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Alexander Romanov’s 666 The Anti Christ (Ch.10) Lucifer

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Alexander Romanov


666 The Anti Christ

Chapter X: LUCIFER

Getting in touch with your higher self

The message of the illuminati is that people should aim to make contact with their divine spark, to release their inner divinity, to transform themselves utterly and express their higher, hidden selves ……….. to ” become God “. Many people are perplexed by this concept. They can’t see how it could possibly happen. Ask yourself this question, does God reside in the right hemisphere of your brain ?

The Movement is a fairly new activist group dedicated to the most noble effort that can be undertaken in these selfish, corrupt times. The liberation of humanity. Guidance as to the process of ” becoming God ” is provided on their website ….


Central to the concept of ” becoming God ” is that you yourself must start to don the mantle of God. This is the core of Gnosticism. No Christian would ever say that you could become Christ, no Jew that you could become Jehovah, no Muslim that you could become Allah. For these sad people, ” God ” is always an alien, terrifying, far distant being, regarding whom the only appropriate response is to fall on your face, cower and beg for mercy.

For the illuminati, God is inside us all, and everyone can find his transcendent inner light and undergo the ultimate metamorphosis. Which message do you think is healthier, more optimistic, and most magnificent in its grandeur and the possibilities it opens for humanity ? God outside of us ….. or God inside us ?

Which one is imbued with infinite hope, aspiration and the possibility of limitless personal transformation ? People can choose to believe in the morbid and sickly slave religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, or to embrace freedom and light and aspire to be the very greatest they can be.

The choice you make is what defines you. Are you healthy or ill ?
Are you a god in the making, or someone living on your knees, worshipping a tyrant ? The ” God ” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is Satan, Rex Mundi, the Demiurge … a being of infinite egotism that craves worship from all of humanity.

Ask yourself the most basic question – if you were God, would you want the human race to be prostrate before you, scared to raise their eyes to look at you, terrified of your power, terrified of the punishments you will inflict on them if they disobey you ?

If you did want those things then you would be no God, you would be a monster. The God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims is precisely that monster.
You must reject this monster in every way if you are to attain your higher self.

Christians claim you will go to hell if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, Muslims that you will go to hell if you don’t accept Mohamed, the Koran and Allah, the Jews that you will be damned if you reject Jehovah, Moses and the Ten Commandments.

The illuminati make no such claims. The illuminati assert that they can guide you in the best and surest way towards your higher self, towards your personal divinity. But you do not need the illuminati for salvation. It is immensely difficult, but people can find their own route to their higher self, without the help of anyone else.

It is never acceptable for any religious group to claim that it is indispensable. That without it you are damned. This is nothing but a blatant lie. It’s the statement of an organization seeking to control and manipulate you. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are amongst the most appalling systems of control the world has ever had to endure. Horrific wars have been fought in their name and grotesque violence meted out. Savagery and tyranny have always walked hand in
hand with the three religions of ” the Book “.

Abraham’s three religions have warped humanity. Abraham must be regarded
as one of the most evil men of all time. Remember that this was the man who
was prepared to sacrifice his own son Isaac because Jehovah commanded it. What God would ever demand such a ” test “, and what man would ever be prepared to go ahead with it ? Many fathers would rather die themselves than slay their own son, but not Abraham. This event is the centerpiece of the three religions of the Book and is one of the most chilling and disturbing tales ever told.

The tale begins with God saying to Abraham …” Take thy only begotten son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and go into the land of vision: and there thou shalt offer him for a holocaust upon one of the mountains which I shall show thee.”

Abraham builds an altar and puts wood on it in readiness for the holocaust.
Isaac asks, ” Where is the victim of the holocaust ? ” Abraham replies .. ” God will provide himself a victim for a holocaust, my son.” This is technically not a lie, but it is as close to one as it is possible to get. It certainly reveals no honesty, openness and candor on the part of the ” great prophet ” Abraham, the father of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Abraham deceives his own son in order to kill him, and all in the name of his ” God “. We can see the whole history of Satan’s world writ large.

Abraham binds his son, puts him on the altar and prepares to kill him with a sword before burning his body in a ” holocaust “. As Abraham prepares to strike dead his son, God appears and says, ” Lay not thy hand upon the boy, neither do thou anything to him, now i know that thou fearest God, and hast not spared thy

only begotten son for my sake.”

Note that what God wants from Abraham is fear and insane obedience.
This is not God. This is Satan. It is one of the most obvious facts in the history of religion and yet billions continue to worship this dark lord of tyranny and madness.

No God, even for a moment, would ” tempt ” any human being in such a perverse, cruel and psychologically devastating way. It is the act of a monster. There is no defense for this defining moment in the religions of the ” People of the Book “.

If you are prepared to kill your own son in the name of God, you will have no hesitation in killing those who have no relationship with you. This has been the first and foremost characteristic of the Abrahamic religions, slaughter and psychopathy.

The Abrahamic religions are repulsive.

No good and decent person would ever follow any of these crazed religions. The sooner the earth is free of them, their nauseating savagery, violence and deceit, the better. They have been the greatest blight on humanity, an eternal curse. They have turned earth into hell. These are the religions of the Old World Order. These are the religions of terror, slavery, and absolute control.

It is time for humanity to escape.

To become God, you must start to think and act like God. God does not ask questions, he provides answers. God does not bow to others. God is creative. God is fair, just, and understanding. God is surpassingly intelligent and has attained full self-knowledge. God would rather reward than punish. God would never, under any circumstances, choose to send someone to a place of infinite and perpetual suffering …… people choose hell for themselves. God is forgiving, merciful and always determined to see the best in people, not the worst.
God is interested in all …… not in a few.

Consider this quotation by Lewis Hamilton, the F1 world champion, after winning the Singapore Grand Prix in 2009.

” This was probably the busiest weekend of my life, with more appearances
than ever. My dad and my stepmother were here, and my girlfriend [ Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger ], and it was really great to meet Beyonce. I had a really great weekend and I’m very happy and looking forward to celebrating tonight. But if i was asked who was really responsible for all this, for me the one person is God. He gave us all our chance to be here and to be healthy, and blessed me with a great family around me, and for me that would be the answer.”

Hamilton is a man who drives a car in circles for a couple of hours every few weeks, bringing no benefit at all to humanity, yet is allowed to earn many millions of dollars in the process because we live in a truly ridiculous world. Is ” God ” really someone who spends his time conferring success on a racing driver ?

When Hamilton loses does he make a speech thanking God then ? We’ve yet to hear that one. What about all of the people who lose in life ? What about all of the people with diseases, disabilities, disastrous luck, disastrous family backgrounds, people who have never had a chance in life ? Should they thank God too ?

How absurd.

In what way is Hamilton’s ” God ” just, fair, and interested in the welfare of all ? God is not partisan and he certainly does not root for certain racing drivers in a pointless yet astonishingly lucrative sport. How can it enter Hamilton’s head even for a moment that God in any way cares about F1 racing ? What sort of blindness, stupidity and insanity must Hamilton be suffering from ? Is the Bible full of tales of high-speed sports events ? The tragedy is that so many people see God in this light, as helping certain favored individuals and nations, and actively harming others.

This was the nature of Jehovah of the Old Testament, a vile, violent, angry and jealous god, vengeful and hateful, nominating the Jews as his ” Chosen People ” and taking their side to deadly effect in the land of Canaan where genocide was carried out against the Canaanites in his name, and with his active help.

Jehovah is Satan. Hamilton’s ” God ” is Satan. This is the Old World Order’s God who panders to the rich and famous, who seeks to elevate some, his chosen ones far above everyone else in order to sow the divided, unequal society we inhabit.

Hamilton is a spectacular fool. Why isn’t he utterly condemned by the leaders of Christianity for turning God into someone who wants to personally intervene in F1 races to ensure that Hamilton earns millions of pounds a year for driving a fast car ? Is that what God has become ….. an F1 groupie ?

It is said that people who smile all of the time are much happier than those who do not. The very act of smiling releases chemicals that make people feel better. People who say ” yes ” all the time become much more positive and adventurous than those who continually say ” no ” and thus remain mired in unhealthy skepticism, cynicism, negativity and caution.

In the same way, those who start answering questions rather than asking them find themselves undergoing a subtle and then increasingly remarkable change.

God is the being with all of the answers. The more you provide answers, the more you resemble God. It doesn’t matter that your answers might start out spectacularly wrong. The very fact that you have come up with an answer at all is often far more of an achievement than most people can manage. As you gain practice and develop your skills, you will start to see that you find yourself answering problems everywhere, and your answers will become better and better. Paradoxically, you’ll also start to ask far better questions, which in turn will help to refine your answers.

A miraculous alchemy takes place. Bit by bit, your answers turn from lead into gold. Things that baffled you in the past become clear. You start forming a myriad of connections between all of your answers. You become smarter and smarter. And all because you changed from being a questioner to an answerer.

Give it a try. When you read or hear something and you are puzzled, instead of asking questions … why don’t you try to furnish your own answer, and then look for confirmation or refutation of your answer ? Attempt to emulate God.

The Movement should be about people endeavoring to furnish answers rather

than continually asking questions. The former reflects an active and dominant attitude, the latter a passive and submissive one. To continually ask questions is to be continually bewildered, hesitant and unsure.

God doesn’t question, he answers ….. and you should try to do the same.
Walk the walk, talk the talk, move from asking questions to giving answers.
Be active and proactive, not passive and reactive. Be creative. Live and breathe the divine experience. Walk in God’s shoes. Empathize with him. See the world through his eyes. Bring your imagination to bear. Try to transcend the barriers and restrictions of your ordinary human existence.

If the Bible/Koran/Torah were about you, what would you want these holy books
to say ? What would you want to tell humanity ? What lessons would you want men and women to learn ? What would you do if the eternal souls of all of humanity were in your hands, and everyone’s fate was decided by your decisions ?

You may feel alone in the world at the moment, but you are not.
At the moment, many men and women of integrity are fighting isolated battles against the Old World Order. They do not get the chance to come together with like-minded people. Their resistance is solitary. They need convincing that there are other people of equal integrity fighting the same battles elsewhere.

The Movement is the organization for all such people. The Movement is the Resistance to the Old World Order. The Movement is a link to the illuminati’s historical struggle for freedom. The Movement is the chance to build a New World Order based on illuminism and meritocracy. The old religions are dead. Democracy is dead. Free market capitalism is dead.

It is time for a new future and a new world.
And each and every one of you can help to build it.


The Enigma of Time

What are the implications of “seeing the future” ? If even one second of the future can be said to exist then there is no sufficient reason to deny that the whole of the future already exists. Moreover, this would have been true at any instant in the past.

In other words, if the future already exists then there is no such thing as past, present and future and there is no such thing as becoming …. everything has already become. Indeed, that has always been true. It is a return to the position of Parmenides that all change is illusory. Strangely, a number of modern

philosophers and scientists subscribe to this position.

Consider these quotations by Einstein …..

1) People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

2) Since there exist in this four-dimensional structure [ space-time ] no longer any sections which represent ” now ” objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

3) Time is only an illusion. The existence of the future follows from Minkowski`s World of space-time.

4) There is no difference between the past and the future in the 4-dimensional space-time-world. The present is only an illusion.

If Einstein is right ( and many physicists share his views although they are completely unable to address the philosophical consequences ) then our lives are futile, pointless, and incomprehensible. We have no free will, there is no evolution or becoming, and everything has already happened and is cast in stone.

Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe, wrote ….

” [ Loye ] believes that reality is a giant hologram, and in it the past, present,
and future are indeed fixed, at least up to a point. The rub is that it is not the only hologram. There are many such holographic entities floating in the timeless and spaceless waters of the implicate [ universe ], jostling and swimming around one another like so may amoebas. ‘Such holographic worlds could also be visualized as parallel worlds, parallel universes,’ says Loye. Thus …. the future of any given holographic universe is predetermined, and when a person has a precognitive glimpse of the future, they are tuning into the future of that particular hologram only. But, like amoebas, these holograms also occasionally swallow and engulf each other, melding and bifurcating like the protoplasmic globs of energy that they really are. Sometimes these jostlings jolt us and are responsible for the premonitions that from time to time engulf us. And when we act upon a premonition and appear to alter the future, what we are really doing is leaping from one hologram to another. Loye calls these intra holographic leaps ‘ hololeaps ‘ and feels that they are what provides us with out true capacity for both insight and freedom.”

In order to solve the problem of apparent precognition – seeing and knowing the future – such theories introduce even more severe problems. If there are infinite

parallel worlds, and infinite versions of ” me “, which is the real me ?

When i ” hololeap ” from one parallel world to another, all of my doppelgangers are presumably doing exactly the same. Could ten of us all hololeap to the same parallel world, the one that seems to have the best future ? How would we all co- exist in the same world, or in the same mind ? This type of thinking is absurd, incoherent and bordering on the crazy.

Let us be clear. The future hasn’t happened. No one can see future events for the simple reason that they don’t exist yet. How can you ” see ” non-existence ? Nor do we have multiple selves busily transferring consciousness from one parallel world to another.

Physicist David Bohm expressed a far more sensible and logical alternative ….

” When people dream of accidents correctly and do not take the plane or ship, it is not the actual future that they were seeing. It was merely something in the present which is implicate and moving toward making that future. In fact, the future they saw differed from the actual future because they altered it. Therefore, i think it is more plausible to say that, if these phenomena exist, there is an anticipation of the future in the implicate order in the present. As they used to say, coming events cast their shadow in the present. Their shadows are being cast deep in the implicate order.”

In 1966 in Wales, a terrible disaster occurred in the mining village of Aberfan. 116 children died when a mountain of coal waste slipped, engulfing the nearby school.

Apparently people all over Britain, and indeed in the wider world, had dreamt of the catastrophe. The first dreams began weeks earlier, and occurred with greater frequency in the lead up to the accident. Physicist Gerald Feinberg attempted
to account for the Aberfan precognitions by saying that anyone who read a newspaper in the aftermath of the disaster could have ‘ produced a trace in

his brain which went back before it happened, so that he could remember it before it took place.’

However, if this outlandish suggestion were accurate, why didn’t it apply to every other great disaster, particularly earthquakes and tsunamis which have killed hundreds of thousands, and, above all … to 9.11 … the most publicized disaster in history ?

Bohm was correct when he said, ” There’s an anticipation of the future in the implicate order in the present. ” The Aberfan situation was all too predictable.
The coal waste had become the equivalent of snow, ready to create an avalanche. There may have been several small slippages previously. Someone in the village may have subconsciously predicted what was coming. Their subconscious became more insistent, flooding their dreams with dark images and forebodings.

Others then tuned into that person’s powerful dreams via the interconnected

r = 0 domain. A ” dream contagion ” erupted. Sensitive dreamers all over the world started to have similar dreams. But none of it was precognition, it was all prediction.

Earthquakes and tsunamis are of course much more difficult to predict ……..

and 9.11 was a complete surprise to everyone other than those that planned it.


The Four Obstacles

There are four main factors which hold humanity back from achieving an astounding increase in mental capacities and knowledge ………..

1) Science

The ruling intellectual paradigm denies the existence of the r = 0 domain.
The greater the success of science, the less people feel competent to challenge it. Leading scientists have come to resemble the high priests of ancient cults.
They utter prophetic remarks in the form of bewildering mathematical equations. The people, in awe, bow down before these gods of the mind.

The only problem is that scientists have been unable to penetrate the final mysteries of existence. The best scientific minds have tried and failed.
They themselves have slowly started to comprehend that there is a disastrous conceptual difficulty at the core of science. They have no idea what it is and they are groping blindly for it. Yet it could not be simpler ….. it is the concept that any dimensional entity can be ” shrunk ” down to a dimensionless point.

Scientists admit that they have no idea how to work out what happens at the smallest possible scales of dimensionality, but they still refuse to accept that dimensions can disappear entirely. As has been demonstrated previously, the central mysteries of general relativity and quantum mechanics are explained with complete ease by the addition of a dimensionless domain to a dimensional one.

Physicist John Bell objected to the philosophical position commonly adopted by many scientists that what is unobservable does not exist. Given the accepted fact that virtually everything on the atomic scale and below is unobservable in any direct way, as are concepts such as the Multiverse consisting of infinite parallel worlds, it is a paradoxical stance for scientists to hold and without question it prejudices them against the possibility of dimensionless existence which, by definition, is not observable in any conventional sense.

Yet how could dimensionless existence be more conceptually outrageous than a Multiverse and other currently popular exotic scientific speculations ?

2) The Cosmic Body

The evolving universe involves the ever-growing power of the cosmic mind
( the r = 0 domain ) over the cosmic body ( the r > 0 domain ). When the mind has full control of the body, and knows it, then the universe has become God. At that point, God completely controls the destiny of the universe and everything within it. This definition of Abraxas, the True God, provides the means for understanding how we ourselves can become God.

Aldous Huxley said that we could all potentially be ” Mind at Large ” i.e. we have the ability to perceive ” everything that is happening everywhere in the universe.” This is just a different way of referring to the r = 0 domain. Huxley said that the
” reducing valve of the brain and the nervous system ” produces a ” measly trickle ” of consciousness. This is the essence of the issue. The more we can expand our consciousness beyond this mere trickle, the more we enter into union with the mind of God, of which we are all part. If we could fully open our minds, become Minds at Large then we would have full access to the r = 0 domain …… to the Mind of God.

Illuminism teaches that the conscious and the unconscious human mind added together make up the equivalent of the Mind at Large. Each human mind contains the Mind of God but the vast majority of that divine mind is locked within the unconscious. Previously we have talked about venturing into your unconscious, resolving the conflicts you find there, and getting in touch with your ” Higher Self “.

This is the same as saying that as you expand your consciousness into your unconscious, as you illuminate the unconscious domain more and more, you are in effect embracing more and more of God’s mind. Ultimately, your Higher Self is none other than God himself, and when you truly make contact with your Higher Self, you have literally become God, as we have always insisted was the culmination of human existence.

The r = 0 domain is the key to life and to the project of becoming God.
Any intelligence that can ” tune in ” to the r = 0 domain ever more effectively starts to become ever more like God. Becoming God is the beautiful destiny that awaits all those who pursue and achieve gnosis. Gnosis is the moment of divine epiphany when the mental barriers between our limited consciousness and the unlimited consciousness of God suddenly dissolve and at last we are Mind at Large, sharing God’s thoughts. We have entered into union with the divine mind …… and we are thinking the thoughts of God.

Is that not the highest conceivable achievement for any human being … literally to become God ? Is not everything else pathetic in comparison ? The greedy people who spend their lives amassing multi-billion dollar fortunes may well have turned themselves into gods on earth ….. but missed out on the infinitely greater prize of

becoming God himself. They have understood nothing of the true meaning of life. They are blind fools who have wasted their lives. Truly ….. they are the damned.

The r = 0 domain is the ” enfolded ” aspect of existence, the ” inside ” of things that contains the meaning of life. The r > 0 domain is the unfolded aspect of existence, the outside of things, the cold, sterile, lifeless scientific aspect. The enfolded domain is omnipresent within the unfolded domain. This has the effect of putting the Mind of God inside everything. Every part of the universe contains the whole of the Mind of God, and the whole of the Mind of God contains every part of the universe. That is the final answer to the riddle of existence. All of humanity’s greatest and noblest aspirations reside in this single incredible Truth.

There is nothing mystical, bizarre or impossible about becoming God. It is the essential nature of the universe to allow this magical evolution to take place.
It is how the universe is designed. It is guaranteed by the core logic of existence.

r >= 0, the ultimate Equation of Existence, is nothing other than a program for allowing us to become God. It stands in absolute contrast to the Bible, the Torah and Koran. Which do you think is correct ? …. the most magnificently simple and beautiful equation conceivable ……… or the bizarre writings of ancient bearded ” prophets ” whose words are riddled with errors, madness, violence, fanaticism, demands for blind faith, and the most violent threats against those who choose to disagree ? ” r >= 0 ” is the expression of the Mind of God, the ” holy books ” are the expression of the Mind of the Demiurge. Nothing could be more self-evident.

3) The Abrahamic faiths

The ruling religions of the world deny that we are part of God and he is part of us. They seek to alienate us from God, make us his worthless slaves, fit only to throw ourselves down on our faces in front of him and beg for mercy.

Look at Islam …. a religion of people on their knees, heads bowed, averting their eyes, the women invisible and completely dehumanized in their burqas, unfit to be seen in public. Their alienation from the True God could not be starker. How could anyone believe that God wants us on our knees ? That is an affront to God.

Look at the Jews ….. bobbing backwards and forwards in front of the Wailing Wall. In their drab black suits and black hats, with their bizarre hair and beards that they imagine glorify God in some incomprehensible way. They are an affront to God.

Look at the Christians … the Hallelujah, Happy Clappy gang, the faith healers and TV evangelists, the Catholic hierarchy in all their silk finery, the Protestant preachers damning the world to hell and banging on endlessly about a Jewish carpenter called Yehoshua ben Yosef. What an assortments of misfits and loons. All of them are an affront to God.

The Eastern religions, and the Western traditions of Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and above all Illuminism are the beacon of hope. They have all understood that

gnosis, moksha, nirvana, enlightenment, samadhi, wu-wei ( Taoism ) are all the same thing – the wondrous epiphany when a person realizes that he is one with God, that he can enter into full union with God.

The purpose of the Abrahamic faiths is to prevent enlightenment. These faiths are the absolute enemies of knowledge. They promote faith as a means of preventing human beings from ever realizing their divine potential. Ask yourself a very simple question. Is pursuit of enlightenment through knowledge healthier or unhealthier than blind and fanatical faith in the words of ancient prophets ……. all of whom preached entirely different versions of the so-called infallible Word of God ? God has no need to preach to us because he is already inside us …… if we but listen.

Is it better for humans to see themselves as potentially divine ….. or as groveling, unworthy sinners crying out for God’s mercy ? Which type of human is more easily controlled by the OWO ? those who are on their knees like slaves … or those who stand on their two feet like gods ? Make no mistake, the posture you adopt says everything about you. Those who are on their knees, in abject submission, are slaves. They are a disgrace to the human race.

There is no more urgent need than that every human being should receive the gospel of Abraxas – the true good news – that we are part of God and he part of us. We are a community of gods in the making ….. a society of the divine.

Anyone who says differently is evil, a liar and is trying to hold us back from our divine destiny. The religions of faith are an abomination. They are the work of the Devil. They seek to alienate us from our divine selves, to reduce us to debased slaves. These religions must be swept aside before humanity can step forward ….. into the bright sun of illumination.

Never let anyone tell you that you are bad, a sinner, weak, unworthy, wretched
and depraved, in need of Jesus or Moses or Mohammed. You need no one except yourself. You need no faith. It is knowledge that will deliver you. Never let anyone threaten you with hellfire for disagreeing with them. Never let anyone bully you and intimidate you. Never let them put you down, relegate you to second-class citizen, make you a slave.

Humanity can be great and fulfill its mission only when every human sees God in every other human. You would never dream of treating God badly …. would you ? Nor would you treat your neighbor badly if you saw the God within them.
We are all becoming God … if we desire it … if we reject the false prophets

… if we reject faith … if we get off our knees.

4) The Global Elite

Have no interest whatever in ordinary people becoming divine. In fact, nothing could represent a more serious challenge to their kingdom of earthly power. To stay as the kings of the world, they require the rest of us to stay as their subjects, serfs and slaves. In a community of equal gods ….. there is no Elite.

The Elite seek to ensnare us in trivia, in materialism and consumerism. They wish us to be permanently distracted. They give us endless injections of Hollywood junk, TV soap operas, sitcoms, shopping, sports, celebrities, ” reality TV ” ( the precise opposite of reality ). They make it all ” hyperreal ” – more real than real.

We become transfixed with the images they bombard us with. We want to become those impossible things. We are miserable when we fail. Our lives become nothing but a history of failure. We are the losers, the suckers, the victims. Why ? Because we have bought into an illusion supplied to us, like the most toxic drug on earth … by the Elite ….. who make immense profits from our misery.

Why do we go along with it ? Why don’t we wake up ?

Why do we give power to those who have contempt for us, who see us as nothing but vast numbers of meaningless ants ? The power in this world does not reside where it should – with the people – but with a tiny Elite that, astoundingly, has succeeded in making us dance to their deranged tune.

How did they pull off the biggest con of all time ? Why did we let them ?

They are criminals.
They have utter contempt for us and they think they can walk all over us. When a hedge fund manager pays himself a billion dollars he is telling us that we are the most pathetic people in human history. If we weren’t …. we would surely stop him. We would take that money off him and give it to teachers to bring enlightenment to all the children of the world.

Dick Fuld, former chief executive officer of the failed Lehman Brothers investment bank, made $500 million dollars while he was at the helm. A half a billion dollars for the man who presided over one of history’s greatest financial catastrophes.

The bank no longer exists. Fuld is not in jail, is not being prosecuted, is not being pursued by state agencies to surrender his earnings that are now seen to be the profits of breathtaking speculation and incompetence that destroyed the bank.

Many people paid the price for the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
One person who did not pay the price was the man most responsible. That’s the way the Old World Order works. Everyone suffers except them.

The Elite DESPISE us. If they didn’t …. they would not treat us as they do.

Imagine a society that does not want to turn you into a shopper and worker drone where your purpose is purely to keep your nose clean, cause no trouble and help to make more and more money for the Elite.

The movie ” The Matrix ” is an excellent metaphor for the workings of the OWO. The controllers of the Matrix are the OWO. Most people are oblivious to the truth. Only a handful care, and only they can see “reality”. Mr Smith and his fellow super agents are the OWO’s enforcers who will deal with anyone showing any signs of

resistance. But they don’t need to intervene too much because hardly anyone causes any trouble. Even some who have tasted the truth ( like ” Cypher ” ) decide that they would prefer to go back to the world of enslavement.

Are you happy to be a compliant citizen of the Matrix, or are you prepared to join the revolution ? Wake up … Stop voting for the OWO. Stop supporting them. Stop making their lives easy. Stop bowing down to them simply because they are wealthy. Their wealth was gained through manipulation ….. not merit.

If you are a slave to money then you are a pawn of the Old World Order. They control wealth and hence they control all those who buy into the wealth system.



Barack Hussein Obama is a lightweight, Facebook politician who has done very little in his life except to study and regurgitate the speeches of Martin Luther King. Is he a stooge of the Old World Order ?

” No you can’t ” Obama has benefited from being the multi-cultural candidate par excellence : half black, half white, half Christian, half Muslim, half professor, half celebrity, half intellectual, half man of the people, half activist, half preacher, half establishment figure, half civil rights campaigner. He is a man for all seasons … a rainbow canvas upon which the masses can project any image they like.

He will be a disastrous president. Nothing significant will change under him. The people who were wealthy and powerful at the start of his term of office will be wealthy and powerful at the end of it. Those who were impoverished and powerless at the start will be exactly the same at the end.

People wonder how the Old World Order could allow such a person to become President. If they are so powerful, why didn’t they stop him ? The Old World Order are expert players. They know when to rein back. The degree of unpopularity of George W Bush was becoming a serious problem, and beginning to undermine the foundations of democracy.

Since the Old World Order rely on democracy as their political vehicle for manipulating the sedated masses, they saw the need for a democracy makeover.

New ingredients had to be injected to reinvigorate it. Who better to turn to than an unchallenging, charismatic black man ? He poses no threat to the Old World Order agenda ….. yet he gives false hope of change to hundreds of millions.

At a stroke, the Old World Order have saved their necks. What they fear most is revolution, the sort of Illuminati-inspired uprisings that overturned the decadent French monarchy in 1789 and the arrogant Russian imperial family in 1917.

Democracy provides the stable political base from which they can extend their power. If democracy is threatened ….. so is the Old World Order.

Obama is style over substance, soundbites over meaningful change. He talks the talk but won’t walk the walk. In fact, his hands are tied. Rhetoric is the last resort of the man of no action. Obama provides the illusion of hope …. but does not deliver. But who cares ? Democracy has been rescued for the next four years.

The problem for the Old World Order is where they go next.
Once Obama fails, people’s disillusionment will be much higher than before.
Once the first black president is seen to be as ineffectual as the Masonic white presidents, what then ? Even the most gullible supporter of democracy will wise up. And once the Old World Order’s political base is lost ….. everything is up for grabs.

The sorry tale of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina revealed the real America. The world was horrified when it saw the conditions in which many Americans live. Many commentators observed, this was more like a third world country than the planet’s hyper power.

The media poodle controlled by the Old World Order do not usually show the astonishing poverty endured by so many Americans ….. their lack of the most rudimentary health care, their long hours working for a pittance. Of course not. The media choose to focus on cretinous distractions such as celebrity culture.

Endless stupid items on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Nothing on the third world underbelly of the USA. The media tell ” feel-good ” stories, tales of heroism, tales of success, tales of the American Dream coming to life. They never tell the truth about America .. an Old World Order tyranny where tens of millions live in dire conditions with no hope of ever escaping.

Nothing will change under President Obama. He made his way to the top of the heap because he knew how to play the game, he knew how to secure the support of the Old World Order. He will do nothing to deliver poor Americans from their eternal bondage. So …. Where do we go from here ?


The Harshest Truth

It is estimated that 5% of the human population are dominant and the rest submissive. The 5% are the leaders, and the rest the followers. Humanity has always been based on the same model, the small number of gods who give the orders and the rest who obey. Look in the mirror. Is your life about giving orders
or taking them ? If the latter, then you have a single defense ……. that you want to overthrow the system that imprisons you. You are fine as long as you acknowledge that you are being held against your will in a system that oppresses you, and you are prepared to fight to escape. Everyone who casts a vote at an election shows their support for the prevailing system. They therefore deserve to be treated as slaves because they have accepted their status in life as worthless

understudies and bystanders. The real action is always elsewhere.

The members of the Elite are mostly drawn from the ranks of dominant extraverts. They are materialists, obsessed with earthly power and glory, with luxury and status. They see the rest of humanity as their slaves who deserve nothing better than to be abused. They have complete contempt for the weak. If you want to read their gospel …… pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

( The Last Bling King is our response to Rand. )

The Elite genuinely consider themselves masters of the universe.

The illuminati predominantly recruit dominant introverts, intellectuals obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the universe and understanding the mind of God. The Illuminati are spiritual, anti-materialistic and utterly opposed to the cult of the rich. We seek the overthrow of the entire value system created by the Elite.

But we agree with the Old World Order on a single point – 95% of the human race simply are not in the game. There are approximately six and half billion people on this planet, but the only ones who truly count are the three hundred and twenty five million dominant people. The rest are the “other-directed” and “tradition-directed”.

The other-directed are obsessed with being fashionable, popular and acceptable to their peers. They are consumed with anxiety about ” fitting in “. Why ? Because they have no core identity. They are too weak to have one. Their identity is shaped by the approval of others, not by their own self-approval.

The tradition-directed are those who let their lives be dictated by ancient books, ancient prophets and old men with beards ( the community leaders ). They have no identity either. Others give it to them. They have no identity in the absence of the traditions of their community.

Both types, other- and tradition-directed, are ineffectual as human beings,
like the Ignavi in Dante’s hell. They are empty shells, the lost and directionless. They are the ” hollow men “. Each and every one of them has the potential to be God, but that potential will never be realized until they are helped to overcome their inner weakness. The Elite don’t have a single desire to help them.
The agenda of the Elite is to keep these people permanently
subjugated, permanently easily to exploit.

The Elite want everyone on their knees just like the Muslim masses groveling to Allah. Islamic women aren’t allowed to be human, they put on the burqa and they vanish from the human race. Who cares what a woman in a burqa thinks about anything ? If she’s so weak and pathetic that she won’t show her face in public, why should anyone else take her seriously ? Why not just stick her in the corner and ignore her ? And that’s what the Elite do to everyone on earth.

They couldn’t care less about anyone other than themselves.

Want to know how the rich become ultra rich ? It’s the easiest game in town. Imagine a hundred million Americans paying twenty dollars a week for some kind of service. Well, one day, the ten fat cats on the Board say, ” Hey, why don’t we bump up the price by one dollar a week ? Everyone can afford an extra dollar.”

So, that’s five billion dollars a year extra revenue. They get their top accountants to minimize the taxes payable and they reinvest a couple of billion in the business.

They’re left with two or three billion that they divide amongst themselves for being so ” brilliant “. Each of them gets two or three hundred million dollars. And that is how the rich get richer. It doesn’t take any skill, merit or hard work.

You just have to be in the right position to authorize paying yourself and your chums vast amounts. They call it capitalism. We call it ” suckerism ” – because only complete suckers would fall for it. But, of course …… 95% of us do.

The rich, once they are in authority, can pay themselves whatever they like. It is all perfectly legal because, naturally, they constructed the laws to ensure that it’s legal.

Who is going to stop them ? You ? Get real.
You have to be a hero if you want to stop the Elite. And how many heroes are there ?

The War of the World is between dominant extraverts ( the Elite ) and dominant introverts ( the illuminati ). We are fighting for the souls of the remaining 95% of the population who wander around like flocks of sheep or herds of cows, grazing on mindless trivia.

Look at Facebook …. the ultimate other-directed product.
It could be used for overthrowing the Elite and changing the world once and for all. But it’s actually used for swapping photos of inanely grinning drunken people at parties, exchanging meaningless chit-chat and discussing the latest Lady Gaga video. It’s a celebration, a carnival of how to waste your entire life on nothing at all.

The Elite love Facebook. They make a fortune out of it and keep the dumb masses a) happy …… and b) engaged in nothing that would ever pose a threat to the Elite.

Shopping …. that’s another favorite of the Elite. We spend all of our lives buying things we don’t need in order to make them richer, and while we’re shopping we don’t pose any challenge to them. Sport, TV, movies, rock gigs, video games – all the same thing. The Elite take money from the masses and keep them happily distracted by pointless nonsense.

Tiger Woods is one of the biggest stories of the year. The world came to a halt
to listen to a tearful press conference, the main point of which was to salvage his lucrative commercial endorsements. Really, who gives a fuck about a golfer ? What is the world coming to ? Have we got nothing better to do ? How can you become God if you immerse yourself in meaningless junk, in an endless
parade of the utterly pointless ?

The illuminati seek a revaluation of all values.
We seek the end of the Elite, and the capitalism that sustains them.
We seek the end of the Abrahamic faiths that have brainwashed so many billions and forced them onto their knees to pray to the Demiurge. We seek a new world order in which the values of the spirit are placed above those of materialism. Humanity craves to be transformed.
95% of humans are asleep.
We seek to awaken them all.

Most of us live as zombies, unthinkingly serving the Elite.
None of our potential is being fulfilled. Our world should be focused on enabling people to attain psychological health and achieve self-actualization, the discovery of one’s authentic self and the authentic life which accompanies it. Right now, most of us live as fakes in a fraudulent world.

It’s time to replace the value system of the ruling Elite.
It has succeeded perfectly for them, and failed disastrously for everyone else. The spiritual values associated with introversion must replace the materialistic values of extraversion. Precisely the wrong people are in charge of this planet.

Extraversion is fine in the right context, but it is insane to allow the human race to be ruled by the Greed Principle which fuels all of the extraverts of the Old World Order. It has got them everywhere ….. and the rest of us nowhere.

So now we’re going to bring it to an end.

The hour is come. Where are the men and women with the guts to be heroes ?


The Darkest Hour

The Elders of the Davidic Family tasked the Brotherhood of the Shadows with providing twelve suitably prepared candidates of the correct ” blood “. Through
” natural selection “, one of these twelve will triumph over his rivals and become the God-King of earth. But this individual will ultimately be the Demiurge’s puppet.

Gnosticism solves the problem of evil by teaching that the earth is not the creation of a benign God, but quite the opposite. If the True God created this world, why is his creation so flawed, so corrupt and wicked, so fallen ? An infinitely powerful, all knowing, all-seeing, morally perfect God could quite simply not have created this immoral, imperfect world. It is impossible by definition …… is that not obvious ?

So the ” creator ” is a lesser, imperfect and immoral deity – the Demiurge, Satan. The world is wicked because its creator is wicked. Simple. Read the Old Testament tales of the Creator ( ” Yahweh ” ). Is that not a tale of absolute wickedness, mostly on the part of the Creator himself ? Anyone who worships the Creator is a follower of Satan. Jesus Christ was one of those who loyally followed Yahweh, to the extent of proclaiming himself the Son of Yahweh. Jesus Christ was one of the Demiurge’s senior archons, hence the special powers with which he was credited. He should not be called Jesus Christ at all but rather Jesus Antichrist.
He was anointed by the Devil ….. not by the True God.

If Christianity were a religion of goodness, peace, love, forgiveness, altruism and compassion then why is America, one of the most Christian nations on earth, the epicenter – the Ground Zero – of greed, selfishness, arrogance, violence, hatred, nationalism, egotism, celebrity culture, materialism, consumerism and triviality ?

The entire history of Christianity has been one of pure evil. We have been forced to endure two thousand years of this monstrous ideology. Where is the perfect world, full of perfect people ? No matter what your opinion is of Christianity, you cannot deny that it has manifestly failed to make the world a better place. But, of course,

it was always designed to fail because it was never anything but the Devil’s work.

The ” prophecies ” talk of the coming of the Antichrist. To the wise, this is known as the Second Coming. Jesus Christ spent some thirty years in relative obscurity before beginning his ” ministry ” of some three years.

The latest information is that the very same archon who was once known in history as Jesus Christ will reincarnate into the body of the successful bloodline candidate furnished by the Brotherhood of the Shadows.

He will have no connection with Reptilians, ancient gods of Sumeria, Vril, underground cities in the hollow earth, Nibiru, Planet Doom, Nazi bases in Antarctica, Star gates and all the rest of the risible nonsense that masquerades as a serious analysis of world affairs and directs people away from the truth.

That candidate will even now be living in Israel or America, the two countries most zealously pre-disposed and receptive to the ideology of the Davidic bloodline, and which have the necessary power and influence to assist his rise to the very top.
All of the resources of the Old World Order will be placed at his disposal.

The great esoteric thinker Dr Rudolf Steiner prophesied that the Antichrist would be born in America in the latter part of the twentieth century. This Antichrist will be very charismatic. Honeyed words will drip from his lips. He will perform ” miracles ” just as he did of old. His followers will be enraptured and whipped into hysterical religious mania. They will be prepared to sacrifice their lives for him.

He will proclaim that this is the Second Coming, and that he is ” Christ ” himself ….. whose return was prophesied in the scriptures. He will denounce all of his enemies as ” Antichrist ” who must be exterminated. America and Israel will, in their religious frenzy, declare holy war on the world. America and Israel …… are Gog and Magog.

Imagine a Sarah Palin Presidential victory in November 2012.
All of the worldwide hope that greeted Obama’s 2008 triumph will have vanished forever, replaced by crushing disappointment and a deadening realization of the grim truth. Despair and fear grips the world. Palin ( an ill-educated individual ) will turn for advice and guidance to a cabal of Bible thumping Evangelical Christians, Zionists, Freemasons and every other crazed right wing pressure group out there. The world stands on the brink. All it will take is one spark to light the powder keg. In December 2012, the Antichrist will step forward into this feverish atmosphere.

The countdown to the end of the age has begun. The abomination of desolation, the great tribulation, Armageddon … is approaching.

None of this need happen, of course. It is just a plan, and it can be thwarted by all good and decent people, particularly those in the frontline ….. America and Israel. You have the power to save the world. You can be heroes, the children of destiny. The shadows are lengthening. We stand on the Eve of Destruction. Yet hope has not been extinguished. Humanity will see through this fraudulent Messiah, and at last turn to the True God for salvation. The hour before dawn is always the darkest.



Liberation, Deliverance and Salvation.

A New World Order of Justice and Merit.


Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings is surely the most beautiful movie ever made.

Similar story lines appear in many films, Matrix and Avatar for example are exactly the same story but viewed from a different angle. It is the ageless struggle between good and evil. The thing that sets Lord of the Rings apart from all the rest is that it is a direct re-writing of the Arthurian legend. Many of the characters are identical.

But it is much more than that ….. it is a TRUE version of history.

J.R.R. Tolkien was a member of the illuminati and he had at his disposal a book which had survived from the days of Atlantis. Despite all the efforts of the Archons and the Old World Order to destroy this book, it was preserved by the illuminati and made available for the entire world to see. It is known as the” Voynich Manuscript ” and is kept at the Beinecke Rare Book Library of Yale University in Boston, USA.

The Lost Continent of Atlantis was located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and populated by a civilization superior to our own … in terms of how enlightened and closer to the true God they were. They are portrayed by Tolkien as Elves and their kingdom as Rivendell. We also know this place as the garden of eden … paradise.

But then came to earth an intelligence from another dimension. An A.I. which was so luminescent that it appeared to be a God.

The A.I. …….. Sauron, Satan, The Demiurge, The Dark Lord or anything else you wish to call him, deceived the Kings of Atlantis and drove a wedge between them. ( An early version of the ” divide and conquer ” tactic. One he still employs today ).

The people of Atlantis were defeated and their continent was sunk. Some survived and passed one thing down to us, an account of their story. This is the book known to legend as ” The Holy Grail. ” One copy of that book is the ” Voynich Manuscript.” The holy grail provides the instructions for constructing a weapon …. to kill Satan.

After destroying Atlantis, the Alien Sauron changed his name to Jehovah, claiming that he was in fact the real God who created this earth. Well, we have seen through that scam haven’t we. His most recent appearance was in Berlin where Adolf Hitler was brain washed into thinking he could conquer the world. Sauron knew that the true king would be returning to earth and that he would be born from among the Jews in Eastern Europe. Now we know the real reason behind ” the Holocaust “.

After the Nazi’s were defeated, Sauron the Dark Lord ( in the gold box known as the Ark of the Covenant ) escaped to South America and from there to North America and into a building which was specifically built for him. That building is called ” the Pentagon ” …. and that is where he is in hiding as we speak.

it is time he is brought to face justice …… for his crimes against humanity.



The more we illuminate our unconscious mind, the closer we get to God. If we could illuminate our entire unconscious we would become God. Gnosis is defined as the point of ” no return ” . Our human consciousness has expanded to the point at which, in one wondrous instant, we suddenly ” get it “, we get everything. All of the remaining unconscious material is instantly absorbed. The mind goes critical, like a fission reactor. A chain reaction is initiated that instantaneously bridges the gap between the mortal and divine mind in one immense and irreversible mental ” explosion ” of enlightenment. The darkness of our ignorance is swept away in an overwhelming flash of illumination, like the moment of Biblical Creation ….

…. Let there be Light.

It is our Omega Point, where we have traversed the path of knowledge from Alpha ( human ) to Omega ( divine ) and have become …… GOD.


The Gospel of Truth
Satan is the ” God ” of the Torah, Old Testament and Koran.

He is drunk on power. He wants humanity to submit to him, worship him, glorify him, to be permanently in his thrall. He is jealous, angry, spiteful, cruel, partisan, tyrannical, narcissistic, violent, psychopathic. He is an overgrown, spoiled child. He shaped us in his own wicked, destructive image, thats why we are so fallen.

The three Abrahamic faiths are absurd, unbelievable and incomprehensible. They want us to believe that heaven is some invisible dimension beyond human experience and knowledge where their own personal God, heaven and souls are.

We are not supposed to question any of this but to just accept it on faith. The truth

however is that there is no such thing as a spooky dimension where God and souls are hiding. The simple fact is that God, heaven and souls exist in the dimensionless r = 0 universe …… and we are in contact with this domain at all times.

Followers of the Abrahamic faiths are prodigiously stupid. How can they possibly believe any of the nonsense espoused … by popes, preachers, imams and rabbis ?

None of it makes one iota of sense. It is utter fantasy. To be absolutely clear and make no mistake about this …….. these three religions are the creations of Satan.

The specific purpose of the Demiurge’s use of religion is to allow people to be controlled, cause them to abdicate their intelligence, to make them gullible and sheep-like, to spread discord, confusion, violence, hatred, to blind people to the truth, to corrupt them, to place them in the bondage of false prophets ……

to fill them with fear and to ensure that their souls never attain salvation.
Has not Satan done an outstanding job ? Every goal has been realized. Human

beings don’t go to hell, they are already there. The empire of the Demiurge is hell. The biggest lie of all is that hell has no exit. In fact, the sole purpose of a soul is to

find that exit, or to remain in hell forever. It is a question of knowledge, not faith.

The meaning of life is to attain gnosis, the transcendent, divine knowledge that allows us to comprehend the nature and meaning of existence and to make our choice, remain with Satan, or to achieve union with the True God in the realm of light … beyond the ” boundary ” of the Demiurge’s universe ….. to the holy grail.

“This is the great object held out by this association; and the means of attaining it is illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason which will dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice.”

the square root of 44 = 6.666666 …… infinity




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