are driven by first greed and then fear ( boom and bust ), and always lead to disaster if not curbed by strong regulation.

The whole basis of the free market approach to social governance is flawed. Markets – id forces – only work if blended with effective regulation – a superego force. The members of the regulatory bodies have to be as well paid and as highly talented as the people in the institutions they are regulating. This has never happened under western capitalism. No one wants to stop the party. Greed is good, remember. In that statement is contained the credit crunch. The many pay for the greed of the few.

In most societies, the ego …. the component that is supposed to ensure a healthy balance between id and superego ….. is overwhelmed. In most societies, the id or the superego becomes luridly magnified, until it is unstoppable within a particular culture. The sensible ego obeying the Reality Principle is nowhere to be seen.

All we get instead is the undiluted Pleasure Principle or the undiluted Control Principle.

A healthy society is one where the ego dominates, and the id and superego are each given healthy, but not excessive, expression. That is the world we advocate. That is the essence of the new society the Illuminati seek to build. Capitalism – the id philosophy – must be consigned to history, as must the superego ideologies of the fanatic – Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Communism etc.

Who in their right mind would oppose this vision for society ?
Unfortunately ….. the vast majority of people are as yet not in their right mind.


The Grand Unified Theory

the r >= 0 paradigm is fully consistent with the most cutting edge areas of science.

Carl Jung and Nobel Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli collaborated to find a means of bridging the gap between the psychological and scientific worlds, between mind and matter.

They failed … but everything they sought is accomplished by the r >= 0 paradigm.

r >= 0 provides a framework for understanding all phenomena of whatever nature. Of course, the r = 0 mental domain will never yield as reliable results as the r > 0 scientific domain because …… mind cannot be controlled like matter.

It is fundamentally more complex, mysterious and willful, so there is no sense

in trying to establish a rigorous ” science ” of the r = 0 domain. However, the r >= 0 paradigm does provide the optimal framework for understanding both the mysteries of the dimensionless mental domain, and for resolving the outstanding problems of science.

This really is it …… This is the final answer …… Nothing lies beyond r >= 0.
It encapsulates everything from nothing to infinity, all mind and all matter, the dimensionless and the dimensional, the mundane and the divine, the scientific, religious, philosophical and artistic, the dialectical evolution of the cosmos from complete potential to absolute actualization. Nothing else is possible.

This is the wisdom of the illuminati, revealed by a combination of reason …. the guidance of the Phosters ( the divine illuminators ), and the experience of gnosis by the ten greatest Grand Masters of the illuminati ….

Solomon the Apostate, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe, Hegel, and above all, Simon Magus ………. the true Christ.


666 The Anti Christ

Alexander Romanov


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